Mulhollands at Pound School, Grange, Randalstown

Here’s a great 1930/1931 photograph, supplied by Barry Mulholland, of the students at Pound School, the Grange, near Randalstown, in County Antrim. 

The Grange near Randalstown in Northern Ireland
Pound School, Grange, Randalstown, Northern Ireland, class of 1930 – 1931

Mulhollands of Randalstown (the Grange)

There are several Mulhollands in the picture, namely: William Mulholland, John Mulholland, Robert Mulholland, Joe Mulholland and Kennedy Mulholland.  All of these Mulholland children were sons of Kennedy and Maggie, and were born on the Ballymacpeake Road, in Lower Eden.  The family subsequently moved to a farm at the Grange.  Another six children were to follow!

I don’t like to repeat the data, but for the purposes of google and the other search engines, the names again are as follows:

Back Row: David Warwick, Thomas Nicholl, Robert Galloway, James Scott, Jackie Brown, Adam Craig, William Mulholland, Thomas Scott, Samuel Warwick

Middle Row: Minnee Nicholl, Rebecca Galloway, Sadie Bovill, Kathleen McCrory,Meta Rainey, Eliza Henderson, Martha Nicholl, William Nicholl, John Mulholland

Front Row: May Brown, Mima Brown, Rae Elder, Ms Warburton, Mary Elder, Robert Mulholland, Hugh Scott, Joe Mulholland, Anlone Craig, Kennedy Mulholland



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