Some poems of note, often linked to this part of Ireland. In some cases, they are general poems that were a part of my life, and/or inspired me.

downhill castle

Downhill & Magilligan Poem, 1794

Downhill beach & Magilligan Poem from 1794 by poet John Searson

crimea poetry

Crimean War Poem – When Will the Battle End

Crimean War Poem – rare poetry from the front – sent home by a soldier from Belfast in Ireland.

aughnahoy cemetary

Poem – Old Aughnahoy Graveyard

Poem – Old Aughnahoy Graveyard – written by the Rev. Joseph Johnstone in December 1873. The writer of the poem was a native of the Portglenone area

portglenone primary school poem

Portglenone Primary School Memories

Portglenone Primary School Memories Headmaster Mills Love of Poetry Headmaster Mills was the principal of Portglenone Primary School, on the Townhill Road, for many years. …

stopping by woods on a snowy evening

Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening

The beautiful 1922 poem by Robert Frost, Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening

River Bann Coleraine

Sailing Down the Bann

Sailing down the Bann is a poem that appears in an 1883 book by Norah Pembroke aka Margaret Dixon McDougall. The River Bann flows through the middle of the Northern Ireland, emerging on the North coast into the ocean.

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