Innisrush School Headmistress Mrs Crockett

Innisrush Primary School, 1951-52

Students of Innisrush Primary School in academic year 1951 – 1952

This is a photograph taken at Innisrush Primary School during the 1951/52 academic year. To give some context of the era, after many months of ill-health, King George VI died in February 1952, and the subsequent coronation of Queen Elizabeth 2 took place.

Anyway, back to the photograph.  The Rogers (Maisie, Jean and William), who have played such a prominent role in Tamlaght O’Crilly Lower Church over the decades, feature in the image.  It’s also wonderful to see the Head Teacher Mrs Crockett.  I knew her from over 25 years later, when playing indoor bowls at Tamlaght O’Crilly Upper church hall (in the late 1970s).

For the purposes of google, bing, yahoo and the other search engines, the names are:

Back Row: Mrs Crockett, Violet Wilton, Agnes Henry, Sheila Henry, Doreen Reynolds, Maisie Rogers, Evelyn Bloomfield, Hazel Moore, Miss Leitch

Third Row: John Barnes, Bertie Holmes, Ena Henry, Yvonne Moore, Jean Henry, Climey Moore, Ken Moore, Thomas Catherwood

Second Row: Mary Lamont, May Henry, Marion Rowe, Sarah Catherwood, Jean Rogers, Alice Neely, Rebecca Holmes, Mary Stockman, Margaret Henry, Sadie Henry, Doreen McDonaid.

Front row: Winston Moore, William Rogers, Timothy Taylor, Robert Henry, Kenneth Rowe, Basil Moore


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