High Sheriffs of County Antrim in Ireland from 1603 to 1854

Ireland Sheriffs
High Sheriffs of County Antrim, Ireland

The High Sheriffs of County Antrim 1603 to 1854

Between 1603 and 1854, three Portglenone men held the office of High Sheriff of County Antrim, namely:
1667, Francis Stafford, Portglenone.
1765, Charles Hamilton, Portglenone.
1774, St. John O’Neill, Portglenone.

Here is the full list of the county’s High Sheriffs:

1603, Thomas Pavell, Carrickfergus.
1613, Sir Hugh Clotworthy, Carrickfergus.
1618, Sir Hugh Clotworthy, Antrim.
1622, Sir Hugh Clotworthy, Antrim.
1625, Moses Hill, Strand-mills.
1626, Neal Oge O’Neill, Killylaugh.
1627, Cormick O’Hara, Creabilly.
1628, William Huston, Craig’s Castle.
1629, Alexander McDonnell, Glenarm.
1630, Robert Adair, Ballymena.
1631, Arthur O’Neill.
1632, Alexander Stuart, Ballintoy.
1633, John Donaldson, Glenarm.
1634, Arthur Hill.
1635, Edward Maxwell. Connor.
1636, John Dalway. Bellahill.
1659, Arthur Upton, Templepatrkk.
1660, John Shaw, Bush.
1661, Hercules Longford.
1662, Alexander Dalway, Bellahill.
1663, Thomas Warrin, Belfast.
1664, Richard Dobbs, Castledobbs.
1665, John Donaldson, Glenarm.
1666, Anthony Horsman, Carrickfergus.
1667, Francis Stafford, Portglenone.
1668, Patrick Agnew, Ballygally
1669, Archibald Redmonston, Redhall.
1670, Sir Robert Colville, Galgorm.
1671, George Macartney. Belfast.
1672, William Upton. Templepatrick.
1673, Thadeus O’Hara. Creabilly.
1674, John Galland, Vow.
1675, Randall Brice, Kilroot.
1676, William Huston, Craig’s Castle.
1677, William Lesley, Ballymoney.
1678, Edward Harrison, Kilultagh.
1679, Henry Spencer, junior, Trumery.
1680, Randall Smith, Lisburn,
1681, George Macartney, Belfast.
1682, John Bickerstaffe, Rosegift. Robert Thompson, Sub.
1683, John Bickerstaffe, Rosegift; died May 20th, and was succeeded by Charles Stuart.
1684, Henry Davys, Carrickfergus.
1685, Thomas Knox, Belfast.
1686, Cormick O’Neill, Broughshane (note, some confusion, because one historic account says Thomas Knox). Gilduffe Mulvaney, Sub.
1687, Cormick O’Neill. (note, the records indicate that there wasn’t one Protestant Sheriff in all of Ireland in 1687, except a Mr Hamilton, who apparently had been appointed by mistake)
1688, Shane O’Neill.
1689, Shane O’Neill.
1690, ————– no name in the records
1691, Thomas Smith, appointed on November 20th.
1692, Thomas Smith.
1693, William Shaw, Bush.
1694, Richard Dobbs, junior, Ballynure,
1695, Clotworthy Upton, Templepatrick.
1696, Sir Robert Adair, Ballymena.
1697, Michael Harrison, Lisburn. Robert Whiteside, Sub.
1698, Edmond Ellis, Brookhill.
1699, Andrew Clements, Straid.
1700, John O’Neill, Shane’s Castle.
1701, John Davys, Carrickfergus. Nicholas Lawless, Sub.
1702, Benjamin Galland, Vow.
1703, Charles O’Neill, Shane’s Castle, Nicholas Laulor, Sub.
1703, Brent Spencer, Trumery, was appointed July 8th.
1704, Brent Spencer, Lisburn.
1705, John Davys, Carrickfergus.
1706, Westerna Warring, Belfast.
1707, Edward Clements, Straid.
1708, Benjamin Galland, Vow. William Dobbin. Sub.
1709, Arthur Davys, Carrickfergus. John Wilkins. Sub.
1710, William Shaw, Bush; died the 28th June.
1710, Andrew Clements, Straid. William Thompson, Sub.
1711, Andrew Clements, Straid.
1712, Westerna Warring. Belfast. John Williamson. Sub.
1713, Brent Spencer, Lisburn. Henry Mulholland, Sub.
1714, Robert Green, Belfast. Jeremy Phillips, Sub.
1715, Edmond T. Stafford, Mountstafford. John Woods. Sub.
1716, Edward Clements, Straid. Samuel Guest, Sub.
1717, James Hamilton, Cloughmills.
1718, William Moore.
1719, Hercules Upton, Templepatrick, John Woods, Sub.
1720, Arthur Dobbs, Castledobbs.
1721, Francis Clements, Straid.
1722, Henry O’Hara, Creabilly.
1723, William Johnston, Glynn.
1724, Ezekiel Wm. Crombie, Cromore.
1725, Ezekiel D. Wilson, Carrickfergus.
1726, Sir Robert Adair, Ballymena.
1727, Rowley Hill. Christopher Cox, Sub.
1728, John Skeffinglon, Dervock.
1729, Charles O’Neill, Shanes Castle.
1730, Valentine Jones, Belfast.
1731, Alexander Stuart, Ballintoy.
1732, John Moore.
1733, Hector McNeale.
1734, Hugh Boyd, Ballycastle. John Campbell, Sub.
1735, John Houston, Craigscastle.
1736, Clotworthy O’Neill, Randalstown.
1737, Hill Willson, Purdysburn.
1738, Edward Smith, Lisburn
1739, Davis Wilson, CarrickFergus.
1740, William Boyd, Ballycastle.
1741, Conway Spencer, Trumery.
1742, Felix O’Neill, O’Neill’sbrook.
1743, George Macartney, Bellast.
1744, William Agnew. Kilwaughter.
1745, Charles McDaniel, Clogher.
1746, John Cuppage, Ballycnetle.
1747, Edmond M’Naghten, Beardevill.
1748, Edward Brice. Kilroot.
1749, Roger M’Neill.
1750, Roger Moore, Cloverhill.
1751, John Dunkin, Clogher.
1752, Conway R. Dobbs, Castledobbs. Bryan M’Manus, Sub.
1753, Robert Adair, Ballymena.
1754, Bernard O’Neill, Leminary.
1755, John Rowan, Bellisle.
1756, John McNaghten, Benvarden.
1757, Arthur Upton, Templepatrick.
1758, Charles O’Hara. O Hara’sbrook.
1759, James Lesley. Lesliehill.
1760, Richard Maginnis, Lisburn.
1761, Alexander Boyd, junior, Ballycastle.
1762, Alexander Stuart, Ballintoy.
1763, John Henry, Cloverhill.
1764, Rowley Heylands, Crumlin. Edmond Wilson, Sub.
1765, Charles Hamilton, Portglenone.
1766, Alexander McAuly, Cushendall.
1767, Sampson Moore, Moorelodge.
1768, Thomas Thompson, Greenmount. Edmond Wilson, Sub.
1769, Bryan McManus, Mountdavis.
1770, Alexander Legge, Malone.
1771, Lord Dunluce, Glenarm. Thomas Shaw, sub.
1772, John O’Neill, Shanescastle.
1773, Hugh Boyd, Ballycastle. James Fulton, Sub.
1774, St. John O’Neill, Portglenone.
1775, Robert Morris Jones, Moneyglass (note, he died in February and Samuel Bristow of Antrim was appointed).
1776, Ezekiel D. Boyd. Ballycastle. Joseph Fulton, Sub.
1777, William Dunkin, Clogher. George Moore, Sub.
1778, William Moore, Killagan. James Stuart, Sub.
1779, Robert Rowan, Bellisle.
1780, William Legge, Malone. Archibald Stuart, Sub.
1781, Bartholomew McNaghten, Carringlass. James Stuart, Sub.
1782, Alexander McManus, Mountdavis. George Moore, Sub.
1783, John Brown, Belfast. Robert Haltridge, Sub.
1784, John Crombie, Cromore. James Stuart and James Ralston, Subs.
1785, Henry O’Hara, O’Hara‘sbrook. George Moore, sub.
1786, John Allan, Springmount
1787, Robert Gage, Rathlin. Stafford Church, Sub.
1788, Henry W. Shaw, Ballytweedy. Robert Stewart, Sub.
1789, Charles Crymble, Ballyclare.
1789, Charles Crymble, Ballyclare. Alexander McNeille, Sub.
1790, Samuel Allan, Allen’sbrook. George Moore, Sub.
1791, Richard G. Ker, Rodhal. James Fulton. Sub.
1792, Hugh Boyd, Ballycastle. Alexander M’Neille, Sub.
1793, Edmond A. McNaghten, Beardeville. George Moore, Sub.
1794, Roger Moore, Cloverhill. George Moore, Sub.
1795, Stewart Banks, Belfast. James Fulton, Sub.
1796, James Watson, Brookhill. James Fulton, Sub.
1797, Hon. Chichester Skeffington, Belfast. James Moore, Sub.
1798, James S. Moore, Ballydivity. James Moore, Sub.
1799, James Lesley, Prospect. James Moore, Sub.
1800, George A. McClaverty, Glynn. James Moore, Sub.
1801, Thomas B. Adair, Loughanmore.
1802, Langford Heylands, Glenoak. James Fulton, Sub.
1803, Edward J. Agnew, Kilwaughter. Christopher Mead, Sub.
1804, Hugh Montgomery, Benvarden. Alexander McNeile, Sub.
1805, Sir Henry V. Tempest, Glenarm, John Love, Sub.
1806, Hon. John B. O’Neill, Tullamore. Joseph Fulton, Sub.
1807, Francis McNaghten,Clogher. James Moore, Sub.
1808, William Moore, Moorlodge, James Moore, Sub.
1809, Sampson Moore. Robert Haltridge, Sub.
1810, Exekiel D. Boyd, Ballycastle.
1811, James Caulfield. James Moore, Sub.
1812, John Campbell.
1813, George Bristow, Belfast.
1814, John Rowan, Larne.
1815, James A. Farrel. Larne. Joseph Fulton, Sub.
1816, Robert Thomson, Greenmount. James Moore, Sub.
1817, Samuel Thompson. Henry Fulton. Sub.
1818, Right Hon. T. H. Skeffington, Antrim. Paul Clinton, Sub.
1819, John Montgomery, Benvarden. Samuel W. Knox. Sub.
1820, Edmond M’Donnell, Glenarm. Thomas Davison, Sub.
1821, John Cromie, Cremore. James Moore, Sub.
1822, Hercules R. Pakenham, Langford Lodge. Paul Clinton, Sub.
1823, William W. Legge, Malone. James Knox, Sub.
1824, Francis Turnly. James Moore, Sub.
1825, George Hutchinson, Ballymoney. James Moore, Sub.
1826, Alexander McManus, Mountdavis. Alexander O’Hara, Sub.
1827, John M’Cance, Suffolk, John Montgomery, Sub.
1828, Greg Cunningham, Belfast. William Caldbeck, Sub.
1829, Nicholas D. Crommelin, Carrowdore Castle. John Birnie, Sub.
1830, Richard Magennis, Durraw. James Moore, Sub.
1831, George H. McCartney, Lissanour. Charles Knox, Sub.
1832, Alexander McNeile, Ballycastle. Alexander Millar. Sub.
1833, Charles O’Hara. O’Hara’s-brook. James Moore, Sub.
1834, D. Ker, Redhall.
1835, H. Leckey, Causeway.
1836, Edward Bruce.
1837, E. C. McNaghten, Bushmills.
1838, James Owens, Holestone.
1839, James Agnew.
1840, T. Greg, Ballymenoch.
1841, Conway R. Dobbs, Castledobbs.
1842, A. H. Halliday.
1843, John McNeile, Parkmount.
1844, John McGildowney, Clarepark.
1845, John White, Whitehall.
1846, Thomas M. Jones, Moneyglass.
1847, William Moore, Moorefort.
1848, Charles McGarel.
1849, James S. Moore, Ballydivity.
1850, Alexander Montgomery, Potterswall.
1851, James Thomson Tennant.
1852, Robert Smyth, Gaybrook.
1853, Robert Shafto Adair, Ballymena.
1854, James E. Leslie, Lesliehill.


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