Father John Cassidy, who was the parish priest of Ahoghill and Portglenone, bought in 1779 from Charles Hamilton a small section of ground. The Aughnahoy church was built in 1782 and would serve the Portglenone end of his parish.

Aughnahoy Cemetery

aughnahoy cemetary

In the late 1780s, additional adjacent ground was bought to serve as a burying ground. The new land was consecrated in 1790 by Dr McMullan who was the Bishop of Down and Connor. The total area of the church and graveyard was now three roods and fourteen perches. Prior to using this graveyard, most locals had previously been buried in Colm’s Thorn in Gortfad.

Despite the church and it’s graveyard being situated in the townland of Slievenagh (opposite Portglenone forest), they were given the name of Aghnahoy, due to a Mass Rock in the neighbouring townland of that name. In old documents the name is spelt Aghnahoy. Indeed the older generations would have pronounced it that way.

But in modern times it is written and pronounced Aughnahoy.

Aughnahoy Gravestones


Headstone Transcription


I.H.S Erected By Sarah Blaney
In loving memory of her husband James Blaney, Port Glasgow
Who died 27th December 1922
Also the above Sarah Blaney
Died at Port Glasgow 18th February 1937 R.I.P.


J.H.S. Erected By John Britton of Mullinsallagh
in Memory of Margaret Britton his wife
who departed this life 28th June 1841 Aged 52 years,
also his son Henry who departed
this life February 5th 1845 Aged 33 years.
Likewise of the above named John Britton who departed this life 3rd August 1851 Aged 70 years


J.H.S Erected in memory of
Henry Canavan Of Lisrodden,
who departed this life
6th September 1874 aged 7[?] [years]


I.H.S Erected To the memory of Sarah,
the beloved wife of Hugh Cannovin of Finkiltagh,
who Died 22nd January 1870 aged 61 years
Also their daughter Sarah Cannovin
who died 25th April 1879, aged 33 years


J.H.S Erected In memory of
The Reverend John Cassidy,
pastor of this Parish for 51 years
He erected two chapels in it and died
on the 12th of January 1819, aged 75 years.
Also his brother Reverend Peter Cassidy
Pastor of Belfast for 21 years.
He died on the 21st April 1815 aged 55 years


I.H.S. Here lieth the body of John [?] Cassidy
who departed this life 11 July 18[?] aged [?] years


Most sacred heart of Jesus Have mercy
on the souls of James Daly
Died 12th June 1932
His wife Mary Died 26th October 1916
His daughters Rose died 9th April 1925
Marion died 7th April 1907
His infant children Neal, Patrick, Kathleen R.I.P.


J.H.S. In memory of Isabel Daly
Who departed this life 3rd November 1821
Aged 60 years
Her grandson Daniel Daly
18th January 1837 aged 3 years
Her grandson James Daly
5th October 1837 aged 21 years
Her husband Daniel Daly
12th March 1847 aged 98 years
And also their son Daniel Daly
18th February 1860 aged 68 years
And also Annie, widow of the last
named Daniel Daly, (Nee Molloy)
7th June 1873 aged 78 years


Underneath are interred the remains of
Margaret Daly of Portglenone
Who departed this life
on the 25th April 1811 Aged 63 years
Her daughter Margaret Mackle
20th March 1830 aged 26 years
Her daughter Catherine Daly
17th September 1835 aged 18 years
Her son James Daly
22nd August 1818 aged 37 years
And also John Daly her husband
8th May 1831 aged 80 years
Their daughter Elizabeth Daly
12th January 1859 aged 46 years
Their son John Daly who departed
this life 30th March 1870 aged 65 years
Their daughter Mary Ann O’Kane Died in
New York 5th May 1847 age 49 years
And their son Thomas Daly who died on
the 29th Day of September 1872 Aged 58 years
Having been the last member of that old and respectable family


Erected By Mary Ann Darragh Castletown
In loving memory of her husband John Darragh
Who died 12th May 1927 aged 76 years R.I.P.


J.H.S In hoc signo spes mea ___ _ ___
Erected By William Duffin of Walworth New York America
In memory of John Darragh of Ballyminstra
His grandfather who departed this life
13th July 1845 aged 68 years.
Also Of Rose Darragh his grandmother who departed
this life 16th July aged 80 years


I.H.S. Erected by James Diamond Killygarn
In memory of his father Michael Diamond
Died 3rd April 1880 aged 76 years
And his mother Bridget Diamond
Died 8th October 1890, aged 82 years
Also their son Patrick Died 10th March 1869, aged 30 years
And their son Charles, died 22nd December 1907 Aged 55 years.
And their daughter Catherine, died 21st July 1908 Aged 72 years Patrick Scullion Died 11th August 1987 Aged 72
and his son Enda Died in infancy R.I.P.


Here lieth the body of Charles Duffin
Who died December 9th 1792 aged 16 years
Also of Sarah Duffin his mother
who departed this life January 14 1817 aged 77 years
Also Rose, wife of John Duffin, Portglenone
Who died 1st January 1892 aged 48
Also John Duffin Who died 24th May 1906
His father John Duffin Who died November 1870
and his wife Ann Duffin who died November 1844
And their son Thomas Duffin who died 8th August 1865


J.H.S. Here lieth the remains of John Dugan
who Departed this life February
the 7th 1818 aged 88 years


JHS Erected In memory of
Francis Dugan of Carmegram
Who departed this life
21st January 1831 Aged 79 years
Also of Bridget his wife
Who departed this life 23rd October 1838 Aged 86 years


J.H.S. Erected In memory of Henry Dugan of Portglenone Who departed this life 13th June 1838 Aged 3 years Also of Michael Dugan his father Who departed this life 11th September 1848 Aged 46 years


I.H.S. Erected By John Graham Aughnahoy
In loving memory of his wife Bridget,
who died 14th November 1907 Aged 69 years
Also his sister Jane Graham
Who died 23rd December 1855 Aged 23 years
Also his mother Ann Graham
Who died 10th December 1857 aged 63 years
Also his father John Graham
Who died 22nd December 1879 aged 82 years R.I.P.
Also Patrick Graham 22nd July 1958
Bridget 22nd May 1961
Also Rite Graham 1st February 1966
John 4th January 1980
Baby Rita 15th May 1980
Mairead 23rd September 1982
Patrick 4th December 1985


J.H.S. Erected In memory of
Paul [?] Hamill of Kilcurry
Who departed this life 25th September 1843 [?] Aged 74 years


I.H.S. Here lieth the Body of Mary Hamill who died April the 1 1792 aged 21 years


J.H.S Erected By Henry Hamill
in memory of his father Patrick Hamill
who departed this life 11th July 1812
Aged 82 years
Also his son Thomas, 19th December 1820 aged 26
Likewise his son henry, 4th February 1822 aged 33
And his son Patrick 27th October 1823 aged 30
Also his son James, 10th September 1827 aged 24
And his son John, 11th October 1827 aged 32
Likewise the first named Henry Hamill
who departed this life 5th March 1836 aged 75


Here lieth the Body of John [Ha] mill
who depd this life August the [?] 1803[?] aged 35 [?] years


Memento Mori
To the Memory Of Danial Henery
Who departed this life January 10 17[?] [?] year and [?] months


J.H.S. Erected In memory of James Innis of Portglenone Who departed this life 20th August 1873 Aged 70 years


J.H.S. Erected In memory of
Bridget Kearney of Lisnagarron
who departed this life
11th April 1842 aged 39 years
And her husband Edward, died May 1896
Also their son Patrick, died September 1900
And his wife Sarah, died 1908


J.H.S. Erected In memory of Daniel Keenan Of Carmegrim
who departed this life 26th October 1801 aged 38 years
Also his son Henry who departed this life
27th August 1821 aged 34 years
Likewise, Rose Keenan, his wife
who departed this life 24th April 1837 Aged 62 years


J.H.S. Erected In memory of
Henry Keenan of Ballyscullion,
who departed this life
2nd January 1864 aged 79 Years


(Symbol of I.H.S)
Sacred heart of Jesus
have mercy on the souls of The Kelly Family
Who are interred here


I.H.S In memory Of Robert Law
Born November 25 1833
Died May 13 1902 R.I.P.


J.H.S. Erected By Andrew Law of Portglenone
In memory of his grandmother Mary Grant Law
Who departed this life 26th May 1820 Aged 66 years
Also his grandfather Samuel Law
who departed this life 27th November 1843 aged 84 years
And of his mother Rose Law
Who departed this life 10th November 1859 Aged 72 years


I.H.S Pray for the souls of Henry Law Died July 1925
His wife Mary Ann Died March 1931
Also Brigid Law, died 13th August 1937
James Law died 24th January 1958
Sarah Law Died 10th April 1960 aged 62 years R.I.P.


J.H.S. Erected By John Law of Lisnagarron In memory of His mother Nancy Law who departed this life 17th April 1849 Age 73 years, also his father Micahel Law 12th August 1854 aged 84 yeares Michael O’Hara died April 1921 His wife Nancy O’Hara died July 1921 And their daughter Bridget O’Hara Died 26th August 1952


Here lieth the body [of] Cathrine Lynch
who departed this life December 7th[?] [_____?] Also on the 13th January 1809 Her beloved husband Dennis Lynch
in the 60th year of his age
His little family [____?] him but his worth
made them find many a father in his friends


Pray for the soul of Very Rev. John Lynch, P.P.V.F.
For 42 years Pastor of Ballymena Parish
Born at Portglenone 21st January 1805
Died at Ballymena 4th August 1889
In the 85th year of his age and 61st year of his priesthood Requiescat in pace Lynch (Celtic Cross)
Catherine Lynch Died 1st December 1817 Aged 38 years
Denis Lynch Died 18th January 1829 Aged 60 years
Thomas Lynch Solicitor Died 1st July 1839 Aged 29 years
James Lynch Died 20th December 1839 Aged 37 years
Mary Lynch Died January 1848 Aged 32 years
Patrick Lynch M.D. Died 29th May 1867 Aged 50 years
Elizabeth Lynch Died 22nd January 1889 Aged 83 years


I.H.S. Erected by Elizabeth Lynn
In Memory of her husband John Lynn
Who died 4th November 1928, aged 65 years
Also her son Neil Lynn
Who died August 1904 aged 17 years
Also the above named Elizabeth Lynn
Who died 24th April 1937 R.I.P.


J.H.S. In memory of James Lynn, Mason
Who departed this life April 30th 1845 Aged 72 years
Walter Lynee, Cullybackey Died 18th March 1924 aged 85 years


I.H.S. Pray for the soul of
Patrick Magee, Largy Corner
Died 17th January 1936, aged 89 years
And his son Charles Died 13th August 1981
Margaret Murphy [Nee Magee] Died 2nd September 1933
Also Robert Murphy
Died 11th February 1947 R.I.P.


Erected by Bella Malloy I.H.S.
In loving memory Of her father Henry Malloy
Who died 7th October 1882 Aged 75 years R.I.P.


IHS In memory Of John Marrin Watercloney
Who died 3rd July 1876 Aged 95 years
Also his wife Elizabeth
Who died 25th March 1844 Aged 65 years
Requiescant in Pace


JHS Erected By Patrick Marron of Watercloney
In memory of His father John Marron
Who departed this life 16th June 1850 Aged 68 years
Also of his mother Susan Marron,
who departed This life 26th September 1856 aged 75 years
Also of his sister Susan
Who departed this life 11th June 1853 Aged 30 years


I.H.S. Erected In memory of
William Marron Aughtercloney
Who departed this life on the
15th Of February 1864 aged 77 years
And of Susan his wife who departed this
life on the 28th January 1882 aged 80 years

McAllan [or Allan?]

Erected To the memory of Thomas McAllan [?] Of Portglenone who departed this life
19th April 1830 aged 52 years


Connaught Rangers 6/2795
Lance Cpl. H. McAnally
Connaught Rangers
23rd March 1916 aged 34 On
His soul, Sweet Jesus have mercy R.I.P.

Lance Corporal McAnally, 6th Connaught Rangers, buried Aughnahoy

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Lance Corporal McAnally was born in Ballymena. He lived in the town, with his wife Sarah, at Railway Place. His parents, John and Margaret McAnally, lived in Cullybackey. He enlisted in the 6th Connaught Rangers. He was only 34 years old, when he succumbed to wounds, in the spring of 1916. He died in Bellahouston Military Hospital, Glasgow. The Regimental Crest is on his gravestone


Here lieth the Body of Hugh McAnolley
who depd October 15 1793 aged 52 years


Underneath Rest the remains of Hugh McAtamney of Lisnahuncheon
who departed this life 4th August 1869 Aged 71 years
And Sarah McAtamney
His wife who departed this life 3rd April 1892 aged 84
And their daughter Margaret
Who died 12th March 1905 Aged 64 years
Also their son James
Who died 10th January 1910 Aged 71 years
And their daughter Sarah
Who died 2nd January 1919 Aged 70 years


Erected By Agnes McAteer
In memory of her husband John McAteer, died 1903
Also her son John McAteer, died 1914
and her daughter Elizabeth 1918 R.I.P.


Erected By Susan McAteer Carmegrim
In memory of her mother Sarah McLenaghan
Who died December 6th 1863 Aged 55 years
And of her father Arthur McLenaghan
Who died June 2nd 1884 Aged 84 years
Catherine McAteer
Who died November 4th 1930, aged 50 years
Her husband Arthur McAteer
Who died 13th January 1973
Their daughter Sarah
Who died 10th October 1935
Their daughter Mary
Who died 10th December 1986


[Symbol of I.H.S] Erected by Arthur McAuley
In loving memory of his wife Mary McAuley,
who died 1st June 1899 aged 54 years
Also his father John McAuley,
who died 9th May 1864 aged 74 years
And of his mother Mary McAuley
who died 19th August 1887 aged 85 years
Also of his two children John and Thomas
Who died in infancy
Pray for the soul of Arthur McAuley, the above named
Who died 14th February 1907, aged 70 years
Laurena O’Kane Died 20th November 1972
SR. Mary of the Incarnation Died 7th July 1994 Interred Manchester Shiela O’Kane Died 5th September 1976
Rev.Fr.P.J. McAuley Died 2nd June 1933 Interred Melbourne
Rev. Fr. Donagh O’Kane Died 1st March 1965 Interred Dalgan Park Nauan Edward O’Kane Died 1st March 1935
His wife Sarah died 23rd November 1934
Edward O’Kane Died 1st March 1935
His wife Sarah died 23rd November 1934
Eamonn B. O’Kane Died 7th April 1950 Interred in Crays Essex

McCan [McCann]

Here lieth the body of Mary [?] McCan
who depd May 20[?] 17[?] [Aged] 22 years


Erected by Henry McClenaghan of Carmegram
In memory of his father John McClenaghan
Who died 22nd October 1849 Aged 45 years
Also his mother Ann who died 29th March 1873
Aged 62 years Their son-in-law James King
Who died 11th June 1871 Aged 32 years
Henry McClenaghan Died 29th September 1906 Aged 73 years
Isabella McClenaghan Died 2nd November 1910 Aged 72 years
Esther King Died 16th June 1909 aged 63 years
Sarah McClenaghan Died 20th February 1922 Aged 80 years
Charles McClenaghan Died 30th December 1922 Aged 88 years
And Maria McClenaghan who died 29th December 1925 aged 78 years R.I.P


In memory of Byne [Bryan?] McCurley
who died June Ye 12 1791 aged 72 years


Pray for the souls Of Alexander McDonnell
Died 25th June 1938
His wife Margaret McDonnell Died 16th April 1938
Their daughter, Nellie Hasson
Died 25th October 1933 and her infant child
His brother, James McDonnell Died 18th November 1943
His son Patrick McDonnell Died 29th April 1993 aged 82 years R.I.P.

McEkay [McKay]

I.H.S. Here lieth ye body of Nany McEKay
who died February the 25th 1793 Aged 68 years


In loving memory of William McErlain Killycarran
Who died 31st July 1903 Aged 68 years
Also his son William who died 16th December 1905 aged 24 years
And his wife Bridget who died 8th September 1921 aged 72 years Also his son Thomas
Who died 2nd May 1948 aged 71 years
And his wife Elizabeth
Who died 16th May 1958, aged 80 years
And their son James, who died 27th August 1987, aged 65 years


J.H.S Erected In memory of Rodger McErlane of Aughnahoy
Who died 1st August 1855 aged 19 years
Also his mother Margaret McErlane
17th July 1858 aged 51 years
his sister Bridget 13th November 1862 aged 21 Years.
Also his sister Catherine 27th October 1864 aged 21 years
and his brother William 13th October 1865 Aged 21 years.
Also his sister Nancy 21st March 1867 aged 38 years


Here lieth the Body of Peggy Mc Erlane
who depd July 12 1795 aged 19 months


Erected By Samuel McErlean Of Rosegift
In memory of His beloved wife Elizabeth McErlean
who departed this life 23rd April 1882 Aged 45 years
Also his son John who died 14th August 1887
Aged 3 years and 9 months
And his son Daniel who died 30th July 1895
aged 2 years and his daughter Lizzie
who Died 5th August 1895 aged 10 years
Also his son Henry, who died 18th May 1900, aged 38 years
Also the above named Samuel McErlean,
who died 21st November 1911 aged 74 years
Also his daughter Maggie
And of his two infant children
Also Elizabeth McKendry died 17th December 1977
Her Husband John McKendry died 17th January 1980


This stone was
Erected to the Memory of Petter [?] McErlean.
To the memory of his wife Bridget Hamill
who Depd this life Nov. 26 1817 aged 70 years
also Rose McErlean age 22 years


Erected in loving memory of John McGarry Killcurry
who died 13th February 1922 Aged 56 years
Also his son Bernard of the American Army
who was Killed in France 29th September 1918 Aged 25 years
Also five children
Who died in infancy
Also his wife Jane who died 14th March 1941 Aged 77 years
Also Mary McAtamney
Who died 17th February 1954 Aged 70 years
And his son Thomas McGarry
Who died 12th December 1965


[Symbol of I.H.S] Here lieth the Body of Mary McGery.
Who died March 1 1798[?] Aged 44 years


In loving memory of Patrick McGroggan
Died June 1880 aged 58 years
Annie Mays McGroggan January 1898 aged 64 years
Charles McGroggan, Senior
Died December 1871 aged 15 years
Charles McGroggan Junior Died July 1900 aged 25 years
Patrick McGroggan senior 1946
Anne McGroggan 1947
Patrick McGroggan Junior 1957
Mary McGroggan 1981


I.H.S. In memory of Patrick McIlvenna Garvaghy
Who died June 8th 1901 Aged 64 years
Also his wife Jane
Who died June 12th 1915 Aged 70 years
Also their son Henry
Who died in Canada April 21st 1933 Aged 49 years
The child of Felix and Margaret McIlvenna
Who died in infancy december 1920


J.H.S. Memento Mori ____ ____
Erected in memory of Rose McKee of Ballymena
Who departed this life 11th July 1844 aged 21 years


[Left hand column] In loving memory of Charles McKeown Carmegrim
Who died 31st July 1888 Aged 88 years
Also his wife Jane died 3rd November 1888 Aged 78 years
And their children Charles died 29th December 1884 Aged 48 years James died 10th July 1895 Aged 60 years
Jane died 10th March 1856 Aged 13 years
Also an infant child.
Felix died 14th March 1903 aged 52 years

[Centre column] Of thy cross and passion deliver us O “Lord”
Erected By Felix And Chas McKeown

[Right hand column] In loving memory of Michael McKeown
who died 20th December 1879 aged 46 years
also his son John Lawrence
And his granddaughter Catherine McKeown
who both died in infancy Peter Kelly
who died 27th January 1947 Aged 63 years
And his wife Evangeline
Who died 13th December 1976 Aged 76 tears R.I.P.


J.H.S. In Memory of Mary McKeown
Who departed this life 16th March 1817 aged 60 years
also her daughter Catherine Weir 27th November 1822 aged 44 years and her grandson Daniel Weird Aged 4 years


Erected In memory of Henry McKnight of Carmegrim
who departed this life the 17th of December 1870 aged 85 years Also his wife Susan McKnight
Who departed this life the 9th May 1873 aged 79 years


McLarnon Kilcurry
In loving memory of Michael McLarnon
Died 17th January 1920
His wife Sarah
Died 23rd July 1936
Their son Michael
Died 1st February 1907
Their daughter Rose
Died 23rd February 1974
And their son Felix
Died 19th April 1980


In loving memory of
A dear husband and father
James A. McLaughlin


Here lyeth the body Of Manus McLornan who
Departed this life February 9 1797 aged 78 years


HIS Erected By the family in memory of
Their father Bernard McLornan
Who died 14th February 1898 aged 77 years
Also his wife Susan McLornan
who died 2nd November 1896 aged 62
Also their Aunt Rose
who died 24th January 1897 aged 74 years
And their Aunt Alice
who died 8th July 1903 aged 90 years
Their uncle Francis McLornan
Died 5th December 1907 aged 82 years
Mary Ann McLornan
Died 7th May 1918 aged 50 years
And her husband John, died
13th November 1924 aged 68 years
Rose McLornan Died 1st May 1935 aged 53 years
Also Mary died 20th September 1964


Erected In memory of
Patrick McMullin of Portglenone,
who departed This life
10th July 1864 aged 84 years


This stone has been placed here to record the virtues and perpetuate the memory of the Reverend Peter McNally
Late pastor of this parish
Who departed this life 22nd August 1825 Aged 39 years


In memory of Hercules McReynold
who died 6th January 1824 aged 1 years


Erected By John McTear, Carmegrim
In loving memory of his father Thomas McTear
Who died 22nd January 1886 Aged 80 years
Also his mother Mary
who died 31st March 1883, aged 83 years
Margaret McCann Died 5th December 1909 aged 69 years
John McTear Died 10th October 1910 aged 77 years
Elizabeth Birt Died 16th January 1923 aged 78 years R.I.P.


[Symbol of I.H.S.] Erected In memory of Charles Mulholland of Castletown,
who departed this Life 27th December 1856 aged 79 years
Also his wife Isabella Mulholland
Who departed this life 15th september 1864 aged 82


I.H.S. Erected By Rebecca Neeson, Killygarn
In memory of her beloved husband John Neeson
who departed This life 23rd August 1870 aged 60 years
Also of her son John who died
4th July 1880 aged 18 years
Also her daughter Mary
who died 27th December 1883 aged 27 years
And her daughter Hannah
who died 2rd April 1885, aged 25 years
Requiescat in Pace


Here lies the body of Patrick O’Hamill
Who depd this life the
11th Day of May 1801 aged 73 years


I.H.S. Here lieth the Body-of-Rod Ger-O’Hamill
Who depd this life July ye 3rd 1792 aged 73[?] years


Erected By John O’Hara Lisnahuncheon
In loving memory of his wife Mary O’Hara
Who died 14th December 1899 Aged 49 years
Also the above named John O’Hara
Who died 23rd December 1904 Aged 64 years
Also his brother Dan O’Hara
Who died 17th December 1894 Aged 54 years
And his wife Sarah O’Hara
Who died 5th November 1913 Aged 82 years
And their son John O’Hara
Who died 18th September 1943 Aged 69 years
And his wife Sarah O’Hara
Who died 20th December 1955 Aged 72 years
Their daughter Sarah O’Hara
Who died 26th February 1986 Aged 77 years
And their son Patrick O’Hara
Who died 10th December 1995 R.I.P.

O’Kain [O’Kane]

I.H.S. Here lieth the body of Hugh O’Kain
who dpd April ye 1 1792[?] Aged 71 [?] years


Erected By Robert O’Kane of Gortade
In memory of his son John
Who died 23rd December 1829 Aged 2 years


Erected By Catherine O’Kane Philadelphia
In memory of her mother Rose O’Kane
Who died 22nd December 1914 Aged 77 years
Also her father Bernard O’Kane
Who died 13th April 1915 Aged 78 years
Also her brother and sister Patrick and Susan
Who died in infancy
Bernard O’Kane who died 6th December 1937 Aged 63 years
John O’Kane Who died 29th October 1936
Also his wife Ellen O’Kane
Who died 3rd February 1935
Also Thomas O’Kane Who died 18th June 1957 R.I.P
His mother Ellen O’Kane Died 18th April 1968


[Symbol of I.H.S.] Thy Will Be done
Erected By Michael O’Kane Kilcurry
In loving memory of my dear father Michael O’Kane
Who died 25th May 1906 Aged 70 years “Not lost to me I loved him dear Not lost but gone before he lives with me In memory still and evermore”


J.H.S. Erected By Hugh O’Kane Carmegrim
In memory of his father Felix O’Kane
Who died 31st May 1887 aged 84 years
Also his mother Rose O’Kane
Who died 15th February 1872 aged 59 years


In memory of John O’Neill
who Departed this life 13th February aged 68


Erected In memory of Bernard O’Neill Lisnahuncheon.
Who died 15th October 1848 Aged 50 years


Erected By John O’Neill of Killyless
In memory of his father St. John O’Neill
who departed this life 5th July 1822 aged 37 years
Also his son John who departed
this life 24th April 1852 aged 10 years
Likewise his daughter Sarah
Who departed this life 17th May 1866 Aged 27 years


Erected in memory of Susanna O’Neill of Rosegift
Who departed this life 20th June 1833 Aged 40 years,
also of Luke O’Neill her husband
who departed this life 11th January 1835 Aged 32 years
and of their daughter Catherine
who departed this life 7th August 1830 aged 28 years
Pray for the soul oF Luke O’Neill
Pray for the souls of Ellen and Luke O’Neill
Also Ellen and John O’Neill


J.H.S Erected In memory of Rose O’Neill of B’Henrey
who died 1st May 1829 Aged 68 years
also of her sister Catherine who died
15th October 1835 Aged 60 years


J.H.S. Erected In memory of John O’Neill Of Portglenone who departed this Life the 6th May 1856 aged 52years Alsohis father Rodger O’Neill who Departed this life 22nd of June 1867 aged 93 years And his wife Agnes O’Neill who Died the 6th September 1871 aged 67 years


Erected In memory of Charles O’Neill of Portglenone
Who died 3rd June 1880 aged 48 years
Also his wife Eliza O’Neill
who died 25th February 1879 aged 36 years


[Symbol of I.H.S] O’Neill
In loving memory of Catherine O’Neill
died 24th October 1888
Charles O’Neill died 17th Feb 1890
Laurence O’Neill died 3rd November 1907
John O’Neill died 21st July 1910
Bernard O’Neill died 12th March 1930
Eilish O’Neill died 5th June 1920
Kate O’Neill died 17th November 1935
And MacAtamney
Kathleen MacAtamney died 8th July 1908
Mary Anne MacAtamney died 27th June 1911
Charles MacAtamney died 7th July 1915
Hugh MacAtamney died 20th March 1930
James MacAtamney died 6th April 1935
May they rest in peace


Erected by Margaret Hampshire
In memory of her father Henry Rainey of Rosegift
Who died 1st January 1873 Aged 78 years
Also her mother Catherine Rainey
Who died 1st February 1878 Aged 80 years
Lizzie G. O’Hara Died 10th August 1900 aged 22 years
John O’Hara Died 10th September 1915
Mrs. Cecilia O’Hara Died 18th November 1913
Requiescant In Pace


Erected In memory of William Rainey Of Rosegift
who died 25th Of January 1861 aged 80 years
Also of his wife Bridget Rainey
who died 23rd January 1827 aged 35 years


Here lieth the body of Elizabeth Rea
who depd this life 10 June 1792 aged 2 years


Erected by John Rickard, J.P. Cookstown
In memory of his wife Rosanna Daly
Who died 30th June 1859 aged 30 years
Also of their infant children James and Joseph
Also their daughter Kate Died 13th March 1866 aged 16 years
And of their infant grandson
Patrick Joseph Rickard R.I.P. RICKARD


In memory of Patrick Scullion Largy
Died 5th August 1944 Aged 73 years R.I.P.


Erected By Sarah Smyth, Carnlough
In loving memory of her husband Joseph Smyth
Died 9th May 1931
On his soul Sweet Jesus have mercy


Erected By Samuel Warden of Grange
In memory of His son John Warden
who departed this life the
14th February 1861 aged 24 years


In memory of Michael Writt
Died 1st September 1932
For thirty-five years the faithful Servant
and friend of R. Arthur Alexander,
D.L. Of Portglenone House
By whom this stone is erected R.I.P.