Moneystaghan Hibernian Band

My parents were very friendly with Colm Lynn (who lived near the Waterwall bar, and not far from St Mary’s Primary School).   Indeed somewhere, on a mid to late 1970s audio tape, I have Colm in our house (quietly in the background) coaxing my father to sing the old Irish ballad, Noreen Bawn.

There’s a spot in old Tirconnell. There’s a wee house in the glen. Where there dwelt an Irish colleen. Who charmed all the hearts of men.Noreen Bawn

Moneystaghan Hibernian Band, 1961

Moneystaghan Clady Portglenone
Moneystaghan Hibernian Band, Confirmation Day 1961, at Greenlough Chapel

It was therefore a great delight to see him, along with the rest of the local people in Moneystaghan Hibernian Band, in the above photograph, taken at Greenlough chapel on Confirmation Day in 1961.  The Moneystaghan band often paraded to the chapel on the major feast days, and also on other important parish days. There are a couple of McPeakes in the picture.  My mother, a nurse, often helped them and was close to the family.

In the back row there is: Seamus O’Neill (carrying a flag), Willie McPeake (the Band Master), Paddy Marron, Dan McColy, Bernie Marron, Patsy McPeake, Francis Marron, Charlie O’Neill, Tommy Marron, John O’Neill (carrying a flag), Noel O’Neill (carrying a flag).

In the front row, we have: Colm Lynn, Paddy Cassidy Snr., Gerry McKeefry, Pat Downey, Henry O’Neill & Eamon Downey.

There’s some fascinating historic information about the Moneystaghan area, and it’s people, at the Greenlough Parish website.

















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