Second Portglenone Church – Old Cemetery, Townhill Road

This old graveyard is situated less than one kilometer out the Townhill Road in Portglenone.   It sits on a hillside on the right hand side as one drives out of the village.

Second Portglenone Presbyterian Church

The Secession congregation of Portglenone built a Meeting House at this location in 1823.  In 1840, after joining the Synod of Ulster, the presbyterian church became known as Second Portglenone.

An upgraded meeting house was completed in 1840.  The Belfast Commercial Chronicle in April 1840 notes that “the Committee of the Second Presbyterian Congregation of Portglenone have received the very liberal donation of 10 shillings from his Lordship the Bishop of Meath, through his agent, John Knox, to aid the finishing of the new Meeting-house, now about to be completed.”

The final church service was held at this site in October 1910.  The congregation broke up and joined other local churches.  There is still the occasional burial in the church yard. The old meeting house was finally demolished on 1st October 1998.  A section of the old church’s stonework was used to build a memorial in the graveyard.

An aerial view of the graveyard can be seen in the following video (between 1 minute 30 seconds and 1 minute 50 seconds).

Oldest Gravestones

There will, as is the case with all graveyards, be graves without headstones.  But the earliest grave with a headstone that I could find, is that of Thomas Rea.  Thomas was from Killycoogan, and was 52 years old when he died on the 22nd June 1847. 

1840s – Thomas Rea (June 1847), Margaret McKeown (Oct, 1847), Robert Taylor (May 1848).

1850s – James McKeown (Jan 1851), John Marks (June 1851), William James Knox (Aug 1851), Elizabeth Blair (Feb 1857), Jane McKendry (Feb 1857), Ellen Clarke (Sept 1859)

If we look at the surname on each gravestone, the most common ones are:

McKeown 5
Lowry 4
Clements 3
McKendry 3
Millar 3
McKendry 3
Stewart 3

Other surnames found in the graveyard include: Hinds, Blair, McLeister, Montgomery, Rea, Simpson, Law  and Holmes.

Erected by Margaret Barclay. In loving memory of her husband Matthew Barclay, who died 29th January 1941. Also their two children Agnes, and William, interred in Bothwell Cemetery, Scotland. Worthy of remembrance. Also the above named Margaret Barclay, who died 19th September 1944.


Captain James Barr

Sacred to the memory of Captain James Barr late of Aughnahoy, who died on the 29th of Jany 1862, aged 50 years. Also Catherine his daughter who died on the 16th of Jany 1862, aged 1 year and 6 months and his wife Martha who died on the 18th of August 1886, aged 62 years. Also his son Adam who died 30th June 1902 aged 42 years.

Erected by James Blair, Carmegrim, in loving memory of his brother Archibald Blair, who died 3rd May 1892, aged 63 years. Also of his sister Margaret, who died 21st August 1892, aged 66 years. The above named James Blair, died 16th March 1921, aged 91 years.

Erected by William Blair of Carmegram in memory of his wife Elizabeth who departed this life 5th Feby 1857 aged 67 years. Also the above named William Blair who dep. 27th March 1868 aged 96 years and his daughter Jane who died 24 th March 1919 aged 95 years.

Erected in memory of Samuel Boyd, Garvaghy, who died 22nd Aug. 1922, aged 64 years. Also his sister Jane Boyd, who died 8th Feb. 1919, aged 58 years.

In loving memory of Ellen, daughter of Alexander Clarke, of Ballymena. Who died 1st September 1859, aged 13 years. Also two sons who died in infancy. The above named Alexander Clarke, died 24th May 1882, aged 75 years. And Margaret, his wife died 8th June 1893, aged 83 years. Also Sarah, his daughter died 7th May 1900, aged 65 years. Also his son Robert Alexander, who died 28th April 1916, aged 67 years. Also his son William Clarke, who died 24th Aug 1919, aged 81 years and his daughter Margaret, who died 26th March 1922 aged 78 years. Also Grace second and last surviving daughter died 2nd Nov. 1922 aged 80 years.

Second Portglenone Presbyterian Meeting House Memorial

Erected by Rodger Clements of Mabuy. In memory of Margaret Clements his daughter who departed this life 21st June 1868; aged 24 years. And his wife Ann, who died 24th December 1882; aged 82 years. Also the above named Rodger Clements who died 22nd March 1883; aged 85 years. also his daughter Bella who died 8th June 1905 aged 62 years. also his son James died 11th January 1915 aged 87 years.

Erected in memory of Andrew Clements Lisnahuncheon, who died 24th January 1885, aged 60 years. Also his son William who died 29th October 1885, aged 25 years and his son Andrew, who died 1st January 1892, aged 31 years. Also the above named wife Elisa who died 13th August 1907 aged 85 years. Also his grandson Andrew who died 7th of May 1910 aged 26 years. also his daughter in law Mary Clements who died 3rd June 1927 aged 66 years. Also his son Thomas M Clements died 7th Nov 1928 aged 64 years.

In loving memory of Henry Clements Finkiltagh died Sept 1912 Agnes Jane, died June 1947. Annie M J Clements, died 15th May 1962. David Clements, died 3rd Dec 1974.

In loving memory of Margaret J Dripps, of B.muckley, died 18th July 1911, aged 41 years. Also her daughter Sarah Catherine, died 22nd Nov. 1926, aged 31 years. Also her husband Robert Dripps, died 25th November 1941, aged 87 years. Also her son David’s wife Sarah Dripps, died 3rd May 1953, aged 46 years. “Gone but not forgotten.”

Erected by Hugh Elder, Drumraw, in memory of his wife Margaret Jane who died 9th January 1885; aged 45 years. And his daughter Mary, who died 6th May 1913; aged 35 years. The above named Hugh Elder, died 11th July 1920, aged 90 years.

Erected in memory of James Fowler, Gortaheron, died 24th Jany. 1881, aged 72 years, his wife Jane, died 3rd Feby. 1900, aged 80 years, their daughters – Margaret Jane, died 1st Augt. 1885, aged 38 years. Agnes, died 25th Novr. 1910, aged 60 years. Mary A, died 5th Jany. 1922, aged 80 years. Sarah, died 6th June 1936, aged 83 years. Also their son James, died 17th Feb 1937, aged 80 years.

Erected by John Gibson of Killycoogan, in memory of his wife Mary Ann Gibson who died 7th December 1879; aged 69 years. Also his son J Kyle who died 16th March 1883; aged 31 years. Also the above named John Gibson who died 12th April 1884; aged 73 years and his son William who died 23rd February 1892; aged 56 years. Also his son David who died 3rd April 1915, aged 84 years.

Erected by Hugh Glass, in loving memory of his sister Martha Glass, died in the year 1882, aged 34 years. Also his brother Samule Glass, died 14th March 1896, aged 43 years. Also his father William Glass, died 16th August 1896, aged 76 years. Also his mother Mary Glass, died 25th March 1914, aged 92 years. Also his brother William Glass, died 14th March 1920, aged 60 years. The above named Hugh Glass, died 11th Nov 1921, aged 73 years.

Second Portglenone Presbyterian Church Memorial Inscription

Erected by James Greer, Drumraw, in memory of his father John Greer, who departed this life 15th March 1880, aged 67 years.

Erected in loving memory of Thomas Harris, died 3rd March 1900, aged 71 years. Also his wife Eliza Harris died 6th January 1904 aged 73 years. Hugh Harris died 3rd June 1917 aged 16 years.

Erected by Agnes Hinds of Finkiltagh in loving memory of her husband Alexander Hinds, who died 16th Feby. 1883, aged 54 years. Also the above named Agnes Hinds, who died 2nd July 1931, aged 87 years. “Earth has no sorrow that heaven cannot cure.”

In loving memory of Isaac Hinds who died 29th Jan. 1862, aged 78 years. His son James Hinds who died 3rd August 1881, aged 55 years. Anne Hinds wife of James Hinds who died 14th Sept 1922, aged 87 years. Their daughter Elizabeth who died 29th April 1887, aged 27 years and Margarte Hinds wife of Andrew Hinds who died 8th Oct 1949 and the above named Andrew Hinds, who died 4th Feb. 1961, aged 87 years.

Erected by Robert Holmes Tamlaught, in memory of his son Robert, who died 1st January 1905. Aged 47 years. And his wife Eliza who died 4th March 1917, aged 85 years. The above named Robert Holmes died 30th march 1918, aged 91 years. Also his daughter in law Lizzie died 23rd Jan. 1937, aged 84 years. Also her daughter Elizabeth Holmes, died 25th Dec. 1977, aged 84 years.

Erected in memory of Robert Holmes, Mayboy, who died 7th June 1899, aged 60 years, and his daughter Mary Ann, who died 30th January 1915, aged 78 years and his son David, who died 27th February 1928, aged 65 years.

Proverbs. X. 28. The hope of the righteous shall be gladness Sacred to the memoryn of William James Knox, S.Q.C.B., who died on the 20th day of August 1851; aged 19 years. Also Joseph Knox, his brother who died the 1st day of Jany. 1860; aged 25 years. Also their mother Jane Knox, who died the 1st day of Novr. 1870; aged 68 years. Also Robert John Knox who died 10th Novr. 1872 aged 46 years and his wife Jane who died 19th July 1882; aged 46 years. Also Thomas Knox who died 8th Jany. 1882; aged 43 years. Also the Revd. James Knox who died 11th Novr. 1883; aged 82 years. and his son George A Knox who died 25th May 1886; aged 46 years. Also Georges wife Jane Ann who died 7th January 1892; aged 42 years. James Thompson Knox, son of George A Knox, who died 25th December 1947, aged 67 years. Also his wife Margaret Knox, who died 12th July 1958, aged 72 years.

The details on the gravestone of the Reverend James Knox contradict those on his death record.  The gravestone says he was 82 years old when he died on 11th November 1883. But the death record, see below, says the widower was 84 years old when he died on 14th November 1883. He had been suffering from chronic bronchitis for the final two years.

presbyterian minister james knox 1883

Erected by James Law Aughnacleagh, in memory of his wife Nancy, who died 11th March 1928, aged 71 years. The above named James Law, who died 3rd September 1937, aged 79 years.

Erected by Joseph Law Gortaheron in memory of his wife Margaret Jane who died 6th December 1888, aged 39 years. Also his second wife Ann who died 6th December 1903, aged 31 years. The above named Joseph Law, who died 20th November 1906, aged 44 years. and his daughter Cassie who died 30th March 1918, aged 18 years. “Blessed are they which die in the lord.”

Erected by Lizzie Lowry of Gortaheron, in memory of her beloved husband Joseph Lowry who died 7th June 1906, aged 65 years. The above named Lizzie Lowry, died 24th May 1918, aged 62 years. And her daughter Sarah, who died 14th November 1918, aged 27 years.

Erected by James Lowry Gortaherin. In memory of his wife Jane, who died 30th January 1892, aged 83 years. Also the above named James Lowry who died 15th January 1896, aged 87 years and his son William, who died 11th Jan 1904, aged 67 years. Also his son James, who died 31st March 1933, aged 79 years.

Erected in memory of Joseph Lowry, Gortaherin. Who died 14th February 1897, aged 59 years and his wife Margaret, who died 2nd October 1899, aged 67 years and their daughter Sarah who died 18th April 1911 aged 32 years and their daughter Margaret B, died 6th January 1918 aged 50 years. James Lowry died 10th Feb. 1961 in his 90th year. His wife Margretta died 30th Jan 1990 in her 94th year

Erected by Ellen Lowry of Gortaherin in memory of her husband John Lowry who died 24th February 1882; aged 72 years. Also their son Samuel who died 26th August 1882; aged 24 years. The above named Ellen Lowry died 20th Feby 1904; aged 89 years and her son James died 8th Feby 1905; aged 69 years.

Erected by Sarah J Marks in memory of her husband John Marks who died at Drumeon in June 1851, aged 53 years.

Erected by William Marshall Killycoogan. In memory of his sister Mary Jane who died 2nd August 1890, aged 16 years and his brother James who died 20th July 1909, aged 30 years. Also his mother Mary Jane who died 9th November 1918, aged 77 years and his father James Marshall, died 14th April 1929, aged 83 years and his beloved wife Ellen died 8th December 1936, aged 53 years. Also the above named William Marshall, died 31st July 1954, aged 84 years.

In loving memory of Elizabeth McFadden, died 15th July 1916. James, died 20th July 1929. Maggie, died 9th Jan 1914.

In loving memory of our dear parents Ellen died 27th February 1949 William died 12th January 1972

Erected by Joseph McGaughey Wisner Nebr. USA in memory of his father William McGaughey Aughnacleagh who died 15th February 1905, aged 79 years. And his mother Jane who died 11th may 1911, aged 74 years. Also his brother Bob, who died 13th April 1895, aged 25 years. and his brother Willie. who died in August 1881, aged 21 years. Also his two brothers Sam and Hugh, who died in childhood and his sister Margaret, who died 8th Feb. 1944, aged 75 years. Also his cousin Robert R Barkley, who died 22nd July 1963, aged 81 years. Also his cousin’s wife Catherine Barkley, who died 6th May 1979, aged 95 years.

Erected by John McKendry of Bracknamuckley in memory of his children Francis died in infancy Agnes died 5th April 1897 aged 17 years. Minnie died 10th April 1898 aged 13 years. John died 11th December 1898 aged 9 years. Stewart died 28th October 1900 aged 17 years. Jane died 13th May 1901 aged 28 years. The above named John McKendry died 6th February 1905 aged 62 years. Also his wife Mary J McKendry died 20th March 1931 aged 84 years. Also his daughter in law Catherine Jane McKendry, died 25th October 1952, aged 74 years. Also her husband William James McKendry, died 9th August 1958, aged 85 years.

Erected by Andrew McKendry Mayboy, in memory of his father Frank who died 17th August 1887; aged 71 years. Also his mother Jane, who died 28th February 1857; aged 35 years and his brother James, who died 16th October 1889; aged 42 years. The above named Andrew McKendry died 28th March 1926; aged 76 years. also his daughter Mary Jane, who died 11th January 1931, aged 32 years and his wife Agnes, who died 13th June 1931, aged 71 years.

Erected by Joseph McKendry Mayboy. In memory of his father William McKendry, who died 14th October 1886, aged 76 years and his mother Nancy, who died 2nd May 1877, aged 50 years. Also his brother Robert, who died 20th February 1879, aged 15 years. The above named Joseph McKendry died 26th July 1911, aged 45 years and his brother Samuel, died 31st August 1915, aged 81 years.

Erected by Hugh McKeown Slievenagh in memory of his parents William James, died 6th August 1942, aged 85 years. Mary Elizabeth, died 12th August 1946, aged 85 years. Also their daughter Meta, died 14th August 1958, aged 24 years. Also the above Hugh McKeown died 25th March 1973, aged 87 years and his wife Margaret, died 16th July 1984, aged 90 years.


Margaret McKeown gravestone, Portglenone

Erected by James McKeown of Lisnagaron in memory of Margaret McKeown his sister who died in Octr. 1847 aged 28 years. Also his father James McKeown who died 6th Jany. 1851 aged 67 years. Also of Grace McKeown his wife who died 27th Nov 1861 aged 45 years. Also the above named James McKeown who died 14 Jany 1864 aged 45 years.

Erected by Sarah McKeown Lisnagarron, in memory of her beloved husband Henery McKeown, who died 28th October 1921, aged 76 years. Also her son Henery McKeown died 17th February 1938, aged 54 years. Her daughter Sarah McKeown, died 22nd January 1942, aged 66 years. Also Agnes McKeown, wife of Henry McKeown. died 24th April 1946, aged 52 years. and the above named Srah McKeown died 19th December 1947, in her 96 year. Her daughter Mary R McKeown, died 13th May 1953.

Erected by James McKeown of Slavnagh in memory of his son Samuel McKeown who died 27th October 1864 aged 26 years. Also his daughter Nancey, who departed this life 17th Decr. 1876. Aged 16 years. Also his daughter Hessy, who departed this life 23rd Novr. 1885. aged 30 years. Also the above named James who departed this life 15th March 1886. aged 84 years.

Erected by Samuel McKeown, Mountstafford, in memory of his wife, Lizzie Jane, who died 19th February 1908, age 32 years. Also his second wife, Maggie, who died 2nd December 1945, aged 72 years. Also the above named Samuel McKeown, who died 4th November 1955, aged 84 years. Also Henry McKeown son of Samuel and Lizzie Jane died 24th Nov 1986 aged 81 years. Also Sarah McKeown wife of Henry died 15th Jan 1990 aged 78 years.

Erected by Hannah McLeister Mayboy, in loving memory of her husband William McLeister, who died 2nd November 1906; aged 64 years. And their son Hugh McLeister, who died 7th April 1908; aged 24 years. The above named Hannah McLeister, died 30th November 1916, aged 77 years.

Erected by Samuel McLeister, Gortaheron. In memory of his wife Mary Ann, died May 1897. Also his daughter Jane, died May 1901. Also his daughter Lizzie Ann, died April 1902. Also his daughter Maggie, died October 1906. Also the above named Samuel McLeister, died 8th January 1941 aged 91 years. and his son James, died 5th November 1960. also his wife Margaret, died 1st June 1986 aged 81 years.

Erected in memory of James McMillan, Mayboy, who died 8th November 1919, aged 77 years. Also his wife Jane, who died 3rd November 1928, aged 92 years. Also Nancy McMillan, who died 21st October 1946, aged 81 years. Also Nathaniel McMillan, who died 30th Nov. 1953, aged 81 years.

Erected by James Millar of Mullinsallagh. In memory of his father Andrew Millar who died 3rd April 1880 aged 86 years. Also his sister Jane Millar who died 27th November 1887 aged 66 years. Like wise his mother Sarah Millar who died 13th August 1889 aged 85 years.

In memory of James Millar Mullinsallagh died 29th April 1899 Also his two sisters Mary died 6th Jan 1907 Eliza died 11th Feb 1907

Thy will be done. Erected in loving memory of Robert Millar, Slavenagh. Who died 28th April 1898, aged 79 years. Also his daughter Elizabeth, aged 5 years. Also his wife Mary, who died 12th November 1904, aged 87 years. Also his son John, who died 6th June 1928, aged 79 years. “Asleep in Jesus.”

Gone but not forgotten. Erected by Mary Montgomery, Aughnahoy, in memory of her beloved husband Samuel Montgomery, who died 30th July 1917, aged 58 years. Also the above named Mary Montgomery, who died 20th Nov. 1948 aged 79 years. Thy will be done.

Erected by Samuel Montgomery, Slavenagh. In memory of his beloved wife Mary who died 27th August 1889 aged 26 years. Also their infant daughter Mary Agnes who died 8th September 1889 aged 6 months. The above named Samuel Montgomery died 30th July 1917, aged 58 years. “Gone but not forgotten.”

Erected to the memory of James Morrow, Garvaghy, who died 27th Feb. 1915, aged 28 years. Also his mother Elizabeth Morrow, who died 19th March 1915, aged 61 years. Also his sister Mary Morrow, who died 19th March 1897, aged 12 years.

Erected in memory of Thomas Rea of Killycoogan, who departed this life 22nd June 1847; aged 52 years. And his wife Esther, who died, aged 80 years. Also their son George, who died 8th November 1903; aged 84 years.

At rest. In memory of Eliza J Rea, died 15th December 1897, aged 78 years. Also her husband James A Rea, died 22nd April 1902, aged 85 years and their son George Rea, died 15th March 1915, aged 58 years.


Elizabeth Robinson, Portglenone Gravestone

In loving memory of Elizabeth Robinson, of Portglenone, who died 8th Feb. 1911, aged 72 years. Also her son Hugh Robinson, who died 12th Feb. 1924, aged 39 years. Also her husband James Robinson, who died 13th March 1925, aged 92 years. Also Jane, wife of above Hugh Robinson, who died 24th Feb 1927, aged 34 years. Erected by the family.

Erected by Margaret Ross Gortaherin in memory of her husband Robert Ross, who died 26th Feby 1888, aged 43 years. Also Mary Ann, her infant child and her son William, who died 11th December 1890, aged 8 years. The above named Margaret Ross, who died 3rd July 1928 and her granddaughter Margaret Ross, who died 16th August 1941. and her grandson John Ross, who died 28th January 1939. Mary K Ross died 8th Jan. 1945, aged 72 years. John Ross, died 5th April 1957, aged 86 years.

Erected by James Simpson, Lisnagarron. In memory of his parents, & brothers who died at Gortaheron. Robert H Simpson, died 23rd July 1928. His wife Agnes Simpson, died 6th April 1934 and their sons, William Simpson, died 8th September 1953. Robert H Simpson died in infancy, 6th January 1900. The above James Simpson, died 2nd July 1979. His wife Sarah Simpson, died 13th August 1992.

Erected by William J Simpson. Maboy. In memory of his beloved wife Catherine Simpson, died 28th March 1912, aged 54 years. Also his son John W simpson. Died 27th July 1911, aged 16 years. Also his son Wm. G Simpson died 13th Nov. 1918 aged 18 years. Also the above named William J Simpson died 4th April 1935, aged 83 years. and his grandchild died in infancy.

Erected by William Steele Mayboy, in memory of his wife Mary Ann McMillan, who died 17th December 1879, aged 44 years and their daughter Mary, who died June 1880, aged 7 years. Also their son Thomas, who died November 1884, aged 9 years. And his second wife Jane Kilpatrick, who died 10th December 1911, aged 72 years. The above named William Steele, died 25th May 1913, aged 77 years.


John Stewart, Old Graveyard, Townhill Road, Portglenone

Erected in loving memory of John Stewart, Gortaherin, who died 20th January 1892, aged 45 years. Also his mother Jane McIlroy who died 8th October 1906, aged 89 years. And his wife Lizzie Stewart, who died 16th April 1916, aged 66 years. Also his daughter in law Lavinia, who died 3rd January 1927, aged 41 years and his granddaughter Isabella, who died 9th June 1927, aged 1 year. and his granddaughter Jennie who died 21st June 1931, aged 19 years. and his granddaughter Lizzie who died 4th November 1932 aged 22 years.

Erected by John Stewart Mayboy, in memory of his father Isaac Stewart who died 19th September 1907, aged 75 years and his mother Margaret, who died 13th July 1911, aged 65 years. Also his brother William, who died 25th April 1920, aged 49 years and William’s wife Grace, who died 29th February 1920, aged 34 years. Also their son Isaac, who died 26th September 1916, aged 5 years. The above John Stewart, who died 12th Jany. 1960, aged 82 years. His wife Elizabeth E Stewart, who died 4th April 1960, aged 74 years.

Erected in loving memory of David Stewart, Maboy, who died 16th Sept 1897, aged 70 years and his daughter Mary, who died in infancy. Also his wife Margaret Jane, who died 18th March 1900, aged 60 years.

Erected in memory of Robert Taylor who departed this life 4th May 1848 aged 55 years. Also his wife Eliza, who died 4th April 1875. Aged 65 years. Elizabeth Taylor Bristow died 24th December 1911 aged 64 years and her husband Alexander Bristow, died 18th March 1934 aged 84 years. Also their daughter in law Elizabeth Millar Bristow, departed this life 18th march 1935. Also their son William Taylor Bristow, died 26th Novr. 1953, aged 83 years.

Erected by James Wilkinson of Maboy in memory of his beloved wife Lizzie Ann who departed this life 29th July 1899 aged 34 years. And of his two children Wm. John and James who died in infancy. The above named James Wilkinson died 27th February 1925 aged 78 years.

Erected by James Wilkinson in memory of his wife, Jane Wilkinson, who departed this life 5th December 1875; aged 62 years. Also the above named James Wilkinson, who died 9th August 1879; aged 65 years. Joseph Lowry, died 13th June, 1934, aged 83 years. Also his wife Margaret Lowry, died 25th September, 1939, aged 92 years.

In loving memory of David Workman, died 16th Feb 1927, aged 29 years. Also his wife Annie Workman, died 22nd Jan 1934, aged 42 years. Erected by Annie Workman, Gortaheron


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