Kilrea Church of Ireland – St Patricks – Gravestones

The Church of Ireland in Kilrea - St Patricks - is sometimes referred to as Kilrea Parish Church. It is a beautiful church, with a fascinating history. It has historically been linked to the other two local Church of Ireland churches, Tamlaght O'Crilly Upper and Tamlaght O'Crilly Lower

Kilrea Church of Ireland - St Patricks - Gravestones

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St Patricks Church in Kilrea

My grandfather, Thompson Mulholland, was confirmed (and received his first communion) at Kilrea Parish Church in May 1911. I was confirmed at the church in 1980. In very recent times, the three churches share a minister. The graveyard has gravestones that go back some three hundred years. In all liklihood, there will be some older unmarked graves.  If a family did not mark a grave, then over time, the plot of land appeared vacant. This was also true for old gravestones or markers that had worn away or fallen down. The earliest map of the graves in the churchyard was made in 1972.  As well as using my own photographs of the headstones to transcribe the words, when in difficulty or doubt, I was very grateful to be able to get some inspiration from previous transcriptions by Lavonne Bradfield, Pauline O'Keeffe, Helen Evans and Al Luce. In time, I hope to publish a few more pages on specific old headstones (with their images) from this wonderful old graveyard.

St Patricks - Deaths in the 1700s

1727 Thomas McCredy; 1749 Neal McRedy; 1758 Bryan Diamond; 1764 George Brown; 1770 James McAlary; 1773 John McLary; 1773 Andrew Diamond; 1779 Charles Brodin; 1780 Mary Campbell; 1783 Margaret Mayberry; 1784 Rachel Reid nee Boyd; 1787 William Hunter; 1787 Elizabeth Hunter; 1791 Elizabeth Gilmore; 1791 Mary Mooney; 1792 Adam Killpatrick; 1793 Dennis Trimbles; 1792 James McIlroyThese graves are unclear: 17?0 William Car; 17?? Daniel McAlary; and 1783 maybe? for  Nancy Gordon.

Deaths in the 1800s

1803 John Atkinson; 1804 George Smirell; 1809 Margaret Brodly; 1813 Mary Henderson; 1813 Mary Graham; 1814 John Smirl; 1817 Samuel Graham; 1817 John Gray; 1817 James Lennox; 1819 James Taylor; 1822 Mary Sloan; 1823 John Lennox; 1824 John Mayberry; 1826 Elizabeth Campbell; 1829 Alex. Campbell; 1833 Bernard Spallin; 1836 Alexander Stewart; 1836 Jane Stewart; 1837 William Hunter; 1838 Jane Stewart; 1840 Mary Adams; 1840 Andrew Carmichael; 1840 John Woods; 1841 John Patton; 1841 John Henderson; 1842 George Brown; 1843 Elizabeth Hasty; 1845 John Stewart; 1847 Margaret Stewart; 1847 Abraham McNeill 1847?1848 James Hasty; 1849 Charles Ritchie; 1849 Henry Brown; 1850 William Henderson; 1851 William Smirl; 1851 Charles Stewart; 1851 Henrietta Brown; 1851 William Gray; 1852 James Shaw; 1853 Elizabeth Kirkwood; 1853 Mary Boyd nee Trimbles; 1853 Sarah Ann Marshall; 1854 Mary Armstrong McNeill; 1854 Mary Ritchie; 1856 Rachel Ann Young; 1856 James Michael; 1857 Alexander Adams; 1857 Kennedy MaCaw; 1859 John Woods; 1860 Annie Michaell; 1861 Joseph Boyd; 1861 Elizabeth Morley; 1862 W McNeil Young; 1862 Henrietta Toy; 1862 Miss Michael;[caption id="attachment_11856" align="alignright" width="480"]St Patricks Kilrea organist Kilrea Church of Ireland Organist Wanted[/caption]1863 George Toy; 1863 Charlotte McAllen; 1863 Daniel Walker; 1864 John Walker; 1865 Elizabeth Shaw; 1865 Mary Carmichael; 1866 Jane Stewart; 1866 Leslie Mitchell; 1867 Charlotte Adcock, 1867 Archibald Shaw; 1870 Alexander Stewart; 1871 Nancy McIlfatrick; 1872 Samuel MaCaw; 1872 John Campbell; 1873 Elizabeth Brown; 1874 Robert Woods; 1874 Creighton Hutchinson; 1876 John Wilson, Lislea; 1875 James McIntyre; 1877 Mary Woods; 1877 Jane Smirl; 1877 James Campbell; 1878 William Adcock; 1878 George Smirell; 1878 Ann Campbell; 1878 John Smiley; 1879 Margaret Campbell; 1879 James McKay; 1879 Mary Ann McNeill; 1879 Catherine Stewart; 1879 Robert Michael; 1881 Margaret Stewart; 1881 Sarah Henderson; 1881 Jacob Ross; 1882 Samuel McFadden; 1882 Mary Jane McCart nee McFadden; 1882 Elizabeth Wilson; 1882 Mr Michael; 1882 John Henderson; 1882 Mary Eliza Gardiner; 1883 Arah McAllen; 1883 Alexander Campbell; 1884 Margaret McIntyre; 1884 Charity McAllen; 1884 Daniel McAllen; 1884 Jane Mulholland; 1884 Thomas McKeown; 1884 James Caskey; 1885 Annie Louisa McKeown; 1886 Eliza Caskey; 1886 Augusta Wallace; 1886 Jane Wallace; 1887 James McFadden; 1887 Margaret McNeill; 1888 Mary McKeown; 1888 Mary Campbell; 1888 Mary Hunter; 1888 John Woods; 1888 Hugh Boyd; 1889 John McKay; 1889 Thoma Torrens; 1889 Thomas Hunter; 1889 Archibald Michael; 1890 Margaret Brown; 1890 John C Johnston; 1890 Ann Hunter Hutchinson; 1890 Jane Brown; 1892 Jane Gray; 1892 Mary Hunter; 1893 John Michael; 1893 Richard Henderson; 1894 John Henderson; 1894 Ann Brown; 1895 Jane McKay; 1895 John Gray; 1895 George Hunter; 1895 Elizabeth Boyd; 1895 Arthur Mulholland; 1896 George Hunter; 1896 John Stewart Hunter; 1896 William Burnside Moynock; 1896 Gardiner Marks; 1897 Annie Marks; 1897 Mary Woods; 1897 Robert Kirk; 1897 Joseph Hutchinson; 1897 Jane McFadden; 1897 Sarah Jane Ferrier; 1898 Jeannie McKeown; 1898 Robert Kirk; 1898 Mary Ann Johnston; 1899 Robert Bradley; 1899 Neil McKay; 1899 WM J McAllen;


[su_note note_color="#66b6ff"]Stewart O'Fee (died 1920) Stewart O'Fee was born in Kilrea on the 2nd May 1878, the eldest son of Stewart and Jane O'Fee. His father ran a small grocery shop in the village. During the first world war, O'Fee served as a Naval School Master in the Royal Navy. His ship, HMS Vivid, was docked at Devenport, when he died of illness on the 13th March 1920. He was 41 years old. His gravestone says that he was 'A Man of Good Report'[/su_note]

[su_note note_color="#66ff9c"]Doctor James Lennox (1924) The death Dr. James Lennox, M.D., J.P., which occurred after an operation, in a Belfast nursing home on Wednesday morning, is sincerely regretted in the locality in which he practised, and amongst the medical profession in the North of Ireland generally. A native of the Kilrea district, the late Dr. Lennox was educated at Queen’s College, Belfast, qualifying in 1885. Be was attached to London Hospital for some time, subsequently returning to Kilrea, where he succeeded the late Dr. Clark as medical officer the Kilrea Dispensary District. In 1908, the Mercers' Company sold their estate to the tenants, and Dr. Lennox purchased the Manor House, formerly the residence of the agents the company, and a very valuable and picturesque property. About two years later he got married to daughter of the late Rev. Thomas Madill, LL.D., Garvagh, and sincere sympathy is extended to his widow (Florence Lennox) and the four young children who survive him. Dr. Lennox was member the British and Irish Medical Associations, and was recognised as practitioner of more than average ability, whilst his urbanity of manner and the consideration which he displayed towards his patients won for him their regard and affection. He was for many years churchwarden of Kilrea Parish Church and he with his late father for many years were proprietors of a local foundry. Obituary, News letter, 25th January 1924.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color="#ffc066"]Judge Richard McFadden (died 1931) Richard McFadden was a local justice of the peace. He was 73 years old, when he died on the 2nd March 1931 (his gravestone claims the 3rd), at his home, Lake View Cottage, Kilrea.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color="#dd93e6"]Albert Edward Sixsmith (1938) The Reverend Canon Albert Edward Sixsmith died on the 21st February 1938. He had been rector of Kilrea Parish for some 43 or maybe 44 years. Note - Obituaries in the newspapers say 43 years, whilst his gravestone claims 44 years. He died at the Rectory in Kilrea. Sixsmith was a graduate of Trinity College in Dublin. He was ordained in 1890, and later appointed curate in Desertmartin. In 1894 he was appointed curate in St Patrick's in Kilrea. He was a Canon of St Columbs Cathedral. By all accounts he was much loved in the Kilrea parish. His gravestone refers to Revelations 21.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color="#c60a15"]John Killough MBE (died 1939) Not long after the Northern Ireland government was established in the early 1920s, John Killough was transferred to the Ministry of Labour, and after a promotion, worked as Superintendent Officer in charge of the Pensions Branch for Northern Ireland. He had previously worked as an inspector at the National Health Insurance Scheme. He was awarded an MBE in 1930. Killough, a mason, was 57 years old when he passed away on the 28th August 1939, at the house of his brother-in-law William J. Neely, of Church Street in Kilrea. His parents were Robert and Ruth Killough.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color="#66b66f"]Sergeant James Edward O'Fee (died 1944) Sergeant James Edward O'Fee was only 24 years old when he was killed in action over Italy on August 9th 1944. He was a member of the 18 Squadron of the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve. His remains lay in Cesena War Cemetery in Forli, Italy. He was the son of James and Jenny O'Fee of Kilrea.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color="#f8f36d"]Doctor John Walker Tomb O.B.E. M.D. (died 1948) John Walker Tomb took MA and MD degrees and graduated in 1910 from Trinity College in Dublin. After some time as resident medical officer and surgeon at St Patrick Dun's hospital on Grand Canal Street in Dublin. He subsequently secured an important job in India, and later went on to hold posts in Egypt, England, South Africa and Australia. He was an authority on tropical diseases, on which he wrote several learned works. Indeed his work in India on this topic was publically recognised. Medical and scientific journals published his work on bacteriology and the role played by mosquitoes as disease carriers. He also made contributions to literature, as well as Einstein's Theory of Relativity, as well as other areas involving higher mathematics and general science. His wife, Mary Francis (Mina) Tomb (nee Healy) originally from Carrick-on-Suir in County Tipperary travelled wherever her husband went. She died a year before his death. Her husband maintained a keen interest in Irish affairs across his life. He was in his 65th year when he passed on 22nd February 1948, in Manley, Australia. He is interred there.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color="#6df4f8"]Doctor James Alexander Tomb MB, Ch.B. D.P.H. (died 1960) Originally from Kilrea, James Alexander made a career for himself in medicine. He died in Lancaster, in Lancashire, England, on 1st Aug 1960. His ashes are in England.[/su_note]


Gravestone Transcriptions

[su_box title="ADAMS"]In memory of Alexander Adams, late of Drumgarner, who died 26 September 1857, aged 56 years also his wife, Mary Adams, who died 21 February 1840, aged 67 years [/su_box] [su_box title="ADAMS"]Erected by JOHN ADAMS in memory of a dear wife and devoted mother MAISIE died 7th February 1983 aged 53 years And the above named JOHN JAMES died 4th January 1989 aged 60 years Also his mother SADIE died 19th October 1929 aged 22 years interred in Desertmartin Parish Church[/su_box][su_box title="ADAMS-REA"]Stone lying on the ground in the above plot In loving memory of Ella M. Adams, wife of Daniel H. Adams, died 26 May 1934 Jeanie Louise Adams, died 1 November 1965, daughter of John and Tillie Adams also the above Samuel Henry Adams died 9 January 1976 also his daughter, Elizabeth Jane Rea, died 11 November 1986 [/su_box] [su_box title="ADAMS-SMYTH"]In loving memory of John Adams, who died 3 March 1917 his wife, Tillie Smyth, died 6 May 1911 his daughter, Elizabth Smyth, who died 6 March 1912[/su_box] [su_box title="ADCOCK"]In memory of WILLIAM ADCOCK by whom this monument was erected and who departed this life on the 19th day of October 1878 aged 78 years In loving memory of CHARLOTTE wife of WILLIAM ADCOCK who died November 26th 1867 aged 67 years Also her sister SARAH ANN MARSHALL who died September 10th 1853 aged 13 years 2nd headstone Erected by WILLIAM ADCOCK to the memory of his niece SARAH ANN MARSHALL who died November 10th 1853 aged 9 years Also ELIZth MORLEY his wife's sister who died 27th May 1861 aged 25 years Also his wife CHARLOTTE ADCOCK who died Nov 26th 1867 aged 66 years [/su_box] [su_box title="ALEXANDER"]Erected by R N ALEXANDER in memory of my father and mother[/su_box] [su_box title="ARMSTRONG"]In loving memory of MARGARET JANE dearly loved wife of JOSEPH ARMSTRONG Moyagney who died 17th December 1959 Also the above JOSEPH ARMSTRONG who died 31st August 1963[/su_box] [su_box title="ATKINSON"]Achifon (Achinson?) Here lieth the body of John Archifon who departed this life 10 July 1803, aged 30 years Possibly Atkinson. See stone below[/su_box] [su_box title="ATKINSON"]In loving memory of John Atkinson died 19 November 1978 also his sister, Minnie, died 24 August 1956[/su_box] [su_box title="ATKINSON"]1908 ATKINSON[/su_box] [su_box title="ATKINSON"]In loving memory of a dear husband and father WILLIAM JAMES died 7th July 1980 aged 79 years Also his devoted wife and a dearly loved mother MARTHA died 6th February 1996 aged 84 years[/su_box][su_box title="BELLINGHAM"]In loving memory of my dear husband HUGH ALEXANDER died 5th August 1953[/su_box] [su_box title="BELLINGHAM"]To the memory of JOHN BELLINGHAM who died 12th June 1908 aged 84 years Also his wife MARGARET JANE who died 12th March 1908 aged 72 years[/su_box] [su_box title="BLAIR"]Erected in memory of JANE BLAIR of Culmore who died 22nd Jan 1903 aged 75 years Also her husband JOHN BLAIR who died 16th Dec 1904 aged 75 years And their son WILLIAM who died 14th May 1906 aged 52 years Also DANIEL BLAIR who died 17th Sept 1932 aged 68 years[/su_box] [su_box title="BLAKE"]In loving memory of a dear husband and father JAMES died 7th November 1999 aged 77 years[/su_box] [su_box title="BONES"]Precious memories of our baby girl VICTORIA EVELYN 2nd May 2001 [/su_box] [su_box title="BRADLEY"]ANDREW died 24th June 1949 his wife MARGARET died 19th September 196? Their son BERTIE died 23rd November 1937[/su_box] [su_box title="BRADLEY"]In memory of ROBERT BRADLEY who died 29th March 1899 aged 74 years Also his wife ELIZABETH who died 12th March 1922 age 79 years And their daughter ANNIE MARGARET who died 7th March 1922 aged 47 years[/su_box] [su_box title="BRADLEY"]ROBERT BRADLEY died 7th July 1951 aged 70 years And his son ROBERT B ROSS BRADLEY died 23rd July 1975 aged 50 Also his wife ISBELLA died 12th March 1987 aged 84[/su_box] [su_box title="BRODLY-SPALLON"]Here lieth the body of Margret Brodly, alias Spallon, who departed this life 1 November 1809, aged 62 years[/su_box][su_box title="BRODIN"]Here lyeth the body of Charles Brodin, who departed this life (?)8 May 17?9 (1779?), aged (deteriorated)[/su_box] [su_box title="BOYD"]GAGE BOYD Lismoyle died November 26th 1913 aged 81 years MARY BOYD wife of the above named died September 18th 1914 aged 84 years MARY KING BOYD died March 21st 1917[/su_box] [su_box title="BOYD"]Erected to the memory of Joseph Boyd, who departed this life 9 March 1861, aged 84 years also two of his grandchildren, Joseph and Mary also his son, Hugh, who died 15 October 1888, aged 73 years also his daughter-in-law, Elizabeth, who died 19 July 1895, aged 69 years[/su_box] [su_box title="BOYD"]Here lieth the body of Rachel Reid, who died 25 January 1784, aged 44 years[/su_box] [su_box title="BROWN"]Here lieth the body of George Brown who departed this life 18 September 1764, 71 years of age[/su_box] [su_box title="BROWN – TOY – WALLACE"]Enclosed within an iron fenced area, are the following three old headstones. Sacred to the memory of George Brown, who departed this life 12 August 1842, aged 42 years also his son, Henry Brown, who departed this life 27 June 1849, aged 19 years also Henrietta Brown, who departed this life 26 July 1851, aged 13 yearsErected by Mrs. Ann Brown to the memory of her son, Spencer, who died 7 July 1861, aged 26 years her daughter, Margaret, who died 9 June 1890, aged 61 years her daughter, Jane, who died 26 August 1890, aged 42 years the above named Ann Brown, who died 23 January 1894, aged 94 yearsErected by Mrs. Ann Brown, to the memory of her granddaughter, Henrietta Toy, who died 3 July 1862, aged 6 years her grandson, George Toy, who died 21 June 1863, aged 1 month her granddaughter, Jane Wallace, who died 25 March 1886, aged 26 years her great granddaughter, Augusta Wallace, who died 23 June 1886, 5 years and 8 months[/su_box] [su_box title="BROWN"]In loving remembrance of JAMES BROWNE died 3rd Sept 1931 aged 89 years his wife HENRIETTA ROWAN died 15th Aug 1924 aged 76 years Also their children MARY HENRIETTA, HENRY and JAMES SPENCER died in childhood HARRIET JANE died 18th May 1956 ELSIE MAUD MARGARET died 19th February 1965 MATILDA ROWAN died 21st October 1970 HENRY ROWAN died 18th Dec 1890 aged 8 years his wife MARY ROWAN died 30th Oct 1879 aged 78 years Also their two daughters MATILDA died 3rd Sept 1914 ELIZABETH died 6th Dec 1873[/su_box] [su_box title="BURNSIDE"]Burnside The Burnside Family, Mayknock[/su_box] [su_box title="BURNSIDE"]Erected to the memory of WILLIAM BURNSIDE Moynock who died 22nd December 1896 Also his wife MATILDA BURNSIDE who died 15th January 1920[/su_box][su_box title="CAMPBELL"]Erected to the memory of ALEXANDER CAMPBELL who departed this life 26th November 1883 aged 56 years Also his beloved wife MARY who departed this life 1st April 1888 aged 71 years Also his son THOMAS CAMPBELL died 7th Aug 1929 And MATILDA wife of the above named THOMAS CAMPBELL died 26th Nov 1933 Also their sons ROBERT died 16th March 1908 ? died ? Oct 1909 ? died 18 May 1912 ? daughter MARY ?[/su_box] [su_box title="CAMPBELL"]Erected by ARCHIBALD CAMPBELL Moneyscillan in memory of his beloved wife MARGARET who died 2nd June 1879 aged 50 years[/su_box] [su_box title="CAMPBELL"]To the memory of Elizabeth Campbell, who departed this life 10 August 1826, aged 60 years also Alex. Campbell, her husband, departed this life 20 January 1829, aged 70 years[/su_box] [su_box title="CAMPBELL"]Drimbolg HENRY JOHN died 20th August 1978 ANNIE EVELYN died 30th June 1981[/su_box] [su_box title="CAMPBELL – McCILFATRICK - STEWART"]Here lieth the body of Mary Campbell, who departed this life 3 February 1780, aged 56 years also Nancy McIlfatrick, who died 15 August 1871, aged 26 years also Mary McIlfatrick, who died 5 March 1941 also Stewart McIlfatrick, died 19 October 1944[/su_box] [su_box title="CAMPBELL"]In loving memory of a dear wife and mother ANNA died 6th July 1992[/su_box] [su_box title="CAMPBELL"]In loving memory of JAMES CAMPBELL died 8th April 1917 and his wife JANE GORDON died 10th Feb 1924 Also their son SAMUEL JAMES died 27th June 1927 GEORGE GORDON CAMPBELL died 24th January 1966 His wife JANE WOODBURN CAMPBELL died 21st June 1969[/su_box] [su_box title="CAMPBELL"]Erected in memory of JAMES CAMPBELL who died 28th August 1877 aged 86 years Also his wife ANN CAMPBELL who died 8th July 1878 aged 80 years And their son JOHN CAMPBELL who died 16th September 1872 aged 28 years Also his son ALEXANDER CAMPBELL who died 7th April 1903 aged 84 years Also his wife ELIZABETH CAMPBELL who died 19th February 1904 age 80 years[/su_box][su_box title="CAMPBELL"]Erected by JANE CAMPBELL in loving memory of her husband JAMES CAMPBELL who died 17th April 1915 aged 80 years And JANE CAMPBELL who died 9th January 1922 aged 89 years[/su_box] [su_box title="CAMPBELL"]In loving memory of my dear husband whom God called home 5th April 1998 aged 85 years And his dear wife LILY whom God called home 22nd April 2000 aged 73 years [/su_box] [su_box title="CAMPBELL"]In memory of MARION JANE CAMPBELL died 21st April 1962 Also her husband JAMES CAMPBELL died 9th July 1971[/su_box] [su_box title="CAMPBELL"]In loving memory of THOMAS JAMES died 30th June 1929 aged 61 His granddaughter ANNIE ELIZABETH ANDERSON died 5th April 1948 aged 6 months His granddaughter infant CAMPBELL died 22nd January 1957 His wife MARGARET died 4th October 1972 aged 85 His daughter MARGARET ELIZABETH died 13th March 2003 aged 92[/su_box] [su_box title="CAR"]Here lieth the body of William Car, who departed this life the 17 February 17?0, aged deteriorated note - there is additional information on the opposite side of the gravestone, but it is very difficult to read [/su_box][su_box title="CARMICHAEL"]Sacred to the memory of Andrew Carmichael, who departed this life 19 October 1840, aged 34 years his wife, Mary, died 1865 and their son, John, died September 1903 his wife, Mary Ann, died 27 February 1918 their son, William, died 31 July 1917 their son, Thomas, died 26 February 1927 their daughter, Mary, died 30 June 1947 their daughter, Matilda Jane, 1 June 1956[/su_box] [su_box title="CARSON"]1900 CARNROE (this is a very old headstone)[/su_box] [su_box title="CASKEY"]Erected by JANE CASKEY in memory of her brother JAMES who died 12th Sept 1884 aged 80 years Also her sister ELIZA who died 2nd April 1886 aged 61 years[/su_box] [su_box title="COTTINGHAM"]T/58581 Private W H COTTINGHAM Royal Army Service Corps 30th November 1941 age 41 War Grave[/su_box] [su_box title="CRAWFORD"]Commemorating ELIZABETH CRAWFORD �nee MCKNIGHT died 1914 RICHARD ALEXANDER LONG died 1931 Their son ROBERT died 1981 all buried in this churchyard Also their other sons RICHARDSON, WILLIAM AND GEORGE who rest elsewhere in England and Ireland Placed here by Connie daughter Helen[/su_box] [su_box title="CRAWFORD"]In memory of SAMUEL McKEE CRAWFORD died 11th Feb 1977[/su_box] [su_box title="CREDY"]Here lyeth the body of Thomas ??Credy, who departed this life, 26 February 1727, (the remainder of the headstone is unreadable) [/su_box] [su_box title="CROCKETT QUESTION"]Erected by ROBERT BROWN In memory of his son TORRANCE ALEXANDER died 15th September 1989 aged 29 years Also the above named ROBERT BROWN died 5th Feby 1996 aged 79 years[/su_box] [su_box title="CROMIE"]In loving memory of WASHINGTON SMYTH Also his wife ANNE LYNN Also their sons SAMUEL IVOR and NOEL HUNTER[/su_box] [su_box title="CUNNINGHAM"]In loving memory of a devoted wife and mother ISABEL who died 17th December 1982 aged 76 years Also JAMES loving husband and father died 14th January 1990 aged 85 years[/su_box] [su_box title="CURRY"]In loving memory of a dear husband and father ALBERT LESLIE died 1st May 1979 aged 75 years Also his devoted wife MARGARET and our dear mother and grandmother died 27th Nov 1992 aged 84 years Grandson of the above COLIN MONTGOMERY 28th March 1956-7th Sep 1991[/su_box][su_box title="DIAMOND"]Here lyeth the body of Bryan Diamond, departed this life, February 1758, difficult to read[/su_box] [su_box title="DIAMOND"]Here lyeth the body of Andrew Diamond, who died 20 September 1773, aged 52 years[/su_box] [su_box title="DIAMOND"]Here lyeth the body of (?????) Diamond,who departed this life, remainder of the gravestone is impossible to read[/su_box] [su_box title="DIFFIN"]Erected by AGNES DIFFIN in memory of her husband FLORENCE DIFFIN who departed this life 10th July 1916 aged 72 years[/su_box] [su_box title="DONNELLY"]JOSEPH DONNELLY called to a higher service 23rd March 1961 Also his wife MARION MAUD passed away on 15th December 1966 And also their daughter MARION ELIZABETH died 18th May 1978[/su_box] [su_box title="FERRIER QUESTION"]In loving memory of SARAH JANE FERRIER of Kilrea who departed this life 11th September 1897 aged 82 years And JOHN ALFRED CAMPBELL of Tyanee died 5th April 1908 aged 2 years [/su_box] [su_box title="GALBRAITH"]In loving memory of TRISTRAM M GALBRAITH died 21st November 1942 And his wife VIOLET S died Christchurch New Zealand 23rd Aug 1989 Also her sister RACHAEL E DOUGHERTY died July 1946[/su_box] [su_box title="GAMBLE"]In loving memory of WILLIAM GAMBLE died 4th April 1972 Also his wife BONNIE died 21st January 1996[/su_box] [su_box title="GARDINER"]In loving memory of HENRY GARDINER Moyknock who died 3rd Oct 1913 aged 60 years Also his three children who died in infancy. Also his wife MARGARET died 13th Jan 1924 aged 69 years Also his son WILLIAM GARDINER died 11th Dec 1934 aged 42 years[/su_box] [su_box title="GARDINER"]Erected in loving memory of ROBERT GARDINER died 30th May 1921 also his daughter MARY ELIZA died 23rd Dec 1882 Also his son WILLIAM HENRY died 5th Feb 1902 also his son ROBERT GAGE died 3rd May 1902 Also his wife SARAH GARDINER died 28th January 1940 aged 96 years Also his son THOMAS JAMES died 29th October 1944 aged 67 years[/su_box] [su_box title="GARVIN"]In loving memory of a dear husband and father JAMES STEVEN Died 10th October 1970 aged 54 years[/su_box][su_box title="GILMORE"]Here lieth the body of Elizabeth Gilmore who departed this life 16 July 1791, aged 37 years Here is also interred his son, Jonathan?? note - remainder is very difficult to read[/su_box] [su_box title="GODFREY"]In loving memory of JOHN a dearly loved husband father grandfather and great grandfather died 4th February 2003 aged 81 years [/su_box] [su_box title="GODFREY"]In loving memory of ROBERT 1881-1940 his wife ELIZABETH 1881-1954 Their daughter MARY 1918-1945 and their son WILLIAM JAMES 1912-2003[/su_box] [su_box title="GODFREY"]In loving memory of WILLIAM GODFREY Craigall died 15th October 1931 His wife NANCY ANN died 16th January 1951 And their son SAMUEL died 25th May 1964 Their son WILLIAM JAMES died 31st May 1995[/su_box] [su_box title="GORDON"]Here lieth the body of Nancy Gordon, who died February ye 6th, 17(8?)3, 1783?, aged 20[/su_box] [su_box title="GRAHAM"]Here lieth the body of Samuel Graham, who departed 09 May 1817, aged 38 years[/su_box] [su_box title="GRAHAM - GRAY"]Here lieth the body of Mary Graham, who departed this life 7 September 1813, aged 53 years also John Gray, her husband, who departed this life 17 February 1817, aged 62 years[/su_box] [su_box title="GRAY"]Erected in memory of William Gray, Dullaghey, who died 18 July 1851, aged 65 years also his beloved wife, Jane Gray, who departed this life 11 January 1892, aged 93 years also their son, John Gray, died 17 February 1895, aged 74 years[/su_box] [su_box title="GREER"]In loving memory of ISOBEL GREER nee LENNOX died 15th May 1979[/su_box][su_box title="HASSON"]In loving remembrance of MARGARET JANE HASSON who departed this life 14th July 1960 And her husband THOMAS HASSON who departed this life 4th June 1966 Daughter MARGARET ISOBEL JACKSON died 13th January 2002 beloved wife of THOMAS JACKSON[/su_box] [su_box title="HASTY QUESTION"]In memory of ELIZABETH HASTY who departed this life 5th Jany 1843 Aged 36 years Also her Husband James Hasty who departed this life 8th July 1848 Aged 48 years Also their Grandson James Hasty who died 14th May 1937This stone is in the older, eastern section between the old church ruins and the 2 foot drop to the newer section. Perhaps it was among the stones on the upper level that Lavonne Bradfield had not had time to include in her earlier visit.[/su_box] [su_box title="HENDERSON"] Erected to the memory of John Henderson, Kilrea, who departed this life 19 March 1841, aged 75 years and Mary, his wife, died 6 September 1813, aged 39 years also their grandson, William Henderson, who died 22 August 1850, aged 16 years and their son, John Henderson, who departed this life 29 October 1882, aged 80 years his wife, Sarah Henderson, who died 2 August 1881, aged 90 years Richard Henderson, who died 10 June 1893 John Henderson, who died 12 January 1894 the above vault lays underneath a tree[/su_box] [su_box title="HILL"]In loving memory of ERNEST ARTHUR HILL died 28th September 1954 Also his dearly loved wife ELLEN EVA died 7th November 1969 [/su_box] [su_box title="HOLMES"]In loving memory of our dear son RUSSELL WILFRED died as result of accident 16th January 1970 aged 7 years 'Safe in the arms of Jesus'[/su_box] [su_box title="HOWE"]In loving memory of ROBERT STANLEY died 19th September 1997 aged 92 years[/su_box] [su_box title="HUNTER"]In loving memory of my beloved husband JAMES HUNTER MPSI. JP died 17th August 1950 Also our daughter LORNA WALLACE HUNTER died 19th January 1930 and HARRIETTA FLORENCE beloved wife of the above JAMES HUNTER died 23rd November 1973 Also their daughter DEHRA ROE HUNTER died 16th May 1998[/su_box] [su_box title="HUNTER"]In loving memory of THOMAS HUNTER Kilrea who died 13th September 1889 aged 77 years Also his wife MARY HUNTER who died 20th January 1892 aged 86 years And their son-in-law JOHN SMILEY late of Coleraine who died 11th December 1878 aged 53 years Also their daughter MARGARET who died May 1918 aged 78 years[/su_box] [su_box title="HUNTER"]Here lieth the body of William Hunter, who departed this life 20 January 1787, aged 2 years and 7 months [/su_box] [su_box title="HUNTER - STEWART"]Erected to the memory of Mary, beloved wife of George Hunter, who died 26 April 1888, aged 70 years also above name George Hunter, who died 5 February 1896, aged 82 years also his son, John Stewart Hunter, who died 7 July 1896, aged 49 years also his son, George Hunter, who died 27 September 1895, aged 46 years [/su_box] [su_box title="HUTCHINSON"]In loving memory of our dear parents HANNAH C died 25th Jan 1983 aged 82 THOMAS J died 6th July 1984 aged 96 Our sisters RUTH died 14th Oct 1930 aged 14 days KATHLEEN R died 17th Dec 1939 aged 15 years ANNA WILSON died 4th July 1992 aged 60 years[/su_box] [su_box title="HUTCHINSON"]In loving memory of JOSEPH HUTCHINSON Moneygran died 2nd January 1959 Also his wife JEANNIE REA died 28th November 1973 'At Rest'[/su_box] [su_box title="HUTCHINSON – CREIGHTON - HUNTER"]Creighton Hutchinson, who died at Moneygrann, 2 July 1874 Ann Hunter, his wife, died 13 July 1890 Joseph, their first born who died 22 July 1897 and their daughter, Mary, who died 17 September 1922, aged 87 years also their son, Thomas, who died 22 February 1932, aged 90 years[/su_box][su_box title="IRWIN"]In loving memory of THOMAS died 14th January 1984 aged 70 And his wife SARAH died 8th June 1996 aged 85[/su_box] [su_box title="JOHNSTON"]Erected in memory of JOHN C JOHNSTON died 29th June 1890 aged 84 years Also his wife MARY ANN who died 8th May 1898 aged 84 years Also their son-in-law died 26th April 1900 aged 44 years Also his wife LETITIA CHURCH HUNTER who died 30th April 1928 aged 73 years[/su_box] [su_box title="JOHNSTON"]The Rev Canon S WILFRED JOHNSTON M.A. rector of this parish 1947-1969 died 17 June 1980 His daughter NADINE M SCOTT died 11th April 2002[/su_box] [su_box title="JONES"]In loving memory of MARGARET ISABELL died 27th August 1989 Her husband JACK died 8th October 1994[/su_box] [su_box title="KERR"]In loving memory of HENRY and ISOBELL KERR and family 'Forever in our thoughts'[/su_box] [su_box title="KERR"]In loving memory of my dear husband JAMES KERR died 16th April 1931and his children MAGGIE GILMORE died 21st June 1896 JAMES died 26Nov 1900 THOMAS died 1st May 1904 ANNIE died 12th Sept 1905 And his wife MARY JANE died 23rd March 1958 And his son ROBERT JAMES died 16th Feb 1964[/su_box] [su_box title="KERR"]In loving memory of a dear wife and devoted mother MINNIE died 1st February 1973 And our father WILLIAM died 12th May 1997 aged 91 years Also ANNA a devoted wife and mother died 11th July 1999 aged 60 years[/su_box] [su_box title="KERR"]SAMUEL KERR died 8th March 1941 aged 71 years Also his wife MARGARET JANE who died 27th August 1952 aged 75 years And their son-in-law WILLIAM JOHNSTON died 21st January 1977 aged 65 years Also his wife MABEL ELIZABETH died 16th May 1993 aged 75 years[/su_box] [su_box title="KERR"]In loving memory of our dear son SAMUEL ERNEST died 20th Aug 1945 aged 6 years Also his father SAMUEL died 18th Aug 1982 aged 78 years And his mother ELLEN died 8th April 2003 aged 93 years[/su_box] [su_box title="KERR"]In loving memory of WILLIAM KERR died 7th February 1909 and his wife MARGARET died 14th January 1919 Also their daughter ANNE REID died 11th October 1916 erected by their sons THOMAS and SAMUEL[/su_box] [su_box title="KIDD"]In loving memory of GEORGE KIDD J.P. who died 24th June 1938 his wife CHARLOTTE MARY who died 23rd October 1937 And their son ALAN KIDD M.D. who died in Colombo 27th August 1922 Their daughter ANNE ELIZABETH who died 31st May 1971 their daughter ETHEL BEATRICE who died 13th July 1968[/su_box] [su_box title="KILLOUGH – GRAHAM – HAMILTON - STEWART"]In loving memory of Ruth Graham Killough, who died 26 June 1928, aged 72 years also her husband, Robert Stewart, who died 12 April1935, aged 76 years and their son, John Hamilton Killough, B.A., A., M.B.E., who died 28 August 1939, aged 57 years also their daughter, Martha S. Killough, died 3 June 1966, aged 70 years also their daughter-in-law, Louise Adelaide, died 11 February 1968, aged 69 years dear wife of William James K. Killough also their son, the above named William James Killough, who died 4 January 1980, aged 88 years[/su_box] [su_box title="KILLPATRICK"]Erected to the memory of Adam Killpatrick, who died 1 August 1792, aged 64 years also his wife, Elizabeth, died 12 April 1787, aged 70 years and his son, William, who died 10 February 1837, aged 78 years [/su_box] [su_box title="KINNEY"]In loving memory of SARAH died 1976 JOSEPH 1909 - 1980 VIOLET 1930 - 1984[/su_box] [su_box title="KIRK"]In memory of MARY the beloved wife of ROBERT KIRK Who died at the MCREERS Hotel 12th April 1897 aged 52 years Also the above named ROBERT KIRK who died 30th March 1898 aged 48years BEST In memory of ANNA MARIA BEST Born 1834 - Died 1933 'Until the day breaks'[/su_box][su_box title="KIRKWOOD"]Erected by Robert Kirkwood, in memory of his wife, Eizabeth Kirkwood, who dep this life 2 February 1853, aged 35 years [/su_box] [su_box title="KIRKPATRICK"]In loving memory of ROBERTA a beloved wife and mother who died 9th August 2000 aged 65 years[/su_box][su_box title="LANE WAOD"]The headstone is badly deteriorated.[/su_box] [su_box title="LAMONT"]LAMONT no words on gravestone[/su_box] [su_box title="LENNOX"]In memory of DAVID died 28th December 1984[/su_box] [su_box title="LENNOX"]In loving memory of ELIZABETH LENNOX born 15th May 1917 died 7th December 1985 And her husband HARRY born 11th January 1916 died 4th November 1995 Also their son IVOR born 4th November 1939 died 7th February 2000 [/su_box] [su_box title="LENNOX"]George Lennox, 1862-1935, a lone man[/su_box] [su_box title="LENNOX"]In loving memory of HENRY LENNOX born 6th November 1869 died 29th July 1926 And his wife JANE born 1st September 1889 died 9th January 1972 Their daughter JANE McDONALD died 12th November 1995 aged 89 years Their son RICHARD born 21st September 1908 died 24th January 1999 Brother of JANE LENNOX, DAVID McCARROLL born December 1883 died 13th June 1963 [/su_box] [su_box title="LENNOX"]In loving memory of JAMES LENNOX M.D. J.P. Of the Manor House Kilrea who died 23rd January 1924 Also his mother MARIA ANN THOMSON who died 5th February 1917 Also his wife FLORENCE JANE LENNOX who died 27th June 1942 Also his younger son DR THOMAS MADILL LENNOX died 5th November 1986 aged 72 years �Until the day breaks and the shadows flee away� Far left of Moneygran Road entry gate.[/su_box] [su_box title="LENNOX"]In loving memory of Joseph Lennox, called home 16 May 1928 his wife, Isabella, called home 26 April 1976 [/su_box] [su_box title="LENNOX"]To the memory of John Lennox, who departed this life 8 June 1823, aged 66 years also his daughter, Margaret, aged 20 years[/su_box] [su_box title="LENNOX"]Here lieth the body of (???mes) (James?) Lennox who departed this life 8 (September?) 1817, aged 28 years also Henry Lennox who departed this life, 5 August 185(9?) (1859?), aged 6(6?) (66?) years also, Jane, his wife, who departed this life 30 September 187(4?) (1874?), aged 74 years[/su_box] [su_box title="LIDDLE"]In memory of EMMA CAROLINE LIDDLE Who died 20th July 1947[/su_box] [su_box title="LILLEY"]In loving memory of my dear parents JAMES M LILLEY died 24th November 1943 aged 78 years And his wife ANN JANE died 17th June 1953 aged 85 years His brother HUGH died 13th March 1959 aged 85 years Also their son JAMES died 22nd May 1973 aged 57 years [/su_box] [su_box title="LYLE"]In loving memory of WALTER my husband STEWART MILLAR only son of ROBERT and MILLIE LYLE Muckamore died 10th December 1982 [/su_box][su_box title="MACAW"]Erected to the memory of KENNEDY MACAW who departed this life 14 March 1857 aged 70 years Also his nephew SAMUEL MACAW who departed this life July 2nd 1872 aged 24 years[/su_box] [su_box title="MARKS"]Erected in loving memory of GARDINER MARKS Kilrea who died 14th April 1896 aged 70 years Also his wife MARGARET JANE who died 16th Aug 1904 aged 72 years And their children ANNIE died 14th July 1897 THOMAS died 21st Oct 1900 OLPHERT died 18th Jan 1905 ELIZABETH died 17th Jan 1927[/su_box] [su_box title="MATTHEWS"]In loving memory of MARY ELIZA the dearly loved ----? of CHAS MATTHEWS -----------? CHARLES MATTHEWS -----------? Impossible to make out the words[/su_box] [su_box title="MAYBERRY"]Here lieth the body of Margaret Mayberry who departed August ye 6, 1783, aged 49 years and three children. No children listed[/su_box] [su_box title="MAYBERRY"]In memory of our dear father and mother Thomas Mayberry, who died 20 April 1916 Mary Ann Mayberry, who died 13 February 1922 also their children[/su_box] [su_box title="MAYBERRY"]Here lieth the body of John Mayberry, who departed this life 18 August 1824, aged 90 years[/su_box] [su_box title="MAYBERRY"]In loving memory of William James Mayberry, died 9 January 1959 also his wife, Jane, died 6 April 1982[/su_box] [su_box title="MAYBERRY"]no additional words[/su_box][su_box title="McALLISTER"]In loving memory of WILLIAM ORR beloved husband of JOYCE McALLISTER died 31st March 1962 aged 23 years[/su_box] [su_box title="McCARROLL"]In loving memory of a dear father and mother JOHNSTON died 14th August 1931 MARY died 1st November 1968[/su_box] [su_box title="McCARTER"]In memory of a much loved and loving wife and mother ALICE LOUISE died 10th July 1986 aged 49 years[/su_box] [su_box title="McCAW"]In loving memory of CHARLES McCAW died 18th December 1942 and his wife MARY died 28th January 1971 Also their son-in-law ALEXANDER SCOTT died 7th November 1977[/su_box] [su_box title="McCAW"]In loving memory of THOMAS JOSEPH McCAW called home 8th January 1983 aged 77 years Also his wife ELIZABETH called home 27th October 1999 aged 86 years[/su_box] [su_box title="McFADDEN"]In loving memory of ANDREW BARBOUR died 30th November 1988 his wife MABEL KYLE died 14th June 1986 Her mother SARAH JANE HOLDEN died 8th October 1935[/su_box] [su_box title="McFADDEN"]JAMES McFADDEN died 2nd January 1887 aged 80 years JANE McFADDEN his wife died 7th August 1897 aged 80 years And their son SAMUEL McFADDEN died 6th July 1882 aged 21 years[/su_box] [su_box title="McFADDEN"]In loving memory of MARGARET McFADDEN who died 17th April 1905 aged 20 years SAMUEL McFADDEN who died 4th July 1908 aged 21 years Also their mother MARGARET JANE died 21st Aug 1921 Also their father RICHARD McFADDEN I.S.M. J.P. died 3rd March 1931 aged 73 years Also their sister MARY B McFADDEN died 4th Jan 1929 ISABELLA McFADDEN who died 27th April 1969[/su_box] [su_box title="McFADDEN"]Erected by WILLIAM McFADDEN in memory of his dearly beloved daughter MARY JANE wife of JOHN McCART who died 3rd Nov 1882 aged 23 years[/su_box] [su_box title="McGILLIGAN"]In fond and loving memory of JOHN died Nov 1950 aged 82 years His wife MARGARET died 8th April 1919 aged 26 years also RANDALL died 18th June 1925 aged 45 years JANE died 25th Feb 1951 aged 84 years Erected by his son[/su_box] [su_box title="McILROY"]Here lieth the body of James McI?roy (illegible - best guess is McIlroy) who departed this life 2? March 179(2?), aged 12 years[/su_box][su_box title="McINTYRE"]Sacred to the memory of JAMES McINTYRE Claragh died 16th Feb 1875 His wife MARGARET died in 1884 Their daughter ANNIE died 17th May 1909 their sons STEWART died 28th Feb 1919 CHARLES died ? Mar 1918 JAMES died ? 1918 This monument erected by the executors of the last named JAMES McINTYRE[/su_box][su_box title="McINTYRE"]In loving memory of JOHN McINTYRE died 6th April 1891 also his wife SARAH JANE died 14th August 1934 Also their family WILLIAM died 6th Feby 1893 MARY E died 25th May 1893 ROBERT G died 30th April 1894 CHARLOTTE died 19th Feby 1907 SAMUEL R died 8th Feby 1958 MIRIAM died 21st Sept 1978 wife of SAMUEL R [/su_box] [su_box title="MCKAY and LENNOX"]large grave – but no words on headstone[/su_box] [su_box title="McKAY"]In loving memory of JOHN MCKAY Ballynease died 19th January 1961 And his wife ELIZABETH died 14th October 1991 [/su_box] [su_box title="McKAY"]Erected to the memory of JOHN McKAY of Kilrea departed this life 15th June 1889 aged 69 years And of his wife ELIZABETH McKAY who died 21st August 1905 And their son JOHN McKAY who died 13th June 1942 aged 72 years[/su_box] [su_box title="McKAY"]Erected in memory of NEIL McKAY Lislea died 11th Aug 1899 aged 88 years Also his wife JANE McKAY died 17th Sep 1895 aged 72 years And their son ROBERT McKAY died 4th June 1913 aged 52 years Also their daughter ELIZABETH McKAY died 4th Aug 1944 aged 82 years And their son WILLIAM McKAY died 20th Dec 1947 aged 82 years[/su_box] [su_box title="McKAY"]In loving memory of THOMAS JAMES McKAY Ballynean who died 9th March 1949 Also his daughter MARTHA REBECCA loved wife of JOHN BOYCE who died 2nd April 1949 Also MARY ELIZABETH wife of THOMAS J McKAY who died 15th March 1953 Also their son WILLIAM J McKAY who died 22nd August 1982 aged 78 years Also ELIZABETH CATHERWOOD McKAY wife of WILLIAM J McKAY who died 20th August 1994 aged 87 years [/su_box] [su_box title="McKAY"]In fond remembrance of a dear husband and father ROBERT N McKAY died 1st Dec 1961 Also his wife NANCY JANE died 6th Oct 1988[/su_box] [su_box title="McKAY"]In loving memory of WILLIAM MCKAY Lislea who died 19th July 1912 aged 72 years And his wife MARY who died 8th April 1920 aged 85 years And his son JAMES MCKAY who died 1879 aged 2 years Also his father and mother WILLIAM and MARY ANN MCKAY And THOMAS B MCKAY who died 26th March 1948. [/su_box] [su_box title="McKAY"]In loving memory of WILLIAM J McKAY died 16th December 1960 also his wife ISABELLA died 19th January 1960 Also their son WILLIAM JOHN McKAY died 17th July 1992 [/su_box][su_box title="McKEOWN"]In loving memory of KATHLEEN EDITH died 4th September 1989 and her brother ROBERT JAMES died 3rd March 1990 Also her sister DENISE MARGARET died 25th August 1994[/su_box] [su_box title="McKEOWN"]Erected by THOMAS McKEOWN in loving memory of his children LIZZIE died 24th Decr 1884 ANNIE LOUISA died 31st May 1885 MARY died 25th July 1888 JEANNIE died 8th Feby 1898 ISABELLA & EMILY died in infancy Also his beloved wife ELIZABETH died 6th March 1912 also the above named THOMAS McKEOWN died 21st Dec 1919 Also his son ROBERT T McKEOWN died 29th March 1946 and his wife ELIZABETH died 26th August 1949[/su_box] [su_box title="McKEOWN"][/su_box][su_box title="McLARY"]Here lyeth the body of John McLary, who died 14 July 1773, aged 59 years[/su_box] [su_box title="McLAUGHLIN"]In loving memory of our dear father JOHN who died 18th January 1969 Also our loving mother MARTHA who died 16th June 1973 Also their son JOHN who died 8th November 1988 AGNES beloved wife of SYDNEY 3-10-1926 - 27-11-2001[/su_box] [su_box title="McNEILL"]In loving memory of my dear husband JOHN McNEILL died 30th Oct 1963 age 55 years[/su_box] [su_box title="McNEILL"]Maynock In loving memory of ROBERT died 7th June 1971 MARY BELLA died 13th April 1948 and their family WILLIAM JOHN died 14th June 1954 GORDON died 30th May 1997[/su_box] [su_box title="McNEILL"]Erected in memory of Thomas McNeill, Mayknock, in memory of his beloved wife, Margaret, died 30 January 1887, aged 62 years and their daughter, Mary Ann, who died 8 July 1879, aged 28 years the above Thomas McNeill, who died 19 February 1915[/su_box] [su_box title="McNEILL - ARMSTRONG"]Erected by ?? children, in memory of their father, Abraham McNeill, who departed this life 12 November 1842/1847? also his wife, Mary Armstrong, who was layed to rest 19 March 1854[/su_box][su_box title="McREDY"]Here lyeth the body of Neal McRedy who departed this life 29 February 1749, A.D.C., aged (7?)2 (72?) years [/su_box] [su_box title="McALARY"]Here lyeth the body of James McAlary, who died 7 July 1770, aged 50? or is it 59?[/su_box] [su_box title="McALARY"]Here lyeth the body of Danl (presumably Daniel) McAlary, who departed this life 20 May 17?? [/su_box] [su_box title="McALLEN"]Erected by JOHN McALLEN in memory of his mother CHARLOTTE McALLEN died Oct 29th 1863 aged 48 years His wife CHARITY McALLEN died May 10th 1884 aged 35 years His father DANIEL McALLEN died July 1st 1884 aged 74 years His sister SARAH McALLEN died Feb 23rd 1883 aged 26 years His son WM J McALLEN died Oct 15th 1899 aged 22 years His wife MARY McALLEN died Oct 24th 1921 aged 85 years Also the above named JOHN McALLEN died 30th Jan 1923 aged 71 years Also his son THOMAS died 30th June 1924 aged 43 years[/su_box] [su_box title="McCORMICK"]In loving memory of a dear mother and grandmother DORIS wife of the late ROBERT died 9th January 1994[/su_box] [su_box title="McCORMICK"]In loving memory of MARY McCORMICK died 26th August 1967[/su_box] [su_box title="McQUILLAN"]no additional words on gravestone[/su_box] [su_box title="MICHAEL"]Erected by ARCH MICHAEL in memory ??????? ROBERT who departed this life June 7 ? 1879 aged 79 years Also his granddaughter who died 14th Oct 1862 aged 14 years And his grandson who died 28th Oct 1882 aged 16 years And also ARCHIBALD MICHAEL who died 3rd Oct 1889 aged 71 years[/su_box] [su_box title="MICHAEL"]Erected by JAMES MICHAEL in loving memory of his wife SUSAN MICHAEL died 31st March 1902 aged 40 years Also the above named JAMES MICHAEL died 12th Feb 1906 aged 43 years[/su_box][su_box title="MICHAEL"]Erected by MARY MICHAEL Kilrea to the memory of her father JOHN MICHAEL of Drumagarner who died 9th May 1909 aged 74 years Also her mother MATILDA MICHAEL who died 24th April 1909 aged 69 years Also her brother JOHN MICHAEL who died 22nd Feb 1893 aged 27 years also CATHERINE her sister who died in infancy Also the above named MARY MICHAEL who died 27th July 1935 aged 73 years[/su_box] [su_box title="MICHAEL"]Erected to the memory of James Michael, Bovedy, who died 19 November 1856, aged 72 years also his daughter, Annie Michaell, who died 9? November 1860, aged 41 years[/su_box] [su_box title="MILLIGAN"]In loving memory of a dear husband and father THOMAS died 16th March 1985 And his wife MAMIE died 26th May 1990[/su_box] [su_box title="MITCHELL"]In loving memory of DAVID a very precious husband and devoted father died 4th March 1987[/su_box] [su_box title="MITCHELL"]Sacred to the memory of JAMES MITCHELL who died 1st August 1913 Also his wife ELIZABETH who died 23rd February 1915[/su_box] [su_box title="MITCHELL"]In memory of Leslie Mitchell, who departed this life 31 December 1866, aged 18 years[/su_box] [su_box title="MITCHELL"]In loving memory of a dear wife and devoted mother SARAH ELIZABETH died 14th November 1982 Also SAM a devoted husband and father died 25th Oct 1992 aged 91 years[/su_box] [su_box title="MOONEY"]Here lyeth the body of Mary Mooney, who departed this life 28 August 1791, aged 3 years[/su_box] [su_box title="MOORE"]In loving memory of GEORGE a dear husband father and grandfather died 10th Aug 2003 aged 66 years[/su_box] [su_box title="MOORE"]no words on the headstone[/su_box] [su_box title="MULHOLLAND"]Erected by ARTHUR MULHOLLAND of Kilrea in memory of his dearly beloved wife JANE who departed this life 31st October 1884 aged 71 years Also the above named ARTHUR MULHOLLAND who departed this life 14th June 1895 aged 86 years[/su_box] [su_box title="MURPHY"]THOMAS O'FEE MURPHY died 24th October 1980 aged 69 years[/su_box] [su_box title="MURPHY"]no words on the gravestone[/su_box] [su_box title="MURPHY"]as above, nothing written on headstone[/su_box][su_box title="NEELY"]In loving memory of ALSTON died 11th March 1951 Also his father WILLIAM JAMES died 7TH Dec 1953 And his mother MARGARET GRAHAM died 17th November 1966[/su_box] [su_box title="NEELY"]In fond remembrance of ROBERT NEELY who died 3rd January 1973 Also his wife ELIZABETH who died 24th September 1966[/su_box] [su_box title="NELSON"]In memory of the NELSON family[/su_box] [su_box title="NICHOLL"]In loving memory of JAMES died 6th Oct 1929 aged 97 years SUSAN died 31st Jan 1940 aged 87 years Daughter CHARLOTTE of Lislea died 22nd May 1992 aged 98 years[/su_box] [su_box title="NICHOLL"]ANNIE JANE died 22nd Feb 1966 ROBERT GAGE died 4th Oct 1970 Erected by their son THOMAS[/su_box] [su_box title="O'FEE"]In memorium LIZZIE died 1st April 1971 THOMAS died 10th December 1915 SARA died 13th January 1917 JOHN died 4th January 1921[/su_box] [su_box title="O'FEE"]In loving memory of STEWART O'FEE died 24th May 1911 aged 62 years Also his beloved wife JANE died 20th June 1909 aged 61 years and their children STEWART died 13th March 1920 aged 41 years KATHLEEN died 19th Oct 1925 aged 37 years JAMES died 13th May 1938 aged 55 years MARGARET MARIA O'FEE born 5th August 1880 died 16th February 1945 JANET wife of JAMES died 17th December 1958 aged 78 years On the left edge of the main headstone above, written on the frame of the grave, is: Sgt J E O'FEE R.A.F. Killed in action over Italy August 9th 1944Attached at the bottom bottom of the main headstone is a smaller gravestone which says: Naval School Master. STEWART O'FEE R.N. H.M.S. Vivid 13th March 1920 aged 41 'A man of Good Report'[/su_box] [su_box title="PATTON"]Old headstone barely readable JOHN PATTON 21st January 1841 aged 78 years ANN ?? April P????? died ???? London only names readable at the bottom[/su_box] [su_box title="PINKERTON FAMILY"]In loving memory of a dear husband and father SAMUEL died 10th Augt 1959 Also his beloved wife MATILDA died 6th Jany 2000 And their daughter SUSAN died 23rd March 2001[/su_box] [su_box title="PROCTOR"]In loving memory of AGNES REBECCA beloved wife of JOHN T PROCTOR died 3rd June 1964 And the above JOHN THOMAS PROCTOR died 31st May 1966 Also MARGARET KATHLEEN died 6th Dec 1976 beloved wife of KAYE DON PROCTOR Also KAYE DON PROCTOR died 13th Nov 1988[/su_box] [su_box title="PURCELL"]Erected by JANE PURCELL In memory of her mother NANCY PURCELL who died 14th Aug 1905 Also the above JANE PURCELL who died 29th June 1949[/su_box] [su_box title="RANKIN"]In loving memory of WALTER a dear husband father and grandfather died 18th Sept 1998 aged 63 years[/su_box] [su_box title="RITCHIE"]To the memory of CHARLES RITCHIE late of Carnroe who died the 10th March 1849 aged 63 years Also MARY his wife who died 6th April 1854 aged 73 years [/su_box] [su_box title="ROBINSON"]there are no words on the gravestone[/su_box] [su_box title="ROSS"]In memoriam JACOB ROSS ET FAMILNE EJUS USQUE AD MORTEM F: DELIS 1881[/su_box][su_box title="SAVAGE"]MARJORIE SAVAGE wife of the late WILLIAM died 10th December 1991 aged 87 years[/su_box] [su_box title="SCOTT"]Here lieth the body of William Scott who departed this life 8 May 1807, aged 66 years [/su_box] [su_box title="SCULLION"]In loving memory of FRANK SCULLION born 29th March 1906 died 20th Feb 1972 And his wife RACHEL born 13th Aug 1910 died 12th Aug 1994[/su_box] [su_box title="SHAW"]Erected to the memory of JAMES SHAW who departed this life 18th Feb 1852 aged 37 years And to the memory of his mother ELIZABETH SHAW who died 25th Jan 1865 aged 66years Also to the memory of his father ARCHD SHAW who died 31st May 1867 aged 53 years[/su_box] [su_box title="SIXSMITH"]In loving memory of ALBERT EDWARD SIXSMITH Canon of St Columbs Cathedral, Derry Rector of this Parish for 44 years OBIT 21st February 1938 AEIAT 77 REV XXI[/su_box] [su_box title="SLOAN"]Here lieth the body of Mary Sloan, who departed this life 2 October 1822, aged 58 years [/su_box] [su_box title="SLOAN"]Robert John Sloan, Ballymaconnelley, died 8 January 1983, aged 74 years[/su_box] [su_box title="SLOAN"]In loving memory of ROBERT SLOAN, Moyknock died 8th Aug 1924 Also his wife MARGARET SLOAN died 13th Dec 1935 Their daughter ELIZABETH McGILLIGAN died 27th Jan 1940 Their son ROBERT Wm SLOAN died 25th Oct 1959 And his wife ANNIE M. SLOAN died 23rd July 1948[/su_box][su_box title="SLOAN"]Erected in memory of Thomas James Sloan, died 4 February 1938, aged 71 years also his wife, Annie, died 25 September 1953, aged 70 years and their son, Joseph, died 22 October 1957, aged 46 years also their son, Thomas James, died 23 October 1978, aged 54 years also their son, Bertie, died 4 February 1981, aged 62 years and Isobella, wife of their son Thomas James, died 29 July 1996, aged 80 years[/su_box] [su_box title="SMIRELL"]Sacred to the memory of George Smirell, of Culmore, who departed this life 28 February 1878, aged 72 years[/su_box] [su_box title="SMIRELL"]Here lieth the body of George Smirell, who departed this life 8 May 1804, aged 11 years [/su_box] [su_box title="SMIRL QUESTION"]Erected to the memory of William Smirl, Finvoy, who departed this life 6 November 1851, aged 67 years and his son, John, who died in the year 1814? aged 14 years also in memory of his beloved wife, Jane Smirl, who departed this life 21 August 1877, aged 82 years[/su_box] [su_box title="SMYTH"]In loving memory of JAMES SMYTH died 30th May 1993 aged 55 years[/su_box] [su_box title="SPALLIN"]Here lieth the body of Bernard Spallin, of Drumeandrn?, who departed this life 18 November 1833, aged 84 years [/su_box] [su_box title="SPEERS"]In loving memory of my dear wife MARGARET died 3rd April 1984 aged 53[/su_box] [su_box title="SPEERS"]in loving memory of my wife RACHEL and mother died 19th August 190 Also her husband JAMES died 8th January 1988 Also their son NORMAN died 23rd December 1996[/su_box][su_box title="SPEERS"]In loving memory of a dear husband and father ROBERT died 26th April 1986 Also his dear wife and a dearly loved mother ELLEN died 6th September 2001 Stewart Erected to the memory of Alexander Stewart, who departed this life 28 December 1836, aged 83 years Jane, his wife, who departed this life, 9 March 1836, aged 80 years also their granddaughter, Jane Stewart, who departed this life 7 October 1838, aged 25 years also Margaret, wife of Charles Stewart who died 7 January 1847, aged 77 years and the above named, Charles Stewart, who departed this life 10 June 1851, aged 72 years[/su_box] [su_box title="STEWART"]Elizabeth Stewart who departed (the remainder of the words are not readable, since they are now below ground level)[/su_box] [su_box title="STEWART"]Here lyeth the body of Elizabeth Stewart, (rest of stone below ground level) STEWART Erected by WILLIAM STEWART[/su_box] [su_box title="STEWART"]To the memory of his affectionate father JOHN STEWART of Kilrea who departed this life 3rd April 1845 aged 69 years JANE STEWART his mother departed this life 28th March 1866 ALEXANDER their son on 18th March 1870 aged 65 years Also their daughter CATHERINE who died 19th April 1879 aged 48 years And their daughter MARGARET who died 1st Feb 1881 aged 81 years[/su_box] [su_box title="STINSON"]Erected by RACHEL STINSON Kilrea in memory of her husband JAMES STINSON who departed this life 5th Nov 1910 aged 65 years Also the above named RACHEL STINSON who departed this life 4th Jan 1928 aged 70 years Also her sister ELIZABETH J BENNETT who departed this life 18th January 1941[/su_box] [su_box title="STINSON"]In loving memory of a dear husband and father WILLIAM died 7th August 1961 Also his wife MARY died 19th December 1974 Their son ANDREW RICHARD died 27th November 1985 [/su_box][su_box title="TAYLOR"]In loving memory of a dear husband father and grandfather HUGH died 12th May 1986 aged 67 years 'Till we met again'[/su_box] [su_box title="TAYLOR"]In loving memory of our dear mother AGNES died 2nd Feb 1977 aged 63 Also our dear father GEORGE died 27th Aug 1977 aged 67[/su_box] [su_box title="TAYLOR"]Erected in memory of James Taylor, who departed this life 11 November 1819, aged 30/50 years[/su_box] [su_box title="TAYLOR"]In loving memory of our darling daughter MARGARET ANN died 23rd October 1958 aged 8 days[/su_box] [su_box title="TAYLOR"]In loving memory of a dear husband father and grandfather and great grandfather WILLIAM died 6th Febr 1968 aged 71 years Also his wife MARGARET died 14th June 1999 aged 89 years �Remembered always�[/su_box] [su_box title="THOMPSON"]In loving memory of ADELAIDE MAUD died 23 September 1990 aged 66 And her husband HUGH ERNEST died 8th April 1994[/su_box] [su_box title="TOMB"]To the loving memory of DAVID TOMB Kilrea Who died 14th Oct 1906 aged 89 years Also three of his children JAMES MAXWELL WILLIAM CHURCH and JAMES MAXWELL who died young And of his sons JOHN HAMILTON died at New York 25th December 1928 Also DAVID last surviving child born 7th Sept 1882 died 15th November 1954[/su_box] [su_box title="TOMB"]In loving memory of JAMES TOMB J.P. Kilrea Who died at Coleraine, 20th December 1922 aged 82 years Also his daughter MARY ISABELLA who died 14th November 1924 Also his dearly beloved wife MARY JANE who died 21st June 1936 aged 83 years And ANNIE TOMB who died 11th December 1947 MARGARET TOMB who died 24th December 1950Both interred in Coleraine Cemetery JOHN WALKER TOMB O.B.E. M.D. who died 22nd Feb 1948 interred at Manley NSW JAMES ALEXANDER TOMB MB, Ch.B. D.P.H. Lancaster Lancs who died there 1st Aug 1960. Cremated.[/su_box] [su_box title="TONER"]In loving memory of WILLIAM JAMES died 26th September 2001 aged 90 years[/su_box] [su_box title="TORRENS"]In loving memory of THOMAS TORRENS Drumsara died 8th May 1889 aged 62 years Also his wife CATHERINE died 1st March 1907 aged 90 years Also his son HUGH died 28th October 1940[/su_box] [su_box title="TRIMBLES - BOYD"]Here lieth the body of Dennis Trimbles, who departed this life 6 October 1793, aged 58 years also his daughter, Mary Boyd, who died 5 May 1853, aged 70 years[/su_box] [su_box title="TURNER"]In loving memory of JOHN CHARLES died 16th January 1958 And his wife ADELINE MARGARET died 9th November 1991 also baby TURNER died 28th March 1973[/su_box][su_box title="WALKER"]Erected by Daniel Walker, of Kilrea, in memory of his two sons Daniel, departed this life 13 November 1863, aged 3 years John, departed this life 3 May 1864, aged 17 years and 4 months[/su_box] [su_box title="WALKER"]vault, with no additional words[/su_box] [su_box title="WALLACE"]Sacred to the memory of MATILDA WALLACE who departed this life January 20th 1904 aged 67 years The beloved wife of DAVID WALLACE Retired Sergeant 84th Regiment. Forever with the Lord Amen Also the above named DAVID WALLACE who died 1st May 1907 aged 80 years.[/su_box] [su_box title="WILLIAMS"]no other words on gravestone[/su_box] [su_box title="WILLSON"]Here rest ANNIE WILLSON beloved wife of FREDERICK WILLSON died 1st April 1908 aged 62 years the rest of the headstone was undecipherable[/su_box] [su_box title="WILSON"]WILSON In loving memory of BILLY a dear husband father and grandfather died 13th November 1996[/su_box] [su_box title="WILSON"]Erected to the memory of John Wilson, Lislea, who died 14 April 1876, aged 71 years also his wife, Elizabth, who died 20 August 1882, aged 64 years and their grandson, John,who died 18 May 1888, aged 22 years[/su_box] [su_box title="WOODS"]Erected in memory of John Woods, of Drumane, died 6 January 1840, aged 70 years also his son, John, who died 2 November 1859, aged 32 years also his son, Robert, who died 29 April 1874, aged 55 years and also his wife, Mary, who died 29 April 1877, aged 84 years also his daughter, Mary, who died 9 February 1897, aged 64 years also his son, Thomas, who died 29 October 1903, aged 82 years[/su_box] [su_box title="YOUNG"]Erected by ???? G ? YOUNG In memory of W McNEIL YOUNG Who died 16 March 1862 aged 82 years His daughter RACHEL ANN YOUNG died 26 Jan 1856 aged 7 years His father GEORGE YOUNG died 5 Sept 18?? aged 83 years This is a very old grave and the words are difficult to make out[/su_box] DISCLAIMER - undoubtedly there will be the occasional gravestone transcription mistake or error.....or omission.  Use at your own risk. 

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