Portglenone Church of Ireland Gravestones

A Very Short History of Portglenone Parish Church

Located on the corner of the Townhill Road and Cullybackey Road, Portglenone Church of Ireland is one of the oldest churches in the area.   It was consecrated in the 1730s by Bishop Francis Hutchinson. This parish, which is within the Diocese of Connor, also includes St Colmanell’s Church of Ireland in Ahoghill. The Ahoghill church opened in August 1865.

Portglenone Church of Ireland
Portglenone Church of Ireland on the Townhill Road

There are reports that the original seceders in Portglenone worshipped, for a time around 1821, in the court building in the market square area of the village.

The church received official parish status in 1840.

During the 1900s, there were several renovation projects. 

On the 13th February 1912, a service of dedication was held for the newly constructed church porch.

In 1929, the church was made higher (among other things) and had a new roof installed. The extensive renovation work took six months to complete.  During that time, Mr. James Brady allowed the church to hold it’s services in the village’s Town Hall.

In April 1929, the Northern Whig reported that:

Portglenone Parish Church was opened again after being closed for the past six months undergoing repairs. The repairs and improvements to the church include a new roof and chancel panelling. Also a new reredos, the latter a gift of the members of the church. In addition the height of the church has been raised. The service of dedication was conducted by the Right Reverend the Bishop of Down, who also preached the sermon. He mentioned that Portglenone Parish Church was first built in the year 1739, which made the building almost 200 years old. He paid tribute to the work of the Reverend C. A. Bateman, rector of the parish.

Where Does the Time Go To?

I was only once inside this beautiful old church.  It is a very vague memory from 1972, 73 or 4.  It was a church service that the children of nearby Portglenone Primary School attended.  We were escorted the few hundred yards, by our teachers.    Would it have been a pre Christmas service?  Maybe a fellow Portglenone Primary School student, of this early 1970s era, can help me out.

Here I was, back in June 2019, nearly 50 years later.   Two hours were spent, in the fading summer light, taking several hundred photos.  I did return, in the subsequent week, when the sun would briefly show it’s face, and took additional photos of the church itself (which you can see above and below).

The Oldest Headstones

There is a very old gravestone that is nearly impossible to read, from what seems to be from a July in the early 1700s (maybe 1717) of someone called John O’Hamil or maybe O’Hara.  It’s hard to determine the surname.

The Bishop of Down and Connor, Francis Hutchinson, who died in 1939, lies in a vault with family members below the communion table (more on him a little later).

The two oldest gravestones in the churchyard, that I could find, were that of 70 year old Henry Keenan who died on March 15th 1784; and John Hill who died in June 1784.

Elizabeth Fowler
Elizabeth Fowler gravestone

The next oldest appears to be that of 17 year old Elizabeth Fowler (see the photo on the right), who died on the 3rd September 1792. 

There is also a gravestone “to the glory of God and in memory of the Lyttle and Hogg families who are interred in this churchyard from the year 1796.”

Around the turn of the century, we see the graves of a Ballinafie family – 60 year old Agnes Dick who died in October 1798 and her husband 70 year old James Dick, who died in March  1802. Their son Andrew Dick died in February 1819.

Margaret Boyd, 56 years old, was buried here in January 1818.  Her husband Thomas Boyd lies beside her, having died in October 1827. He was 71 years old.

Grace Glass was 76 when she passed on in October 1824.

Probably the saddest grave that I encountered was that of the McAteer family.  Alexander McAteer, from Gortfad, was only 33 years old, when he died on the 8th January 1841. His wife Mary McAteer (nee Bell) was also 33 years old when she died 17 days later, on the  25th January 1841.  Their five children had died in infancy.

Dr. Francis Hutchinson, Bishop of Down and Connor

Dr. Francis Hutchinson, Bishop of Down and Connor, who consecrated the Portglenone church when it opened in the 1730s, is interred in a vault under the church’s communion table. He was 80 years old when he died in June 1739 and according to his inscription, the church was built mainly at his expense. Born in Derbyshire, England, he preached in earlier times at St James in St Edmundsbury.  His widow Anne is also buried beside him. She survived him by 19 years.

Hutchinson’s great-grandson, John Hamilton O’Hara (1757 to 1822) of Portglenone and Crebilly, is interred in the same vault, along with several other members of the family.

Reverend Edward Hudson & Reverend Thomas Dysart

The Rev. Edward Hudson, Rector of Ahoghill, died in May, 1804, aged 62. He was buried in the aisle of the Portglenone church. Beside him lies the remains of his wife Elizabeth, who died in October 1835, aged 93.

The Rev. Thomas M Dysart lies in the graveyard.  He was reared in the local townland of Bracknamuckley.  Dysart was ordained in First Newton Hamilton on the 14th December 1875; resigned that role on the 5th July 1887; then installed in Mallow on the 11th July 1887. He retired on the 21st June 1913; and died at 77 years of age, on the 19th May 1927.

A local Justice of the Peace (JP) is buried in the graveyard.  Thomas Madden was 62 when he died on the 12th December 1947.

Alexander Family of Portglenone

The Alexander name is very prominent in the history of Portglenone.  In the graveyard, and inside the church, the name appears frequently. 

There are references to the most Reverend Nathaniel Alexander D.D.P.C., Lord Bishop of Meath (born 17 June 1788, died 25 July 1840); also his eldest son, the Ven. Robert Alexander, Archdeacon of Hillsborough and of Portglenone House.

Robert Alexander I.C.S. died at Portglenone House in June 1896 and his wife Louisa passed away in January 1902. Their son, also named Robert Alexander, and who also resided at Portglenone House, contributed a window to the church, with had the inscription “This window is erected by their son Robert Arthur Alexander. “So he bringeth them unto the haven where they would be.””   His youngest daughter, Clare Florinda, who was the wife of the Lieutenant Commander R A Cassidi R.N., is also buried in the churchyard (born 8th February 1896 – died 30th March 1925).

I will return to this section at a later date, because there are several more Alexanders to add (including one who served as an MP at Westminster in the 1840s).

American Connections (plus one Australian)

There is a reference to an Adam Bell (died 1920) and his wife Ann Bell (died 1913) of Gortfad.  Their daughter Mary J. Bell died in the USA on the 11th September 1916.

Stewart Cairns (died in 1930, aged 93 years) of Lisnagarron put up a headstone in memory of his young 20 year old wife Nancy Cairns (died August 1861).  It also references his daughter Jane who died in Baltimore USA on the 6th July 1894, aged 33 years; and also his daughter Mary J who died at Baltimore USA 8th February 1920, aged 51 years.

John Crosset, of Portglenone, makes mention on his headstone to his grandson George Booth who died at 65 years of age, in Buffalo, USA, on the 24th October 1938.

A San Francisco man, H. C. Hamilton, erected a headstone for his parents, Patrick Hamilton (died 24th April 1891, aged 78 years) and Mary (died 13th November 1896, aged 81 years).

I did find a small stone (see below) which said “In Loving Memory of sister Elizabeth McClure. From Mae and Dan McClure, U.S.A.”.  However I wasn’t able to decipher the larger headstone above (and possibly related to the smaller stone).

Elizabeth McClure Portglenone
Elizabeth McClure Portglenone

James Crawford (who died 25th June 1897, aged 78 years) and his wife Betty Hilton (who died 7th January 1911, aged 89 years) of Lisrodden had a son, James Crawford, who died in Melbourne, Australia, 18th November 1908, aged 53 years.

Killed in Belfast Blitz

John Miller (54 years old) and his wife Mary Jane Miller (49 years old) are buried in the graveyard.  They were natives of Portglenone and had many family and friends in the area. They had moved to Belfast and lived at 24 Hogarth Street, in the Tigers Bay area of the city.  Along with many others, they were killed when the nazis bombed Belfast on a late night air raid on the 15th April 1941 (and into the early hours of the 16th).

The Belfast Blitz 1941
The Belfast Blitz 1941

On that night, nearly two-hundred Luftwaffe bombers participated in the second, and largest, of four raids on Belfast. Over nine-hundred people were killed during that hellish night – and some 1500 were injured.  The death toll was the biggest loss of life in any nazi night raid outside London.

The Millers were brought home and buried in Portglenone.  The death notice in the Belfast Telegraph and the News Letter said:

MILLER – Result of enemy action. John and his wife, Mary J. Miller, Belfast. Interred in Portglenone Parish Churchyard. April 19th 1941. Deeply regretted by his sorrowing Brothers, Hugh K. and William Miller, Portglenone.


Portglenone Church of Ireland
Portglenone Church of Ireland, corner of the Townhill Road and Cullybackey Road

The Gravestones

James Hill Adams Portglenone Died 15th January 1850 Thomas Adams Died 19th October 1853 Eliza Adams, His wife Died 8th October 1833 Jane Adams, their daughter Died 7th January 1906 William Adams their son Died 26th November 1902 Jane Clarke his wife Died 9th February 1912 Annie Elizabeth Daughter of William and Jane Adam died 20th April 1936

Erected By William S. Adams of Portglenone In memory of his father James Adams Who departed this life 5th February 1850, Aged 85 years Also his mother Margaret Who departed this life 13th November 1865, Aged 75 years And his beloved wife Nancy Who departed this life 8th January 1883, Aged 46 years Also the above named William S. Adams Who departed this life 8th February, Aged 82 Years

Erected By Samuel Adams of Townhill In loving Memory of his son James Born 7th Feb. 1844 Died 8th June 1877 Also his son & daughter who died in childhood also his son Matthew who died 24th March 1902

Sacred To The memory of William Adams Died 6th October 8172 Aged 73 years. His wife Sarah Raphael Died 26th February 1898 aged 78 years Their eldest daughter Bessie Hill Wife of the Revd S. Thompson B.A. Dungiven Died 17th January 1895 aged 53 years Their son William Henry Raphael Died 14th March 1874 at Georgetown Demarara Aged 29 years

Erected by Thomas Aicken, of Tullynahinion, in memory of his father William Aicken, who died 10th Novr 1889, aged 82 years. Also the above named Thomas Aicken, who died 26th November 1902, aged 69 years. And his brother Campbell who died 6th may 1927, aged 88 years. Also Annie, daughter of Campbell Aicken, who diewd 5th May 1965, in her 80th year

Erected by James Aicken of Tullynahinion. In memory of his son William Glass Aicken who departed this life 1st Jany 1873 aged 29 years. Also his wife Jane who depd this life
Erected in memory of William Aicken late of Garvaghy who departed this life 11th March 1859 aged 84 years
PEACE In loving memory of Nan G Aiken, who died 6th July 1932, also her husband David Aiken, who died 24th December 1947
Sacred to the memory of James Henry Alexander 3rd son of George Alexander and grandson of the Right Hon. The most Rev. Nathaniel Alexander D.D.P.C. Bishop of Meath. Born 11th March 1849 Died 31st December 1922
Sacred to the memory of The Ven. Robert Alexander, Archdeacon of Hillsborough and of Portglenone House, eldest son of The Most Reverend Nathaniel Alexander D.D. Lord Bishop of Meath. Born 17 June 1788, died 25 July 1840
To the glory of God and in loving and dutiful memory of Robert Arthur Alexander, D.L. of Portglenone House, son of Robert Alexander, I.C.S. and grandson of the above Ven. Robert Alexander Born 12th February 1867 Died 8th August 1944
Sacred to the memory of Nathaniel Alexander, D.L. J.P., of Portglenone House. Eldest son of the Rev. Robert Alexander. Born August 1815 – died January 1853 Also Robert Jackson Alexander, D.L.J.P. Eldest son of above. Born 18 January 1843 Died 1 June 1884. Also John Staples Alexander, D.L.J.P., late R.N. 2nd son of above. Born 14 June 1844 Died 10 Oct. 1901
To the glory of God and in loving memory of Emilia Olivia Alexander wife of Robert Arthur Alexander, D.L. of Portglenone House and youngest daughter of Christopher Armytage Nicholson D.L. of Balrathburry, Kells, Co Meath. Born 2nd Nov. 1867. Died 9th July 1938. This tablet is erected by her surviving children. “By love, serve ye one another.”
To the glory of God and in loving memory of Emilia Olivia Alexander. A faithful servant of God – a devoted mother a loving and most perfect wife and a friend to all in trouble. This lectern is placed in this church by her ever sorrowing husband Robert Arthur Alexander 1938. Oh to do something, something that would glorify my God, oh to do something, something that may shew I love his word, better to try and do something, imperfect and marred tho it be, than live as if I were careless of the master who died for me. Extract from lines found written in her bible
To the glory of God and in loving and dutiful memory of Robert Alexander I.C.S. who died at Portglenone House June 1896 aged 72 years & of Louisa – his wife who died Jan 1902. This window is erected by their son Robert Arthur Alexander. “So he bringeth them unto the haven where they would be.”
Erected By James Andrew of Garvaghy [?] In memory of His son John, Who departed this life 14th May 1857′ aged 3 years The above named James Andrew Died 24th January 1886 aged 93 years and his wife Elizabeth, who died 6th May 1899 aged 80 years Also their daughter Mary Jane, who died 21st October 1910′ aged 51 years and their daughter Agnes, who died 12th May 1924, aged 59 years William Andrew, Died 16th April 1936 Aged 80 years
This stone Marks the grave of Elizabeth Andrews, who depd this Life 11th February 1817; aged 55 years. Also of William Andrews of Garvaghy Her husband who depd this life 16th Feb. 1843 aged 82 years.Likewise of their son John Andrews who depd This life 17th Nov r 1854 aged 48 years
The grave is mine house Job. XVII. 13 Sacred to the memory of William Andrews. Tully who exchanged this mortal for an Immortal state 1?th Aug 1817 Aged 71 years
Also the above named William Andrews, who died 5th January 1889, age 82 years and their son James, who died 9th September 1914, aged 60 years. Also their son Alexander, who died 3rd December 1916, aged 76 years. Note, the top section of this headstone is gone.
In memory of John Andrews Aged 3 years Who departed this life 12 Sept 1809
In loving memory of our dear father Frank Barkley died 11th Jan 1917, aged 72 years. Also our dear mother nancy died 18th August 1919, aged 69 years. Their daughter Mary died 17th April 1906, aged 17 years and interred in Sight Hill, Glasgow, their son John died 24th Dec. 1951, aged 76 years. and his wife Alice died 24th Feb 1977, aged 88 years. Interred in Cadder Cemetry Bishopriggs.
In memory of Joseph Barkley who depd this life April 16 1808 aged 71 years
In memory of John Barkley who depd this life April2d 1809 aged 20 years
Erected By Archie Barkley, Gortgole In memory of his beloved wife Isabella who departed this life 22nd May 1882 aged 67 years The above named Archie Barkley Died 15th September 1882 aged 70 years Also his son Samuel Barkley Died 16th June 1940 aged 84 years Eliza Wife of Samuel Barkley Died 16th February 1937 aged 79 years And their son Archie Barkley Born 20th August 1889- died 3rd July 1973
In Loving Memory of William Bell Gortfadd Who died 25th May1890 Aged 86 years Also his wife Agnes Who died 9th March 1898 Aged 88 years And their son William Wright Bell Who died 28th April 1924 Aged 92 years Also Mary Jane McAteer Wife of William Wright Bell Died 28th January 1937 Aged 91 years And their daughter Maggie Bell Died 17th September 1958 Aged 90 years
In loving memory of Ann Bell Wife of Adam Bell Gortfad Who died 26th September 1913 Also his daughter Mary J. Bell Died in USA 11th September 1916 The above named Adam Bell Died 31st January 1920 Also his son James C Bell Died 9th April 1956 Dearly Beloved Husband of Hannah Jane Bell The above Hannah Jane Bell Died 11th January 1963
R.Bell Gortfad
Erected By Thomas Bennett. Gortfad. In Loving Memory of His Mother Ellen Carleton Died 16th May 1939, Aged 78 Years Also His Brother Edmund Bennett Died 18th September 1960, Aged 64 Years Also Above Named Thomas Bennett Died 29th March 1972, Aged 81 Years. Love’s Last Gift – Rememberance
Erected By Clara Black, Mayboy In loving memory of Her husband Samuel Black Who died 24th June 1910 Aged 60 years Also her daughter Mary Wilson Who died 28th May 1951 Aged 71 years “I miss thy kind and welcome hand thy fond and earnest care. My home is dark without thee. I miss thee everywhere.”
Erected To The memory of Samuel Black Who departed this life January 1870 Aged 56 years By his sorrowing widow Who also died 19th January 1892 Aged 83 years “She is gone but not forever. Never shall her memory fade, Sweetest thoughts shall ever linger round the grave where she is laid”
Erected In Loving Memory Of John Boyd, Of Glenone Who Died 25th October 1875 Aged 80 Years And Jane Twees, His Wife Who Died 15th April 1895 Aged 82 Years Also Their Daughter Margaret Who Died February 1854 Aged 5 Years Also Their Daughter Mary Jane Who Died At Holmlea Knockdene Park, Belfast On The 3rd April 1928, Aged 82 Also THeir Son William Who Died At Holmlea, Knockdene Park, Belfast 14th November 1938, Aged 89
Erected In Memory Of Margaret Boyd Who Departed This Life 21st January 1818 Aged 56 Years. Also Thomas Boyd, Her Husband, Who Departed This Life 5th October 1827; Aged 71
Boyd Erected By William James Boyd Ballylumin In Memory Of His Parents William John, Died 3rd Janusry 1932 Elizabeth Kerr Boyd, Died 13th December 1931 Also His Wife Hannah Scott Boyd Died 7th November 1979, Aged 86 Years Also Her Husband The Above Named William James Boyd, Died 6th March 1986 Aged 89 Years
Erected By George Bristow Carmegrim In Memory of His Daughter Agnes Who Died 17th March 1886 Aged 10 Years Also His Daughter Bella, Who Fell Asleep 23rd December 1894 Aged 9 Years
Bristow Erected In Loving Rememberance Of Our Dear Father William Bristow Died 29th March 1915 And Our Dear Mother Mary Bristow, Died 1st June 1947 Also Our Great Grandparents John And Mary Bristow And Our Dear Brother William J. Bristow Died 3rd June 1962 Also Our Dear Sisters Agnes Bristow Died 8th June 1966 Mary J. Bristow Died 8th February 1969 Annie K. Bristow Died 17th November 1974 James Alex Bristow Died 10th September 1981 Ida Bristow Died 18th January 1990 “Until Day Break, And The Shadows Flee Away”
Erected In memory of Annie Burnside Portglenone Who died 20th November 1915 Aged 65 years Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord
Erected by Stewart Cairns of Lisnagarron in memory of his wife Nancy who died the 26 of August 1861 aged 20 years. Also his daughter Jane who died at Baltimore USA the 6 of July 1894 aged 33 years. And also his wife Mary Ann who died the 25 of December 1868 aged 24 years. Also his grandson Stewart Cairns Glass who died in September 1899 aged 7 months. also his daughter Mary J who died at Baltimore USA 8th February 1920 aged 51 years. The above named Stewart Cairns died 14th April 1930 aged 93 years
Erected By John Cameron In Memory Of His Father Thomas Cameron Who Died 1st July 1920 Also His Mother, Margaret Cameron Who Died 2nd October 1922 Also His Sister Lizzie Brown Who Died 11th December 1956 And Her Husband John Brown Died 30th May 1965
Holy Bible John ix,25,26. Xi,25,26. Erected by William Campbell, Gortgole, in memory of his beloved children. Samuel P. died 7th November, 1896. John T. died 16th December, 1909. Lapsley died 14th February, 1917. Mary A. died 15th march, 1919. Jane died 2nd August, 1920. Also of his beloved wife Sara H. who died 4th January, 1921. Also the above named William Campbell, died 21st February, 1939. Also his son James A Campbell, died 18th August, 1940. Also his daughter in law Jane Campbell, died 20th December 1953
Erected by Thomas Campbell of Lisrodden, in memory of his son John, who died 22nd May 1862, aged 24 years. Also his wife Letitia, who died 2nd May 1890. Aged 82 years. Also the above named Thomas Campbell, who died 1st April 1896, in his 92nd year: and his daughters Isabella, died 25th June 1897, aged 54 years and Mary died 16th April 1898, aged 52 years
IHS Erected by Samuel Campbell, in memory of his father George Campbell, who died 17th April, 1913 aged 75 years. Also his mother Margaret Campbell, who died 22nd March, 1922 aged 82 years. And his wife Jane Campbell, who died 9th March 1937 aged 64 years. The above named Samuel Campbell, who died 14th October, 1940 aged 66 years
In Loving Memory Of My Dear Father Patrick Carleton, Died 29th April 1923, Aged 69 Years Also My Dear Mother Hannah Carleton, Died 18th July 1936, Aged 77 Years Also My Borhter Robert Died 8th December 1956, Aged 69 Years And Sister Martha Died 13th February 1966 Aged 63 Years Also Francis Carleton Died 21st February 1969, Aged 75 Years
Erected in memory of James Carson of Portglenone, who departed this life 25th May 1843, aged 36 years. Also his brother William Carson who died 11th April 1871 aged 68 years. And also of his beloved wife Jane Carson who died at Dreen Cullybackey 29th Oct 1888 aged 72 years. Also Sarah McKinley Carson grand-daughter of the above named William and Jane Carson, who died 6th December 1903, aged 10 months; and Elizabeth Carson their daughter who died 2nd August 1906; aged 62 years
In memory of James Carson of Portglenone, who died 22nd May 1847; aged 85 years. Also, of Eliza Carson his beloved wife, who died 25th Sept 1849, aged 74 years. Also of William Carson who died 29th Feb 1920, at his residence the Dreen Cullybackey aged – – years
Here lieth the Body of Robert Carson Who depd Feby 1 1797 aged 28 years
1925 To the glory of God and in loving remembrance of Clare Florinda wife of Lt. Commander R A Cassidi R.N. and youngest daughter of Robert Arthur Alexander, D.L., of Portglenone House. Born 8th February 1896 – died 30th March 1925
Sacred To The Memory Of Mary Chaine Who Departed This Life 28th March 1859, Aged 81 Years Also Of Margaret Chaine, Her Sister Who Departed This Life 26st April 1860, Aged 84 Years Also Their Niece Elizabeth Smith Born 18th December 1807 Died 16th May 1888 “Even To Your Old Age I Am He” Isaiah.46.4
At Rest Erected By James Clark, Garvaghy In Memory Of His Beloved Son Archibald Clarke Died 13th July 1904 Aged 19 Years And His Wife, Sarah Clark Died 22nd May 1919, Aged 72 Years The Above Named James Clark Died 13th February 1932, Aged 90 Years
Erected By Alexander & William Clarke of Garvaghy, in memory of Their father John Clarke who departed this life 30th December 1878 Aged 82 years Alexander Clarke died 22nd February 1902 aged 77 years Wiliam Clarke died 5th February 1911 aged 80 years
Erected By James Clarke Garvaghy In loving memory of his mother Sarah Clarke Who died 5th September 1875 aged 71 years Also his father Archey Clarke Who died 6th March 1894 aged 96 years And their children Jane died 15th April 1888 aged 46 years John died 5th August 1894 aged 47 years
Erected In memory of Hugh Clarke of Drumraw, who departed this Life 7th July 1858 aged 51 years
Erected in memory of Henry Clements Bracknamockley died 9th Feb 1912 aged 74 years also his six children who died in infancy and his wife Mary Ann died 24th October 1913 aged 63 years also his son John died 3rd November 1928 aged 51 years also his wife Agnes died 10th Jan 1971 their son James died 4th Jan 1985

Many thanks to Derek Clements for the above grave transcription.

Derek mentions that the correct spelling of the area is “Bracknamuckley” and goes on to add that “Mary Ann died 5 years later on 24th October 1918 and her age was given as 83. I reckon this is fairly accurate as Henry was born 1836/7 and they were both 19 when they married in 1856. Her death is recorded at

“I wonder if the reason Henry married at 19 was due to his mother’s remarriage. I think Andrew, Henry’s father, died in 1843 and Elizabeth married James Kyle in 1849. I recently discovered from the Braid site an Andrew Clements in Aughnahoy Old Cemetry and the dates all fit.”

“Infant mortality was high in those days and I suspect it was something they were well used to unlike today.”

“Sadly, my father Harry, predeceased his mother Agnes in 1968. Always a sad situation when a parent outlives them. James, my uncle, was a well-known fiddle player, and I believe quite talented.”

Erected by William Crawford of Garvaghy In memory of Jane Crawford _____? ______? Who departed this life 8th ____? ______? Aged 56 years also of his brother James Thomson who departed This life 31st December 1849 aged 41 years Also the above named William Crawford, who departed this life 3rd February 1872, Aged 63 years
Erected By John H. Crawford of Magherafelt In loving memory of his beloved parents Robert Crawford Who died 22nd July 1869 and Mary Crawford who died 15th August 1869 Her lie also the Remains of the above named John H. Crawford Who died in Magherafelt 2nd June 1916
In memory of James Crawford Lisrodden Died 25th June 1897 Aged 78 years And his wife Betty Hilton Died 7th January 1911 Aged 89 years Also their son James Crawford Who died in Melbourne 18th November 1908 Aged 53 years Also His three sons William Crawford Died December 1933 aged 75 years Robert John Crawford Died May 1935, aged 85 years David Crawford who died in Australia October 1935 aged 75 years Sara Crawford died 15th July 1941 Aged 88 years
Erected By R.H. Crawford In loving memory of his son Robert Hugh Crawford Who died 17th May 1905 Aged 17 years Also his son Thomas James Who died 12th December 1910 Aged 13 years The above named R.H. Crawford Died 14th April 1918 Aged 72 Years
In memory of Ann Crawford Who departed this life May 4 1808 aged 17. Also hur mother who departed this life Agust 4 1810 aged 45. Also hur father who departed this life March 4 1811 Aged 57 Also her sister Easter who departed this life December the 4 1819 aged 16 Also her borhter William who departed this life February 4 1827 Aged 29 years Also her borhter James who departed this life 24th August 1861 aged 61 years and his wife Ellen who departed this life 17th November 1871 Aged 62 years
In memory of William Crawford Who died Octr 1808 Aged 21 years
Here lyeth the body of Samuel Crawford who depd this life April the 20 1812 aged 44 years. Also Martha his wife, who died on the 15th April 1853 aged 77 years. Just as I am, without one plea, but that thy blood was shed for me and that Thou bidst me come to thee o lamb of God, I come. and their son Rev Andrew Crawford Minister of Newtownbreda Presbyterian church, ordained 26th March 1844, died 8th June 1893 aged 87 years. Till the day break
Erected in memory of John Crawford of Lisroden, who died 16th September, 1876, aged 89 years. Also his wife Elizabeth who departed this life 9th Novr 1878 aged 83 years. Also his son William J Crawford, who died 10th May 1885 aged 65 years. Also his son Robert Crawford who died the 3rd January 1888 aged 62 years
Erected in memory of John Crosset of Mullensallagh, who departed this life 19th June 1846; aged 22 years
1850 ERECTED By John Crosset Of Portglenone. In Memory Of Four Of His Children Who All Died In Infancy Also His Grand-Son George Booth Died Buffalo, USA. 24th October 1938 Aged 65 Years. Ashes Interred 17th November 1938
Erected By Thomas Dick of Ballinafie In memory of His son John Meek, who departed this life 29th November 1857; aged 4years also his wife Margaret, who departed this life 11th August 1893; aged 69 years Also the above named Thomas Dick, who departed this life 3rd December 1900; aged 82 years And his son Andrew, departed this life 13th July 1927; aged 83 Also his daughter Jane M. Dick Departed this life 1st May 1947, aged 85 years and his son Thomas Dick, departed this life 6th February 1951, aged 93 years
Here lieth the body of James Dick who departed this life March 14 1802 aged 70 years also Agnes Dick his wife who departed this life Octr 11th 1798 aged 60 years Likewise their son Andrew Dick of Ballinafie Who departed this life 9th February 1819 Aged 72 years And also their son Hugh Dick Who departed this life 22nd May 1855 aged 88 years And his wife Rose Dick Who departed this life 6th August 1868 aged 87 years Also their son James Dick Who died 18th January 1877 aged 72 years
In loving memory of Margaret Jane Adams Beloved wife of Boyd Hamill Dick, Aughnahoy Died 6th March 1929, aged 51 years Boyd Hamill Dick died 7th March 1951 aged 79 years
Erected By James Dickey Ballymena In memory of his father James Dickey Who died 2nd May 1846 , aged 36 years Also his mother Hannah McClelland Who died1st May 1883 aged 82 years And his wife Jane Stewart Who died 28th March 1886 Aged 44 years And their daughter Hannah Who died 18th February 1885 aged 18 years And of their two children who died in infancy and the above James Dickey Who died 9 August 1905 aged 68 years
Stephen Dickson
1851 3 graves here. Erected in memory of William Dimpsey Lisnagarron; who departed this life 19th October 1851 aged 75 years and his wife Rosey, aged 74 years. Also their son James who died 8th July 1883, aged 52 years. And his brother William who died September 1880, aged 74 years. Also their sister in law Mary who died 18th February 1902, aged 87 years. And their sister Agnes who died March 1904, aged 74 years. Also their brother Thomas who died August 1905, aged 86 years.
Erected By Thomas Dodds of Carmegram In memory of his son Thomas Who departed this life 8th December 1885 aged 27 years The above named Thomas Dodds Died 7th November 1905 Aged 78 years And his wife Bell Dodds who died 15th October 1909 aged 74 years
Erected By Thomas Dodds of Carmegram In Memory of his dear father Thomas Dodds who departed This life 17th June 1843 aged 45 years Also of his beloved mother Mary Dodds who departed this life 7th July 1867 aged 84 years
In memory of James Dysart Bracknamuckley Who died 21st September 1878 aged 66 years Also his wife Maria Who died 27th May 1879, aged 66 years And their daughter Maria Jane Who died 16th October 1901 aged 60 years Also their son James Who died 18th April 1904 aged 66 years Also their daughter Susanna Who died 1st October 1907 aged 60 years Also their son Robert Who died 3rd April 1923, Aged 78 years And their son The Rev. Thomas M Dysart Ordained in First Newton Hamilton 14th December 1875 Resigned 5th July 1887 Installed in Mallow 11th July 1887 Retired 21st June 1913 Died 19th May 1927, aged 77 years Also Nancy Dysart Who died 14th November 1939, aged 90 years
To the glory of God and in loving memory of Anna Wood Dysart who died 19th may 1929
Erected In Memory of William John Elliott of Mullin Sallagh who departed this Life 22nd July 1857 aged 77 Years, Likewise of Martha Elliott his mother who departed this life 14th August 1859 aged 64 years
The Burying Ground Of The Evans Family Aughnaleagh, Portglenone Peace Perfect Peace
Erected by Gertrude Faulkner, Glenone. In memory of her husband Robert faulkner, who died 16th July 1908, aged 80 years. Their son R J Faulkner, who died 18th July 1933, aged 74 years. His wife Hessie Faulkner, who died 18th Nov 1935, aged 73 years. Their daughter Sarah, who died 25th oct. 1914, aged 18 years. Mary A Faulkner, who died 22nd Nov 1969, aged 69 years. Her husband William Faulkner, who died 28th Feb. 1985, aged 92 years

Erected By John Fife of Carmegram In memory of Andrew Fife his brother who departed this life on the 4th day of May 1852 aged 58 years Also his wife Mary Fife, who Departed this life 16th December 1874 Aged 80 years Also the above named John Fife Who died 31st March 1888 Aged 94 years And his great grandson John G. Fife Who died 6th April 1924 Aged 1 years and 10 months
Erected By John Fife Of Carmegram In memory of his grandson Thomas Fife Who died 12th May 1872, agde 1 year Also his son George Fife who died 26th October 1893, aged 66 years And his wife Mary Fife, who died 17th July 1914 aged 82 years Also her son Willie, died 14th October 1929, aged 52 years
In memory of Wm John Fleming, died 1908. His son James, died 1915. His grandson James Alexander, died 1964. His wife Sarah, died 1947 and their sons Wm James, died 1944 – Alexander, died 1987
Here lieth the body of Elizabeth Fowler who depd this life Septr. Ye 3 1792 aged 17 years. Also William Fowler who departed this life 16th April 1878, aged 63 years
Erected By William Gamble In Loving Memory Of His Wife Grace Gamble Who Died 20th February 1906 Aged 68 Years And Of Their Two Children Who Died In Infancy
Erected by John Glass of Gortfad, as a family memorial. The above named John Glass departed this life 26th Novr. 1882, aged 89 years. His beloved wife Elizabeth departed this life 3rd August 1886, aged 90 years. Their son William, departed this life 6th February 1906, aged 76 years. and their son John departed this life 11th December 1914, aged 79 years
In loving memory of James Glass, Gortfadd. Died 26th April 1901, aged 73 years. And his wife Nancy McGaw, died 1st May 1910, aged 84 years. And his son William James Glass, died 5th Feb 1943, aged 81 years and his daughter Elizabeth Ann Glass, died 7th Novb. 1947, aged 86 years
Erected in memory of Grace Glass, who depd this life, 9th Octr. 1824; aged 76 years. Also of James Glass, her husband who depd this life 24th April 1840; aged 81 years
Erected by Charlotte Glass, USA, in memory of her father and mother Matthew Glass, who died 25th March, 1904, aged 87 years. Charlotte McMillan, his wife who died 10th April, 1914, aged 77 years. Also her niece Charlotte Glass, who died 11th January, 1939, aged 27 years
In loving memory of John Glass, Muckrim, Toomebridge, died 4th January 1940. Also his wife Margaret, died 23rd March 1946. Also Dinah Florence, daughter of Tom and Dinah Glass, died 28th August 1940. Erected by William and Annie Harris
Erected to the memory of James Greer, of Gortfad, who departed this life, 16th May 1876, aged 81 years. Also his beloved wife, Margaret Greer who departed this life, 8th Jany 1876, aged 81 years. Also Mary J Greer, who died 1st Decr. 1886, in her 43 years. Also Alexander Greer, who died 1st July 1897, aged 70 years. Also James Greer who died 7th January 1907, aged 73 years. Also his wife Annie, who died 26 November 1938, aged 84 years. Frank died 10th May 1979 also his sister Mary died 11th November 1988
Erected by Lizzie Wallace, Garvaghy. In loving memory of her grandfather John Greer, who died 14th February 1900, aged 90 years. Also her grandmother Elizabeth Greer, who died 27th December 1899, aged 80 years
Erected By William Greer of Ballyconley In Memory Of Three Of His Children Viz, John William John, Margaret Jane Who All Died In Infancy
In loving memory of our dear parents William died 27th September 1943. Margaret A. died 30th March 1954. In loving memory of Margaret Neill
Erected in loving memory of Hugh Hamilton, who died 14th October 1902, aged 89 years. Also his beloved wife Jane Hamilton, who died 9th June 1857, aged 34 years. Also four of their children who died in infancy. Also their eldest daughter Mary, who died 4th August, 1944. “She hath done what she could.” St Mark 14.8
Sacred to the memory of Hugh Hamilton, who depd this life 22nd Feby 1853. Skiffington Hamilton, who depd this life 31st Augt 1856; aged 71 years. Jane Hamilton, who depd this life 9th June 1857; aged 34 years. Mollie Hamilton, died Feb 1870, aged 79 years
Erected by Henry Hamilton, Portglenone, in memory of his two sons David and John who died in infancy. Also his daughter Elisabeth Adams who died 2nd August 1895 aged 23 years. And his son David Stewart who died 27th February 1902 aged 25 years. Also his beloved wife Jane Stewart who died 21st November 1909 aged 71 years. The above named Henry Hamilton died 15th January 1925 aged 84 years
Erected By H.C. Hamilton Of San Francisco, California U.S.A In memory of his father Patrick Hamilton Who died 24th April 1891 Aged 78 years Also his beloved wife Mary Who died 13th November 1896 Aged 81 years
Family Burying Ground of William Hamilton A few more years shall roll a few more seasons come and we shall be with those that rest asleep within the tomb
Erected by David Harris of Tullynahinnion, in memory of Jane, his wife who departed this life 8th March 1864, aged 60 years. Also his son Robert who departed this life 28th March 1866; aged 24 years. Also his son Thomas who depd this life 19th July 1874 aged 25 years
Erected In memory of Elinor Henry of Drum[Raw] who departed this life (unreadable) rd December 1846 Aged 80 years Also of John Henry her husband who departed this life (unreadable) January (unreadable) Aged 70 years Also their grand son James Johnston Henry who departed this life 9th September 1859 aged 18 years
Here lieth the body of Mr John Hill who departed this life June the 24 1784 aged 64 (64 is a best-guess, not easy to read) years
Erected By Robert Hilton Drumrankin In memory of his son James Who died Dec. 12th 1857 Aged 20 years Also his son Hugh, who died 23rd December 1859, aged 20 years and his son Wm. John Who died at New York 14th June 1860, aged 27 years Also Martha, his beloved wife Who died 28th January. 1863 Aged 52 Years and his son Thomas who died 19th December 1877, aged 33 years Also the above named Robert Hilton, Who died 13th March 1890 Aged 85 years
Erected In memory of John Hilton of Bracknamuckley who departed the life 21st April 1858, aged 86 His son James, who died 29th November 1868 aged 58 years Hugh Johnson Hilton Died 21st February 1922 Aged 69 years Mary Jane Hilton Died 20th November 1944 aged 88 years
Erected By John Hilton of Bracknamuckley In memory of Nancy His Wife who died 26th February 1843 Aged 64 years Also of Jane, the beloved wife of John Hilton Junior, who died 16th January 1850, aged 23 years Also John Hilton Junior who died 9th September 1880, aged 59 years And his second wife Elizabeth Dysart Died 31st December 1900 aged 80 years Also William Robert Hilton Who died 7th November 1930 aged 83 years
Erected by Thomas Hinds of Finkiltaugh in memory of his beloved daughter Elizabeth Hinds, who departed this life 12th September 1843; aged 21 years
Erected in memory of Archibald Hinds, late of Finkiltagh, who depd this life, 13th June, 1834; aged – – years. Also of Dor—– Hinds his wife who depd this life – – March 1845 aged 83 years. Likewise, of their son Thomas, who depd this life 21st March 1853; aged 58 years
Underneath are interred William Hogg. Born at Lisburn 27th October 1776 Died at Portglenone 31st March 1852. Mary, his wife born 6th July 1770 died 11th August 1821. Also their children William died 2nd March 1827 aged 33 years. Hudson died 7th April 1840 aged 35 years and three children who died in infancy. also Roseanna, wife of Hudson Hogg, and their daughter Abigail
Erected in memory of William Hogg, who departed this life 3rd March 1873; aged 51 years. In loving memory of Matthew Johnston (Craigs) died 17 January 1978 aghed 78 years
The burying ground of John Holmes, of Loan Erected In Memory Of Jane Holmes, Loan Born 24th January 1824 Died 1st May 1879 Also of her husband John Holmes, Loan Born 23rd February 1811 Died 5th September 1885 Also their grandson Samuel J. Holmes Born 25th March 1897 Died 22nd September 1923 Also their son Nathaniel Holmes Born 1st March 1852 Died 17th July 1941
Sacred to the memory of the Rev. Edward Hudson; Rector of Ahoghill, with eminent talents, ever actively employed in the relief of distress; the widow and the orphan blessed him: his parishoners universally regarded him as at once their pastor, and their friend; He died 1st May, 1804, aged 62, and was buried in the aisle of this church. Beside him repose the remains of Elizabeth, his wife; who died 2d October, 1835, aged 93, in the sure and certain hope of a blessed resurrection
Erected by Samuel Huston Portglenone In loving memory of his wife Sarah Born 22nd July 1847 Died 21st January 1897 Also of their two sons Who died in Glasgow Hamilton James Born 10th July 1874 Died 21st May 1905 William Born 19th November 1883 Died 1st October 1906 And were interred in Craigton Cemetery The above named Samuel Huston Born 18th July 1847 Died 6th March 1924 And his daughter Jennie, aged 47 years “They are gone but not forgotten Never shall their memory fade Sweetest Thoughts shall ever linger Round the grave where they are laid”
In a vault under the communion table lye the remains of Dr Francis Hutchinson late Bishop of Down & Connor at whose expence chiefly this church was erected. He was born at Carson in Derbyshire & was minister of St James’s in St Edmundsbury. He was a careful diligent charitable pastor. A learned prelate & an honest good man. He departed this life June 23 1739 aged about 80 years. In the same place is interred Anne his widow who survived him 19 years
Erected In memory of Thomas Johnson, who departed this life 20th July 1823 Aged 50 years
In memory of James Keenan who died 12th June 1906 aged 60 years. Also his son Samuel, wounded in action, died and was buried in France 6th Sept, 1917, aged 30 years. Also his wife Mary Keenan, died 4th April 1934, aged 91 years and his grand daughter Margaret Bell Keenan, (NOTE – the bottom section/words of this headstone is broken and missing)
Here lieth the body of Henry Keenan who departed this life March the 15th 1784 aged 70 years. Also Henry John Keenan who departed this life 14 May 1886 aged 8 years
In loving memory of John Kelly died 3rd August 1882 Also his wife Sarah Kelly Died 27th October 1919 Also Their son James G. Kelly, Beloved Husband Of Annie Kelly Died 1st January 1942 Annie Strong Died 26th June 1949 And her husband Archibald Died 19th August 1954 Also Annie Kelly died 4th May 1950
Here Lyeth The Body of Dora Thy Kinsey Whom Depar Ted This Life The 8th Day Of February 1782[?] Aged 62
Erected By Patrick Kyle Garvaghy In memory of his father Andrew Kyle, Who died 22nd June 1889, Aged 79 And his mother Mary, Who died 27th March 1892, Aged 79 years
Erected by James Kyle Bracknamuckley In memory of his father John Kyle also his mother Elizabeth Surgenor Kyle And his beloved Wife, Ellen Greer Kyle Who died 27th July 1942 aged 76 Also the above named James Kyle Died 9th 1946 Aged 78 years For ever remembered by her Husband and family
Erected In Memory of Jane Kyle of Killycoogan Who died 27th October 1845, aged 36 years And her husband James Kyle Who died 27th October 1874 aged 66 years Also their daughter-in-law Jane Kyle Who died 24th December 1879 aged 47 years and her grandson James Foster Kyle Who died 5th January 1900 aged 6 1/2 years and their son John Kyle Died 10th October 1914 aged 77 years Their great grand-daughter Sarah J. Kyle Died 26th February 1941 aged 19 years
Erected In memory of Mary Kyle who departed this life 15th January 1838 Aged 21 Years Also her husband James Kyle Killycoogan, Who died 11th August 1885, Aged 77 years And his daughter Jane Taylor Who died 10th November 1909 Aged 66 Years And her husband James Taylor Died 29th June 1918, Aged 84 Years
Erected by Robert Lamont in loving memory of his mother Elizabeth Ann Lamont, who died 25th Decr. 1922. His father James Lamont, who died 23rd Novr 1943. And his aunt Nancy Lamont, died 31st Jan. 1945. Peace perfect peace
Erected By John Laughlin of Philadelphia, Pena U.S.A. In memory of his father Samuel Laughlin Of Tamlaght O’Crilly Who died 19th June 1860 Aged 67 years Also his mother Nancy Who died 3rd March 1840 Aged 44 years Also his brother Joseph Who died August 1843 Aged 21 years And his sister Nancy Who died March 1855 Aged 31 years

Thomas Leith
Thomas Leith of Gortgole
Erected by Thomas Leith Gortgole, in memory of his wife Mary Jane, who died 16th November 1902; aged 72 years. The above named Thomas Leith died 13th February 1915, aged 91 years. And his son in law Stewart Kyle, who died 16th may 1926, aged 67 years
In loving memory of John Hunter Lytle, born January 1808, died August 1866, also his wife Annie Hogg, born November 1810, died May 1894, and their daughter Annie, born October 1852, died April1871, and their daughter Margaret, died 10 January 1914 aged 65 years. and their son William Lytle, died 21st July 1926, aged 76 years, and their daughter Mary H Lytle, died 22nd September 1932, aged 88 years
Here lieth the remains of William and Eleanor Lytle children of Eleanor Lytle who departed this life September the 5th 1805 aged aged 40 years. Also Margaret Lytle who departed this life January the 31st 1808 aged 27 years. Hessy Lytle depd this life 27th April 1813 aged 11 years. James Lytle died 23rd Jan 1826 aged 31 years. Mary Ann Lytle, his wife died 28th Feb. 1826 aged 27 years. John Lytle died 27th Feb 1837 aged 73
To the glory of God and in memory of the Lyttle and Hogg families who are interred in this churchyard from the year 1796. This tablet was erected in the year 1926 by their last surviving grandchild Mary Hudson Lyttle
Erected By Wm Macaw of Portglenone In memory of his father William Macaw who died 16th September 1825 aged 67 years Also of Mary Macaw his mother Who died 21st November 1851 aged 74 years likewise his daughter Bessie Who died 28th September 1865 aged 17 years And his son Joseph who died in infancy Also his granddaughter Jane Shaw Barclay Who died 26th October 1875, aged 2 years And of his son John Who died 28th May 1883 Aged 31 years Also his wife Jane, who died 9th November 1884 aged 67 years
In memory of Elizabeth Madden of Bracknamuckley, who died 17th Dec. 1836; aged 66 years. Also her husband Rodger Madden, who died 22nd July 1843; aged 84 years. Thomas Madden, Surgeon of Portglenone, who died 18th July 1866; aged 66 years. Also, his wife Anne Madden, who died 23rd December 1868; aged 83 years
MADDEN Erected by Thomas Madden, J.P., in memory of his mother Elizabeth Madden, who died 21st December 1928 aged 66 years. Also the above named Thomas Madden who died 12th December 1947 aged 62 years and his wife Maria Madden died 5th September aged 94 years
1902 Erected by Robert J Madden, in memory of his father Thomas Madden, who died 4th June 1870, aged 60 years and his mother Letticia Adams, who died 6th April 1876, aged 54 years. The above named Robert J Madden died 20th September 1920, aged 70 years
Erected by William Marks, Lisrodden, in memory of his father Thomas Marks, and of his mother Susan Marks. The above named William Marks died 27th November 1928, aged 77 years. And his beloved wife Elizabeth Marks died 3rd December 1934, aged 83 years
Erected by Wm & John Marks of Lisnagarron in memory of their father Thomas Marks who departed this life 8th may 1860; aged 77 years. Also their mother Ann Marks, who departed this life 9th Octr 1847; aged 70 years. Likewise their sister Ann, who died 19th April 1855; aged 34 years. The above named William Marks, died 30th July 1889, aged 81 years. Also his brother John Marks died 24th August 1896, aged 82 years
Erected by his widow Maggie Marshall, Drumraw, in memory of her beloved husband Wilson Marshall, who departed this life 29th Oct. 1927, aged 71 years. Asleep in Jesus
Erected by Samuel Marshall of Drumraw as a family memorial. The above named Samuel Marshall departed this life 13th Jany 1892 aged 61 years. And his son Samuel died 18th December 1916, aged 54 years. Also his wife Sarah Jane died 8th December 1923, aged 94 years
Treasured Memories of The Maxwell family Aughnahoy, Portglenone At Rest
Erected By George Maxwell, Of Aughnahoy In Memory of His Wife Mary Who Departed This Life 23rd May 1862 Aged 50 Years Also His Son Robert James Who Departed This Life 30th May 1863 Aged 12 Years Also The Above-Named George Maxwell Who Departed This Life 14th February 1895, Aged 83 Years And His Son Alexander Who Departed This Life 6th November 1883, Aged 35 Years
Erected to the memory of John McAlary, who departed this life 6th January 1876; aged 55 years. “Child of God weep not; for them which also sleep in Jesus, will God bring with him.” Elizabeth McAlary, died 16th June 1883, age 24. Mary A McAlary died 6th Sept. 1885, age 28. Also Eliza, wife of the above named John McAlary who died 15th Decr. 1895, aged 69 years
AD 1882. Erected by William McAteer of Mullinsallagh, in memory of his daughter Margaret who died 24th September 1849, aged 12 years and of his son Wm K McAteer who died in Philadelphia, 11th August 1879, aged 27 years and his daughter Elizabeth who died 22nd June 1935, aged 95 years
Erected by William McAteer, Finlaystown. In memory of his beloved wife Margaret McAteer who died 1st April 1898, aged 83 years. Also the above named William McAteer, who died 7th February 1900 aged 85 years
1841 Erected in memory of Alexander McAteer, late of Gortfad, who departed this life 8th January 1841 aged 33 years. Also of Mary McAteer alias Bell his wife, who departed this life 25th January 1841, aged 33 years and five of their children who died in infancy
Erected in memory of William McAteer Tully. Who died 31st Oct. 1907, aged 81 years. Also his wife Sarah who died 17th March 1897, aged 71 years
Here lieth the body of James McAteer of Tulley who departed this life June the 12th 1809 aged 48 years. Also his son John McAteer who depd this life 17th June 1837 aged 47 years and his wife Mary who depd this life 11th Novr 1837 aged 71 years
(NOTE – three gravestones) Here lieth the body of Ruth McAtier who depd this life march 10th 1816 aged 82 years also Alexander McAteer Who died 28th Decr 1890 Aged 64 years
Erected by David McAughey Killycoogan. In memory of his father James McAughey who died 21 June 1872 aged 80 years. And also his mother Ellen who died 17th February 1900 aged 98 years
Erected In memory of James McCamont of Aughnacleagh Who departed this life 7th March 1849 Aged 72 years
Erected In memory of Margaret McCaughey Of Tully, who departed this life 13th June 1836, Aged 17 years Also of her brother John McCaughey, who Departed this life 5th Septr 1843 Aged 19 years
Erected by David McCaw In Loving memory of his father James McCaw Who died 6th January 1891 aged 76 years Also his mother Nancy, who died 4th April 1883, Aged 64 Years And their sons Henry James, Died 16th August 1864, Aged 20 years William John Died 10th November 1887 aged 43 years Their daughter Eliza Jane Died 6th December 1934 aged 75 years Their daughter Annie Died 24th March 1936 Aged 81 years
Erected By William McCaw of Lisrodden In Memory of His son John who died 11th April 1837 aged 4 years also his daughter Isabella Who died 16th May 1853 aged 21 months and his daughter Mary Ann who died 1st October 1863 aged 24 Years. Also his daughter Jane who died 19th May 1864 aged 20 years Likewise Jane his beloved wiwfe who died 8th Octr 1872 aged 66 years Also the above named William McCaw who died 12th Feb 1891 aged 86 years And his son William who died 2nd May 1903, aged 55 [years] Also his son [Tho]mas who [died] ___? September 19___? [Age]d ___? [years] In loving memory of Wm McCaw. Junr and his wife Jane who died who died 2nd May 1903, aged 55 years. 19th November 1939 aged 83 years
Erected By John McCaw Portglenone In memory of his son Thomas Henry, who departed this life 11th April 1845 Aged 11 months also his son Harry. Who died 11th Decr 1873 Aged 25 years Also his son Tom Who died 1st February 1875 Hugh Dysert McCaw Died 27th January 1937 Aged 77 years Joseph McCaw Died 7th September 1944
Erected By Thomas McCaw Of Killycoogan In memory of his son Henry, who departed this life 17th January 1841 Aged 7 years Also his wife Ann who departed this life the 27th June 1877 aged 85 years also his son John, who departed this Life 14th Janunary 1878; aged 49 years Also the above named Thomas McCaw who died 5ht February 1887 Aged 84 years Also his daughter Mary who died 30th December 1921 aged 91 years
In memory of Henry McCaw Woodside Died 19th February 1909 Aged 77 years His wife Jane Glass Died 11th July 1920, aged 88 years Their son, Harry Died 18th May 1921, aged 45 years Their daughter Mary Ann Died 7th June 1923, aged 55 years Their daughter Lizzie Died 19thNovember 1934 aged 71 years Their daughter Jeannie Died 11th April 1938, aged 72 years Their son John Glass Died 15th July 1941 Aged 67 years
Erected By Robert McCaw Belfast In memory of his son Robert Born 8th May 1876, died 26th April 1884 His son William Henry Born 14th February 1879, died 3rd April 1886 Also his wife Elizabeth Hilton Born 14th May 1835, died 21st March 1914 The above named Robert McCaw Born 24th May 1836, died 28th January 1922 Also his son James Born 17th March 1875, died 18th October, 1944 Alice Maud McCaw Wife of James McCaw Born 11th April 1879, died 22nd October 1960
Erected By Henry McCaw In Memory of his wife Polly Who departed this life 26th September 1857 Aged 86 years Also the above named Henry McCaw who died 14th July 1859 aged 86 years Also their son John McCaw, Portglenone Who died 3rd July 1876 Aged 65 years And his grandson Alfred Hugh Son of John Dysart McCaw, F.R.C.S. Born 7th April 1888, died 15th February 1889 Also Mary Jane wife of The above named John McCaw Who died 19th March 1892, aged 75 years Also Eliza Jane, wife of John Dysart McCaw, M.D.F.R.C.S. Who died 10th December 1909, aged 47 years Elizabeth McCaw Died 11th April 1928, Aged 85 years Mary Jane McCaw Died 15th January 1939 aged 88 years
Erected in memory of John McCay of Portglenone who departed this life, 27th March 1839, aged 7 months
Erected By Robert McClelland Killyless In Memory Of His Father John McClelland Who Died December the 17, 1863 Aged 53
Underneath lie the remains of William McClister of Mullinsallagh who departed this life, 23rd Nov. 1836, aged 60 years. Also of James McClister his brother who departed this life 30th July 1851 aged 80 years
Here lyeth the body of James McClister who depd this life Feby the 12th 1786 aged 77 years
In Loving Memory Of WM John McCracken Who Deid 26th December 1913 Aged 50 Years Also His Father William McCracken Who Died 12th March 1902 Aged 78 Years Also His Mother Ellen McCracken He Is Gone In Peace. 2 Samuel, III. 23
Erected in memory of William McCullogh who depd this life 20th March 1821; aged 75 years
Erected By Samuel McCullough Craigs In Memory Of His Son George Who Died 16th February 1894 Aged 2 1/2 Years
Erected by James McElmoyle of Gortfad. In memory of his father James McElmoyle

Erected by Robert McGaughey of Gortaheron, in memory of his wife Margaret McGaughey, who departed this life 6th June 1873; aged 74 years. Also the above named Robert McGaughey who died 1888; aged 90 years. —- his son Matthew McGaughey who —- –st January 1913 aged 75 years
Erected by John McGaughey (NOTE, these words are unclear) also his son John who died 14th of November 1909 aged 40 years. Also the above named John McAughey who died 4th Of Aprill 1911 aged 75 years. also his daughter Mary who died 1st April 1927 aged 58 years. Frances McGaughey Killycoogan, died 31st March 1950. McGaughey In loving memory of William McGaughey, Tully. died 14th May 1982, aged 62 years
In loving memory of Annie D. McIlrath who fell asleep 6th July 1916 Aged 15 Years Them also which sleep in Jesus Will God bring with him 1.Thess. 4. 14
Erected in memory of John McKay who depd this life 13th June 1883 aged 54 years. Also his daughter Jane who died in infancy. And his son James died 21st September 1885 aged 19 years. Also his wife Mary who died 18th December 1913, aged 82 years
Erected in memory of Robert McKay, Tullynahinnion. Who departed this life the 15th January 1865; aged 55 years. Also his daughter Elizabeth McKay, who departed this life 23rd Novr 1862; aged 18 years and of his son David, who departed this life 7th May 1865; aged 27 years. Also his wife Mary, who died 20th January 1870; aged 67 years
In loving memory of Samuel James McKay, Tullynahinnion, died 22nd February 1938. His wife Rose Anne, died 21st April 1961. His father William, died 4th May 1902. His mother Jane, died 18th May 1910. His daughter Marion Elizabeth, died 16th August 1977. his daughter Janie Margretta B.A., H.Dip. Ed., died 3rd March 1980
Erected by the family in loving memory of our dear father and mother, Harkness McKee, Lisnagarron, died 10th March, 1922, Sarah Sloan McKee, died 8th March, 1922, also their children, Sarah Jane McKee, died 25th Sept, 1874, aged 2 years and two months, James McKee, died 28th Sept, 1874, aged 9 months, Mary Ann McKee, died 3rd Feby, 1887, aged two months. and their grand daughter, Isabella McKee, died 15th August, 1930, aged 13 years. Also their son James McKee, died 22nd October 1944 aged 69 years. and their grand daughter Sarah E Clarissa McKee, died 24th June 1961. “In Christ shall all be made alive.” Mary A wife of James McKee, died 28th Jan. 1961, aged 85 years. and their son William Robert McKee, died 5th Nov. 1966, aged 84 years. “The Lord is my shepherd.” Also Martha, wife of William Robert McKee died 9th November 1968 aged 90 years. “The day thou gavest Lord is ended.” Surgeon Commander William Harkness Edgar McKee died 23rd Nov. 1986, aged 77 years. “In Gods keeping.”
Sacred to the memory of Alice M McKeown, late of Slavenagh, who died 19th Jan. 1834; aged 26 years. Also of her daughter Alice Jane, who died 3rd Feb 1837; aged 7 years and of her daughter Mary, who died 15th May 1859; aged 25 years
Erected in memory of Ellen McKeown, Finkiltagh, who died 12th January, 1907, aged 69 years. Also her son Thomas McKeown, who died 8th March, 1929, aged 61 years
Erected By James A. McKeown Slavenagh In Memory of His Wife Eliza Jane McKeown Who Died 7th September 1912, Aged 70 Years Also His Father, Samuel McKeown Who Died 12th August 1881 Aged 82 Years And His Mother Mary McKeown Who Died 22nd April 1889 Aged 78 Years Also His Sister Nancy Who Died 21st November 1839 Aged 5 Years The Above Named James A. McKeown Died 21st October 1922, Aged 84 Years
In loving memory of Wilson McKeown Who died 15th February 1929 aged 63 Also his wife Elizabeth Jane Who died 31st January 1943 aged 68 years Also their daughter-in-law Margaret Elizabeth McKeown Who died 17th August 1963 aged 39 years Also their son John Lowry McKeown Who died 3rd August 1991 aged 88 years
Erected By James McKeown Tullinahinion To the memory of three of his Beloved children who Died in Childhood Also his wife Elizabeth McKeown Who departed this life 19th October 1878 Aged 52 years The above named James McKeown Departed this life 29th January 1915 aged 86 years An dhis son William John McKeown Died 11th July 1946 and his wife Elizabeth McKeown died 18th May 1949 Also their daughter Jeannie Kyle Died 15th August 1981
Erected by Robert McLarnon In Memory of His Children George Died 6th December 1884 Aged 24 years William Died 23rd January 1891 Aged 21 Years Robert Died 2nd October 1898 Aged 33 Years Lizzie Died 23rd March 1907 Aged 39 Years The Above Named Robert McLarnon Died 21st January 1916 Aged 80 Years And His Wife Elizabeth Died 9th November 1917 Aged 83 Years And His Daughter Ann Jane Getty Born March 1863 Died April 1937 And Her Husband Robert Getty Born April 1863, Died February 1956
1889 In loving memory of Alexander McMillan, born 1829, died 1889. Catherine Adams, wife of the above born 7th May 1839, died 12th June 1930. And their daughter Elizabeth McMillan, born 27th Novr 1864, died 4th April 1954. And their daughter Catherine Ann McMillan, born 26th April 1879, died 1st Sept 1970
1900 Erected In memory of Adam McMullan, Gortaheron Who died February 23rd 1900 Also his wife Mollie McMullan Daughter Kate, died November 10th 1912 Son Robert, died September 8th 1932
Erected to the memory of Andrew McMullin of Garvaghy, who departed this life 3rd December 1876, aged 82 years. Also his wife Nancy McMullin who departed this life 20th January 1878, aged 81 years
Erected by James McMullin of Garvaghy, in memory of Alice Jane McMullin his beloved wife, who departed this life 20th January 1868; aged 26 years. Also the above named James McMullin, who died 27th December 1899; aged 76 years. And his daughter Lizzie, who died 6th February 1904; aged 51 years. Also his wife Mary A Hilton, died 16th may 1923; aged 86 years. also their daughter Nan, died 3rd Nov. 1957 and their son Andrew, died 13th Nov. 1957
Erected by William Meek, Gortaheron. In memory of his father William Meek died 11th Oct 1863, aged 66 years. Also his mother Elizabeth Meek died 8th July 1886, aged 70 years. The above named William Meek, died 15th July 1916, aged 75 years and his daughter Martha died 8th April 1924, aged 38 years. also his wife Lizzie, who died 1st July 1926, aged 75 years
Erected by James Millar, who departed this life 10th August 1877, aged 20 years. Also the above named James Millar who died 4th February 1895, aged 74 years. And his wife Mary, who died 18th February 1902, aged 82 years. Also their daughter Mary, who died 8th may 1928 and their son William, who died 15th July 1930
Erected By Jane Millar of Mullansallagh In memory of John Millar her beloved Husband, who departed this life 29th March 1831; aged 34 years Also their daughter Jane Millar who departed this Life 4th April 1881 aged 53 years Also the above named Jane Millar, who departed this life 8th February 1883 aged 89 years And her son John who died 5th February 1902 Aged 70 years Also her daughter Annie who died 13th February 1905 aged 75 years And her son Alexander who died 5th February 1908 aged 84 years
Erected In Memory of Robert Millar Gortgole Who died 16th April 1910 Aged 92 years And his wife Nancy A. Kyle Who died 15th August 1903 Aged 84 Years Also his daughter-in-law Nancy Wilkinson, who died 21st February 1911, aged 51 years And her husband William Millar Who died 19th November 1950 Aged 92 years Their daughter Eliza Jane Millar Who died 10th February 1964 aged 72 years Their daughter Ellen Millar Who died 4th May 1967 aged 69 years Their son Adam W. Millar Who died 14th September 1972 aged 78 years
Thy will be done. Erected by John Miller, Ex Sergt. R.I.C. Portglenone, in memory of his beloved wife Charlotte, who died 17th Feb. 1907, aged 48 years. The above named John Miller, died 24th June 1917, aged 58 years and their sons John, and his wife Mary Jane, 24 Hogarth St. Belfast, who died as the result of enemy action 16th April, 1941, and William, died 27th Novr. 1950, aged 60 years. and Hugh Kennedy, died 13th April 1956, aged 69 years. and his wife Isabella, died 13th Oct 1966, aged 74 years. and their son Wm Henderson, died 30th May 1924, aged 3 years. And their daughters Jean, 13th June 1991. Mary 11th May 1995. “Peace perfect peace.” Also William Hugh Ex Sergt. R.U.C. 20th April 1989.
Underneath Lie the remains of Samuel Nelson, of Portglenone who departed this life 22nd Jan. 1837 Aged 45 years Also his wife Jane Nelson Latterly the wife of James Kyle Who Departed this life 6th March 1875 Aged 80 Years And his daughter Martha Nelson Who died 9th may 1905, Aged 67 years
Erected By Thomas Nelson Of Ballymena In Memory Of His Father Samuel Nelson Who Died 12th June 1874 Aged 53 Years “I Am The Resurrection And The Life, Saith The Lord”
Erected By Joseph Nevin Gortaheron In memory of his father-in-law Hugh Ross, who died 5th March 1890 Aged 74 years And his wife Mary Ross who died 17th April 1887, aged 85 years Also their daughter Nancy Ann Who died 16th February 1888 aged 47 years And their daughter Jane M. Nevin wife of the above named Jospeh Nevin Who died 31st July 1893 aged 49 years Also his second wife Maggie, who died 3rd January 1921, aged 56 years The above named Joseph Nevin Died 28th August 1921, aged 77 years Also his son ohn, died 17th February 1960 aged 70 years and his son Joseph died 10th November 1975 aged 80 years
To the memory of John Hamilton O’Hara Esquire, of Portglenone and Crebilly, Co Antrim, born in 1757, died in 1822. Whose mortal remains are interred in the vault under the communion table of this church, near those of his great-grandfather Dr. Francis Hutchinson, Bishop of Down and Connor, and other members of his family. This tablet is dedicated by his only daughter Mary, widow of General Wardlaw C.B. Ps. xxxvii. 37.
“Asleep in Jesus.” Erected by Henry Price of Tyanee, in memory of his beloved wife Mary Price, who departed this life 25th September 1881; aged 63 years. Also the above named Henry, who departed this life 19th April 1884, aged 62 years.
Erected By James Reed Of Garvaghy In Memory Of His Beloved Wife Elizabeth Reed, Who Died 28th December 1874, Aged 75 Years Also Their Son John Reed, Who Died 18th June 1881, Aged 45 Years
Erected By Samuel Reed, U.S. America In Memory of his sister Margaret Simpson Portglenone
Erected By James & John Reed Of Garvaghy In Memory Of Their Father Alexander Reed, Who Departed This Life 1st December 1830 Aged 65 Years Also Of Ann Clarke Their Sister Who Depd This Life 18th May 1868 Aged 70 Years Also, Nancy Reed Daughter Of James Reed, Who Died 19th August 1869; Aged 24 Years
In loving memory Of Robert Renison Lisrodden Who died 25th March 1888 aged 78 years His beloved wife Margaret Who died 14th May 1903 aged 80 years Also their three children Robert, Maggie, and Wilson Who died in infancy Their daughter Maggie who died 2nd July 1903 Their son John Who died 6th Semptember 1915 Their daughter Jane Who died 25th September 1928 Their daughter Lizzie Who died 30th September 1932
1860 Erected In memory of John Ross of Gortaherin who died October the 4th 1877, aged 65 Also his daughter Elisa Ann who Died July the 28th 1860. Aged 20 And his wife Catherine who died 19th May 1898 aged 83 years And his daughter Jane who died 5th November 1929 aged 83 years And his son Archie who died 23rd August 1936 aged 83 years And his wife Eliza J.Ross Who died 5th April 1947 aged 96 years Also their daighters Eliza Ann Ross Died 29th January 1968. Kate Ross Died 26th March 1971 . And their son Robert Ross, died 14th April 1973 James W. Ross, died 19th February 1993
Erected By James Scott, Garvaghy In Memory Of His Wife Margaret Scott Who Departed This Life 2nd January, 1931 Aged 81 Years Also The Above Named James Scott Who Died 31st August 1931 Aged 76 Years
Erected By William John Shannon Lisrodden In Loving Memory of His Father Hugh Shannon, Who Died 27th August 1919, Aged 74 Years Also His Brother Samuel Shannon, Who Died 2nd March 1920 Aged 17 Years And His Mother Elizabeth Shannon Who Died 23rd December 1950, Aged 91 Years And His Brother-In-Law James Lamont Who Died 18th December 1967, Aged 76 Years Also His Sister Elizabeth (Lizzie) Lamont And Wife Of The Above Named James, Who Died 15th January 1990 Aged 96 Years “Till He Come”
Here Lyeth The Body Of Janet Shanon Who Departed This Life January The 3rd 1788 Aged 74 Years
1875 Erected By Robert Sibbett, Gortgole In memory of his brother William Sibbett Who died 7th January 1875, aged 5 years and his mother Mary Sibbett Who died 28th March 1919 aged 85 years Also his brother James Sibbett Who died 7th April 1924 aged 57 years And Robert Sibbett Who died 29th December 1951 aged 86 years John Sibbett who died 21st December 1953 aged 91 years
Erected in memory of George Simpson of Finkiltagh who departed this life 3rd April 1848; aged 66 years. Also of his son Robert, who died at Tubbercurry Co Sligo, 30th July 1849; aged 30 years. Likewise his wife Helen, who depd this life 11th April 1856; aged 66 years. Also their son Stewart, who died 8th June 1857; aged 30 years. Also their two daughters Anna Eliza Stewart died 7th May 1836; aged 8 years. Margaret died 11th May 1836; aged 15 years. Also their two sons James G who died at Belfast 20th March 1886; aged 76 years and William, who died at Loughbrickland Co Down 30th Decr 1891 aged 72 years.

John Simpson
John Simpson
Erected by John Simpson, Finkiltagh, in memory of his beloved daughter Ellen Grace, who died 9th May 1893, aged 13 years. Also three more of his children who all died in infancy. Likewise his wife Margaret who died 14th May 1906 aged 65 years. Also the above named John Simpson who died 3rd September 1908 aged 82 years. and their son George, who died 19th July 1952, aged 90 years and his wife Margaret Jane, who died 19th Nov. 1949 aged 69 years.
Erected by William Speers of Ballyconley in memory of his father William Speers who died November 1821 aged 55 years. Also Mary Speers his mother who died July 1846 aged 73 years. Also the above named William Speers who died 28th Septr 1876 aged 62 years.
Erected by William Speers of Drumraw, in memory of his father Samuel Speers, who departed this life 28th Septr 1862; aged 55 years. Also of Margaret Speers, his mother who departed this life 9th April 1882; aged 77 years. Likewise his sister Mary Ann Speers, who departed this life 22nd April 1850; aged 18 years.

Daniel Speers
Daniel Speers
Erected By Robert Speers of Drumraw In memory of his father Daniel Speers who died 26th August 1843 aged 70 years Also his mother Jane Speers Who died 1st October 1843 Aged 72 years
Erected By Robert Spence In memory of his three children Who died in infancy Also his mother Martha Spence, of Garvaghy Who died 14th January 1888 Aged 78 Years And his father James Spence Who died at his son’s residence Bann View Cottage Gortfad In the year 1903 In the 92nd Year of his age Robert Spence Died 22nd July 1930 Aged 78 years Margaret Spence Died 29th January 1933 Aged 81 years
Erected By David Steele, Finkiltagh In memory of his son John, who died 26th Feby 1877 Aged 4 years Also his wife Mary Steele Died 4th August 1920 the above David Steele, died 28th December 1926
In loving memory of Lizzie Steele, wife of Robert Steele, Lisnahuncheon, died 18th June 1927, aged 77 years. Also in loving memory of Emily Steele, wife of James Barr, who died 10th May 1930, aged 49 years and the above named Robert Steele, who died 9th June 1936. Until the day break.
Erected By Charlotte Stewart In Memory Of Her Beloved Husband Archibald Stewart Who Died 16th April 1877 Aged 59 Years Also Their Daughter Sarah Who Died 20th March 1867 Aged 14 Years And The Above Named Charlotte Stewart Who Died 8th November 1894, Aged 76 Years
Erected By John Stewart of Gortaherin In memory of his wife Martha Stewart, who departed this life on the 5th of June 1870; aged 71 years. Also his son James Stewart, who died on the 26th of March 1841; Aged 7 years. Also the above-named John Stewart, who died 13th March 1884; Aged 76 years and his son Robert, who died 12th July 1895; aged 55 years Also his son William who died 16th May 1905; aged 67 years and his son Samuel who died 13th June 1909; Aged 74 Years In Memory of John Stewart Goratherin Who died 28th September 1921 Aged 92 years Also his sister Jane Who died Spetember 1931 Aged 91 Years
Erected By George Taylor of Aughnacleagh In Memory Of Four Of His Children Who All Died In Infancy Also His Wife Jane Who Died The 9th of April 1865 Aged 75 Years Also The Above Named George Taylor Who Died 18th March 1869 Aged 83 Years And His [______?]
Erected By William Taylor Aughnacleagh In Memory of His Sister Mary Jane Taylor Who Died 10th October 1900 Aged 81 Years And His Brother Robert Taylor Who Died 30th April 1908 Aged 79 Years The Above Named William Taylor Died 18th March 1921 Aged 89 Years
Erected By Thomas Taylor In Memory of His Son Andrew James Who Died 26th September 1879, Aged 2 1/2 Yrs Also His Daughter Alice Who Died 20th August Aged 1 Year and 8 Months Also Two Children Who Died In Infancy
Erected In Memory Of Andrew Taylor Of Gorteharin, Who Departed This Life 23rd April 1853, Aged 69 Years Also His Son James, Who Departed This Life 19th December 1846 Aged 17 Years. Also His Wife Martha Who Died the 20th Day Of May Aged 72 Years
Erected by John Taylor of Gortaheron in memory of Sarah Taylor, his daughter, who departed this life 11th September 1857, aged 6 years. The above named John Taylor died 21st October 1900, aged 84 years. And his wife Jane who died 13th September 1903, aged 77 years
Erected In Memory Of Sarah Taylor Of Aughnacleagh Who Departed This Life On The 18th Day Of April 1846; Aged 54 Years. Also Her Husband John Taylor Who Died 3rd August 1865 Aged 86 Years And Their Daughter Maragaret Jane Long Who Died 16th October 1867 Aged 35 Years
Sacred to the memory of Hudson Thompson who departed this life on the 8th February 1840 aged 14 years. Also John Thompson, his father who depd this life 15th may 1859, aged 59 years.
Erected By Adam Thompson Finkiltagh In memory of His daughter Isabella who [died] 20th March 1881 aged 6 years Also his son Samuel who died 28th November 1896 aged 58 years Also the above named Adam Thompson who died 6th October 1902 aged 72 years And his son James who died 30th May 1908 aged 50 years
Erected By James Wallace In Memory Of His Daughter Jane, Who Died 4th May 1860 Aged 6 Years; Also His Beloved Wife Jane Who Died 20th August 1875 Aged 42 Years Also Three of His Children Who Died In Infancy Also His Daughter Hannah Who Died 28th April 1897 Aged 21 Years Also His Son James Who Died 23rd March 1899 Aged 35 Years James Wallace; Died 26th April 1912 Aged 76 Years Also His Son William Died 26th May 1937, Aged 69 Years And Hannah, The Beloved Wife of William Wallace Died 1st October 1941, Aged 73 Years And Their Daughter Rachael, Died 2nd June 1971, Aged 73 Years
Erected In Memory Of Samuel Wallace Of Aughnahoy, Who Departed This Life 15th March 1842, Aged 13 Years Also, Of Mary Ann Wallace, His Sister, Who Departed This Life 17th August 1842, Aged 9 Years. Likewise, Their Mother Ester Wallace, Who Depd This Life 22nd August 1863, Aged 72 Years. And Her Husband SamL Wallace Who Departed This Life 2nd December 1883 Aged 98 Years
Erected By William Wallace In Memory Of His Beloved Wife Agnes Who Died 4th February 1877 Aged 48 Years Also His Son Alexander Who Died In Infancy Also His Son Samuel Died 30th June 1887, Aged 32 Years The Above Named William Wallace, Died 27th December 1902, Aged 76 Years
Erected in memory of Hugh Weir of Portglenone who died 3rd May 1880, aged 18 years. Also his mother Agnes Weir, who died 20th Dec. 1885, aged 45 years. And his father John Weir, who died 20th July 1886, aged 50 years.
Here lieth the Body of Maria Whiteside and two children [who] Departed this L[ife] December 18[?]
18[?] [Here] Lyeth the body of ______? Whiteside Who Dep[arted] this [life] ____? The 16 18[?]0 aged 72[?]
Here Lieth The Bod[y] Of Huiet Whiteside Who Depd This Life November 6th 1803 Aged 32 Yrs
Erected By Adam Wilkinson Mayboy, In memory of his dear parents Father Born April 1819 Fell asleep 1881 Mother born March 1820 Fell asleep March 1881 Sister Jane born September 1854 Fell asleep 1932 Wife born October 1858 Fell asleep June 1934 Also the above named Adam Wilkinson Who died 1st Decr 1947 Aged 90 Years “They rest from their labours and their works do follow them” Rev. 14. 13. John. XI.11. Thes. IV. 13
Erected By Laughlin Woodrow of Drumraw In memory of his beloved wife Eliza Woodrow who departed This life 13th April 1872; aged 53 years Also his beloved son Houston Woodrow who departed This life 10th August 1871 aged 9 years The above named Laughlin Woodrow who departed This life 6th June 1907: aged 93 years
VIVE MEMOR LETHI Sacred To the memory of Jane Workman Late of Craigs who departed This life the 23rd December 1828 Aged 63 years, also her Husband Samuel Work Man who departed this life 17th September 1847 aged 87 years Also Samuel Workman Their son who departed this life 28th April 1870 aged 65 years And their daughter Sarah Campbell Who died 29th December 1909 aged 64 years
Erected By Alexander Wylie of Mullinsallagh In Memory of his Beloved wife Martha Wylie Who departe this life 27th June aged 24 Years
To the glory of God and in loving memory of Mary wife of James Young of Fenaghy who died Aug. 6th 1892. This window is erected by her daughter Annie Young of Portglenone House Easter 1906. “The Master come and calleth for thee.”
Here lieth the body of Ellonar Young who depd this life June 1st 1784 aged 56 yrs. Also John Young her husband who depd July 12th 1793 aged 70 yrs. Also James Young who depd this life the 29th ——– 1814 aged 52

Erected By William Young Tullynahinion In memory of his son John Who died 29th December 1899 Aged 31 years Also his daughter Margaret J Who died 12th December 1915 Aged 40 years And his wife Mary Who died 2nd July 1917 Aged 80 years The above named William Young, died 2nd April 1922 Aged 96 years Also his daughter-in-law Ellen Young Died 14th December 1952, aged 70 years and her husband, William Young Died 19th May 1963, aged 79 years Also their daughter-in-law Bessie Died 30th December 1977 aged 61 years Also their son Hugh Died 25th August 1979 aged 56 years Also his son William Died 3rd September 1984 aged 72



"I have spread my dreams beneath your feet. Tread softly because you tread on my dreams."

14 thoughts on “Portglenone Church of Ireland Gravestones

  1. What a wonderful tranche of work.
    The headstones look quite large, is there a bit of one-upmanship!
    Looking at some of the names on the headstone transcripts, I am prompted to investigate further connections into our Mulholland tree (not that the same names confer a family connection), both the distant past and the current generation.

  2. That’s a very good point, Barry. I hadn’t thought about that aspect.

    I don’t know about bigger, but there does seem to be more old surviving gravestones in this graveyard. Maybe that is merely because there were more folk buried in this graveyard, and thus the chances of headstones surviving a few hundred years is greater. Or maybe folk in the village had more money, and/or better access to a gravestone maker/inscriber (than say the rural Innisrush graveyard three miles away).

    Regarding names in the churchyard – with going back so long, into the 1700s and early 1800s, there are some names that have long since died out (like Chaine and Renison) – and other names (like Cassidi) that are now spelled differently…..and a name like Fife, that suggests the plantation immigrants from Scotland.

    That’s my Portglenone cemetary work done now. This and the old Presbyterian churchyard at https://www.oneirishrover.com/second-portglenone-church-old-cemetery/ is now complete. Plus the catholic one at https://www.oneirishrover.com/aughnahoy-catholic-graveyard/

    Tamlaght Lower is complete – Tamlaght Upper is near impossible (with the old stones largely unreadable). So now in the future, I can focus on the nearby villages of Kilrea, Maghera, Ahoghill and Cullybackey. I took nearly 30,000 photos in 6 weeks last summer! This project is gonna take several years, God-willing.

  3. Thank you for putting together this lovely website and transcriptions of Gravestones.

    An eye catcher for me was your transcription of ( Workman ) , Ivé Workman’s, Campbell’s and Dempsey’s to chase around In Antrim… and I am pretty sure the one you have transcribed is my Workman Ancestors.

    Loved the Poems and Snippets of History.

    1. Hello Lesley. Thank you for the lovely message. It’s a labour of love – and an ongoing project, that will hopefully eventually cover up the entire Bann Valley, from Toome to Coleraine. I have a number of new graveyard posts currently in various states of completion. Working with all the photos isn’t easy. I took them all in RAW format, so each photo is anywhere from 20MB to 70MB. Anyways, slowly making progress.

      Great that you are seeing connections re Workman. There are Workmans in Portglenone to this day.

      There are Dempseys and Campbells in the nearby Tamlaght area. Those names can be found in Tamlaght Upper graveyard. I haven’t got around to transcribing the photos of Tamlaght O’Crilly Upper as yet – largely because the very old stones in that graveyard are sadly unreadable.

      Delighted to hear you like the website.

      All my best regards.

  4. Your hard work is appreciated now and no doubt it will be into the future.
    The preservation of these old and not so old at the moment, Gravestones and the transcription of them is fabulous.

    I don’t doubt the Workman’s, Campbell’s and Dempsey’s could still be in or around their birth lands, alas my lot left Ireland for Scotland…. and to add to that lot, I’ve Bell’s and Scott’s to add to the mix 😉 that’s just my maternal line…

    I also forgot to add I love the layout of the site too….

    If you should ever need any help, with your transcriptions and if I can help , just ask….

    1. Lesley, you have made my week. Thanks so much for the lovely positive feedback.

      I wish I had started the site 15 plus years ago. In the past few years, many members of the family have passed on. I did scan the family trove of photos in the early 2000s.

      The look/theme for the website was initially one of a very professional modern look. But I decided in November 2019, that I wanted an old fashioned font-feel – well the look of the typeface anyway. It took me back some 40 years to the old office typewriters that I used to plod along on (and got laughs from others at how slow I was).

      More and more people are finding the site. I looked at the traffic data today. It’s great to see that people are starting to discover the site. I am clearly not alone in wanting to preserve the past and bring history to life.

      May I ask how you initially found the site – google, email, friend, or social media?

      Re Bells – there are still Bells in Portglenone. Indeed, when I went to Portglenone Primary School in the late 60s, early half of the 70s, there were Bells there.

      Yes, there is a big Scotland connection with this part of the world. There are areas near Portglenone where it’s very obvious in the dialect. Reminds me, I must post some related Irish-Scots poetry. There is a poem on this site, that in places is almost a different langauge 🙂 https://www.oneirishrover.com/auld-whiskey-bar-bridge/

      Thanks for the offer of help. That is so kind. Perhaps you could help me a little, in future, with the two remaining churches in Tamlaght (Tamlaght Upper and Churchtown). Some of those graves may be of interest to you.

  5. I know what you mean, I wish I had started my genealogical research project long before my family members had passed on. So many question I have for them, that now have to go unanswered… and so many photo’s of family members with no names on them….
    So I have learned a lesson or two, I’ll no put off something till the morn, cause the morn’s morn may never come.

    I love the Font and yes you are right it is like a typewriter, that brought back some memories, black fingers after changing the tape and the corrector thread, for when you had to fix your mistakes… The font is so easy to read and is pleasing on the eye.

    Loved the Poem : “The Old Whiskey Bar at the Bridge” I remember when my Grandfather, used to pop down to the Orbiston, or as it was locally known the “Orb” in Bellshill, which was just doon and aroon the corner from where he lived. I think he and his old pals had been frequenting the Orb, from his days in the Mines and for sure it was as similar to the wee poem as read.

    I found your site via a random family name search on Google search….

    I have my family tree on a site called Wikitree. Would you mind if I put a link to your Website on my Workman’s profile.

  6. Thanks, I would love you to put a link to this website on your wikitree page. That would be great.

    Yes, typewriters – black ribbon and the white tipex was all too commonly needed for my typing mistakes. I should have bought shares in Tipex.

    So your grandfather was from Bellshill area. Yes, there are many smilar words used in Scotland and N. Ireland.

    When I go through all the older gravestones, there are so many Scottish type surnames….some with different variations of spelling, and some surnames now long since gone.

    Yes, re time slipping on. For me, the big thing is the old photos and old stories. One ends up with old photos, but with no way of telling who the people in the photos are. Thankfully I have got most of my old photos worked out. But I find it sad that like an old computer hard drive, with someone’s passing, goes a whole trove load of great stories and insights about the past…gone for ever….irreplaceable. The even sadder thing is, older folk would (in most cases) love to be asked about their life, and to share their stories and insights.

    One of my ideas for the future on this site, is to put together a survey/questionnaire, which will allow older folk to discuss their earliest memories, local area, local yarns, etc. i.e. to put it all down (even maybe record the audio).

    I have a few questions in mind – but will need to get folks input.

  7. What a great idea to get some of the older members of the region to talk about their life and times past. As you say once they are gone we have lost our connection to them and the local history of the country and for sure they would have some great stories to tell.

    Tipex , what was that? …. We had a little thin piece of white paper you had to place on the incorrect typed letter on the page, then without hitting your finger re-type the correct letter… Many a times I had a black pointer finger with so many different letters typed on it….

    Yes my Irish ancestors , I believe went to Glasgow first, then onto Bellshill, Airdrie, a few ventured a wee bit further north but they were mostly in Bellshill. Coal mining family.

    Thank you for allowing me to link to your site.

  8. Welcome. It is great to get your link to oneirishrover.

    re tipex – you have jangled my memory – yes, you are right. We weren’t allowed tipex – it had to be that wee bit of white paper thing you mentioned above (held over the mistake and retyped).

    Yes, coal mining and all that heavy industry, is now long since gone in the entire region. So many skill-sets lost these past 50 years.

    Re writing down of folks memories. I need to start that project soon and put together a rough guideline of questions to ask. With smartphones now, it is even easier to record their memories, rather than them have the hassle of typing them down.

    By the way, in the future, if you would ever be interested, it would be good to get a page done on your tree and links to the area, on this site. Only if you are interested though.

  9. I’ve got a wee story to share , that was sent to me by my first cousin once removed.

    “When I was very young my Gran Campbell took me to visit her sister Nan who married a McNeil.
    They lived in a room in someones home in the Coal Miners Rows in Viewpark just past Bellshill. I always remember it not so clean.
    Anyway when we got back to Grans house she went on about Nan having sent her son to Ireland to live with Grandparents and never seeing him again
    I think they were poor and could never afford to bring him back but Gran said she would have swam all the way to get her son and would never have left him there”.

    My cousins account of an time gone by enabled me to step into a wee snippet of their life, something I would have not been able to do if this wee story was not told and then lost forever.

    Your project to talk to the older folk in our community is a wonderful idea and for sure start sooner rather than later as once they are gone we will lose that connection to the past. Some of the folks might think what they have to say is not important but it is.

    Re my tree and a wee page, I’ll give it a shot and see how I go 🙂

    1. Lesley, thanks for that story.

      It’s great that you got to hear that story – even though it is heartbreaking, when one thinks about her never seeing her son again. And Ireland is so close to Scotland. On a good summer day, I used to be able to see the Mull of Kintyre from the coast in Northern Ireland. It stretches out into the Irish Sea.

      Yes, re stories – every month sees more of the older generation slip away.

      I think by this point, it may well be a case in most instances, of a son or daughter retelling a story/memory of their parent/grandparent.

  10. A great source for those of us wanting to know a bit more about our ancestors in the area. Clearly a labour of love and many thanks for your time and effort.
    I do notice one omission, that of the family of my great grandfather Henry Clements. I can understand why as the headstone is badly weathered and almost illegible. Fortunately, I took a photo a few years ago and have transcribed it. I am happy to forward this to you if you wish.

  11. Hi Derek. Thank you for your lovely words. Yes, it’s a labour of love. I think, well in my case anyway, when you reach a certain age, and the generation above are nearly all gone, that you want to write important things down and leave something behind.

    A big regret of mine, is not hitting PLAY and RECORD on the tape recorder in the 1970s, when my grandparents were still around (my paternal grandfather was born in 1896 and had a lot of memories).

    Yes, please, I would love that transcription of your great grandfather’s grave.

    You are correct, sometimes a headstone is badly weathered, and I don’t take a photo, or else I just can’t make enough out when I look at the photo later. Other times, I just simply don’t see a headstone.

    I will drop you an email.

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