I recently received a message.  A reader of this website wonders if anyone recognises a poem that his father used to recite, called The Wedding Party.  I had a look through my resources and came up short.  I will let him explain.

Dear Trudger,

I’ve seen some of your poetry on the site and wonder if you know of this poem.

It’s one that my father used to recite, but I’m unable to recollect it all, or find it online.

Perhaps you, or one of your readers know it?  If so, perhaps they could point me to the complete version?

Thank you! Here’s my extracts:

wedding party

The Wedding Party

I got an invitation to a party you might say
Samuel Robert’s sister was married that same day,
The weather was for little else so I says, ‘Sam, we’ll have a spree’
So they gathered all the neighbours up and that included me

Well, such a pair of newly weds I’d never saw afore
First and foremost he arrived and him three quarter tore
He hany even combed his hair and a beard like Barry’s goat
An her dressed up in button boots and flannel petticoat

When we all had gathered in the house there wasny room tae stan
An Mal kicked up a rumpus when she culdny fin her man
Well we looked for him an we searched for him as well as we were able
An I houl ye boys we foun hin him lyin in alow the table

Well Sammy’s Aunt Matilda is terrible big an fat
And she set yin a them big feet a hers on tap a Sammy’s cat
Well the poor oul cat had beta thought that it had met his fate
For it went out through the winda takin glass and winda way it…