Innisrush Primary School, Wartime Photo 1940-1941

Here’s an old wartime photograph, of Innisrush Primary School, during the 1940-1941 academic year.  This took a fair bit of work in photoshop.


For the purposes of google and the other search engines, here are the names of the pupils.

Back Row: Brian Nesbitt, John Moore, Tom Robinson, Desmond Robinson, Fred Kyle, Etta Kyle, Betty Murdoch, Evelyn Mulholland, Meta Ogle, Renee Stoddard, Lily Armstrong & Miss Christie

Middle Row: May Reynolds, Joan Stoddard, Jean Moore, Maureen Greer, Gretta Moore, Sheena Moore, Sadie Greer, Georgie Kyle, Rita Bristow, Josephine Armstrong, Pearl Mulholland & Emma Moore.

Front Row: Harry Clements, Sammy Moore, Wilsie Moore, Johnston Bradley, Billy Ogle/Francis Dennis? & Freddie Rugman.

Innisrush Primary School 1940 – 1941

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