Drumoolish Bridegroom Accidentally Shot Dead

An inquest was held in the National School House at Innisrush, on Monday the 8th December 1851, before Hercules Ellis, Esq., of Innisrush House, and James Courtenay, Esq., of Glenburn, magistrates for the County of Londonderry (in the absence of the coroner), on the body of John McCloy, of Drumoolish.

Drumoolish Bridegroom Killed after Wedding

portglenone marriage shooting tragedy
Drumoolish bridgegroom shot dead. Innisrush inquest

The deceased had been married on the previous Friday evening (5th December 1851), and was on his return home.  He had left the priest’s house in Tullyrush, with the bridal party, and was accompanied by a number of persons carrying fire arms.   Shots were fired along the road, as is usual on such occasions.

When near the chapel gate of Innisrush, a shot was fired, which took effect on the head of the deceased.  John McCloy instantly fell. He was carried into a house on the road side, where he expired in about two hours.

Dr. Madden, of Portglenone, made a post mortem examination of the body.  On opening the head, there was no trace of bullet, shot, or any hard substance to inflict the wound.  He concluded that McCloy’s death was presumably occasioned by the wadding of the gun, which was fired very close to the deceased.

The verdict of the jury was that the deceased John McCloy came by his death from a gun-shot, fired by James Clarke, of Drumoolish, accidentally.

The said James Clarke has surrendered himself, and given bail to stand his trial at the ensuing Assizes of Londonderry.

Source: Belfast News-Letter
Wednesday 17 December 1851


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