Haymaking – Richard, Willie and Stanley Mulholland

Enda, over at the Photos of Portglenone Facebook Group, contacted me some ten days ago.  He is currently doing a themed set of photos on the local group about farming, and wanted to know if I had any old photos of the Mulhollands working on the farm.

So, last weekend, I spent some time looking across old albums, and by-jings didn’t I stumble across a sister photo of the two from a previous article.  i.e.

1962 Ireland farmers making hay having tea break

To recap, this was the summer of 1962. Obviously the ‘new’ picture was taken at the same time as the two above.  The two photos in the above article were probably taken by Sammy Mulholland.   

Of course, I was aware of previously seeing this ‘new’ photo.  But Columbo just hadn’t put two and two together and realised that the three pictures were part of the same photo set. 

I am guessing mum took this photo.  Dad, i.e. Richard Mulholland (Richie) is on the left, Willie Mulholland (my father’s uncle) is in the middle, and Stanley Mulholland (dad’s younger brother)  is on the right. 

Out of shot are Hughie Henry, Tommy Mulholland and Alfie Brown.

Granny Eden Prepared the Food for the Field

The folks are taking a tea-break from making hay that summer day. The food sent to the field (‘the field’ was the common term used), would typically have been put together by my grandmother, Isabella Mulholland (or ‘Granny Eden’ as she was known to all the grandkids).  The food would have consisted of pre-buttered white bread, scones, wheaten bread, home-made jam, maybe a wee bit of cheese and a couple of tomatoes (if you were lucky), and you felt like a millionaire (as my cousin reminded me this week) if there was a banana in there.  There would be two or three flasks of tea, some home-sourced milk, and maybe some diluted orange (or more often, water).

Mum’s (Eleanor Mulholland) handwriting can be seen below the image.  She was wonderful at cataloging old media.

After an evening cleaning the image up in photoshop, it was presentable. It’s a labour of love to rediscover, and bring to life, these old images.

I do know, from the comments and emails, that many readers of this website like to see these old rural family photos. Hope you enjoy this one!

Mulhollands teabreak in hayfield, summer 1962
Mulhollands during a tea break in hay field, summer 1962


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13 thoughts on “Haymaking – Richard, Willie and Stanley Mulholland

  1. I for one love you bringing to life my Irish Mulholland Family. I know my Dad William Mulholland and Grandfather Leslie Mulholland would have loved to seen and known their relatives.
    Thank you for taking to time to build this wonderful site for us all to enjoy.
    Vickie Mulholland

    1. thanks for the lovely comment, Vickie.

      Amazing. I just published the above article within the past hour and have already had two people write to me, about the photo. It’s great to see so many enjoy these old images.

      I feel it’s important to wipe the dust off, clean up, and publish these old photos. Otherwise their existence goes unknown and nobody gets to see them.

      I’d love to see others send me old family photos, with a write-up, for publication.

    1. thanks Pearse.

      Yes, there’s a lot to be said for having a full head of hair. He had a thick head of blonde hair right til the end.

      Genes he didn’t share with me! 🙂

  2. Love all you do to preserve history. I am a Mulholland-Nelson-White-Jamison-Hopper-descendant, who was born and raised in Louisiana, U.S.A.

    Mr. Page Dew
    I am on Facebook

    1. lovely to get your comment, Page.

      Delighted that you are enjoying the photos and website.

      There were Whites in Eden, as well as Mulholland. I heard of Nelson over near Cullybackey. I didn’t hear of any Hoppers though.

      I love the fact that the internet brings us all so close. Immediately on publishing this article, some 90 minutes ago, I have now had five people comment, or email me, from across the world, about the photo.

      It would be great to get folks to submit their fave old family photo/s – for publication.

  3. For some of us whose family did not take many photos, we are so grateful that our distant cousins have such a treasure trove.
    As far as eating is concerned, isn’t wheaten bread the best? Do you still take a ‘piece’ to work, have ‘dinner’ at midday, and ‘tea’ in the evening?
    Barry Mulholland

    1. thanks Barry. Delighted to hear you are enjoying the pics.

      Little did mum imagine that her small camera, from the mid 50s, that took many of these photos, would be instrumental in causing so much interest and enjoyment, some 50 years later.

      Aye, wheaten bread was great, in tandem with some strawberry jam. Yes, dinner at 12 or just after, supper around 5 or 6pm. In between, you might have a cup of tea. Mid morning at work, always was typically a cup of tea and a biscuit.

      As for a “piece”. Yes, common term, especially among older generation, and especially in some local areas (like Cullybackey, Rasharkin, etc).

  4. Sir: I found a Margaret Mullholland married to John Kernoghan parents of John Raymond Kernoghan born may 1, 1947 In Eskylane. Does this tie in with your family? Frank Kernohan

    1. Hello Frank. Hope you are enjoying the website. Thanks for the comment.

      Eskylane is a new name to me. I had to google to find where it is at. Seemingly Eskylane is in the Barony of Toome Upper.

      No, no direct link (that I know of), to my branch of Mulhollands in Eden.

      There are Mulhollands near Randalstown, which isn’t far from Toome (about 6 miles). Do you know the names of Margaret Mulholland’s parents or siblings?

  5. Hi Frank,
    The vast majority of Kernohan records are centered around Ballymena, that’s not to say that there wasn’t migration within the local area. Some of our Mulholland lines do currently live in the Randalstown area. The date of birth (1947) is also likely to be too recent to find public records even of their parents, but with a bit more information there is always a chance to find a start to their family tree.
    Barry Mulholland

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