Wedding Day – William Armstrong and Mariah Gordon

Early 1940s.  War was raging across Europe.   But the North coast of Northern Ireland was peaceful and serene. 

William Armstrong and Mariah Gordon from near Tamlaght had got married earlier in the day (see main photo).  We are unsure where the wedding reception was held.  But from the two additional photos on this page, it is likely to have been on the north coast, since these images appear to have been taken in Portrush, on the East Strand beach.  

Willie Armstrong - the Glebe, Tamlaght

Willie Armstrong - the Glebe, Tamlaght
Portrush – wedding day of William & Mariah Armstrong

Portrush – A Moment in Time

The Armstrong, Gordon and Mulholland clans were out in force, venturing north from their Mid-Ulster base beyond Kilrea and Portglenone.

The full list of people in the photograph below are: Tilly Armstrong, Samuel Armstrong, Tommy Gordon (Mariah’s brother), Mariah Gordon, Willie Armstrong, Isabella Mulholland (nee Armstrong) and Tommy Mulholland.  Stanley Mulholland is the youngster in the forefront of the photograph.

Tommy Gordon and Mariah Gordon were brother and sister.  Mariah married Willie Armstrong.  Willie and Samuel Armstrong were brothers.  Tommy and Isabella Mulholland, from Eden, were husband and wife.  And their young child, Stanley, is at the forefront of the photo.

East Strand beach Portrush Armstrongs
William Armstrong & Mariah Gordon’s wedding day. Photo at East Strand beach, Portrush, Northern Ireland

I later discovered the image below, which I suspect is from the same beach photo-shoot.

Sam Mulholland with the Armstrongs


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