St. Mary’s Primary School, Greenlough, Clady

Here's a great photo from the late 1960s.  It covers the final year students of 1969 at St Mary's Primary School, Greenlough, just outside Clady.  The photo features many well known names from the local Clady and surrounding area.  [caption id="attachment_12847" align="aligncenter" width="980"]greenlough county derry St. Mary's Primary School, Greenlough, Clady[/caption]Final Year students at St. Mary's, Greenlough in 1968-1969  -  Robert Beattie, David Walsh, James Law, Noel Henry, Kevin McErlean, Gerard Reid, Seamus McErlean, John Henry, Thomas Downey, Mr Matt McAteer, Theodore McLaughlin, Martin McErlean, Sally McErlean, Philomena Clarke, Bronagh McErlean, Bernadette O’Neill, Kathleen Beattie,  Marie Diamond, Seamus McDonnell, Eamon Kerr, John White, Catherine McErlean, Teresa Kelly, Clare Rankin, Nuala White, Brenda McCullagh, Patricia Hughes, Maureen O’Neill, Ita McErlean, Brigid McCloskey 

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