Poem – Farewell to Craigmore, Hamilton Dickson Martin, Randalstown

Hamilton Dickson Martin, 1789-1855, was a teacher from Craigmore in Randalstown.  In 1810, his 21st year, he left for the New World.  But before leaving, he penned the following poem.  There had clearly been a parting of the ways with his girlfriend and he was upset.[caption id="attachment_13331" align="aligncenter" width="800"]randalstown county antrim ireland Randalstown postcard[/caption] 

Farewell to Craigmore and the glen and the glade;

Where oft in my childhood so carelessly played.

Farewell to friends that bosom holds dear;

How can at parting refrain the salt tear.

And you lovely Randalstown, the pride of the plain;

I thought that your heart was both faithful and just;

But alas I have found you untrue to your trust.

And since you proved false love, forever adieu;

No more shall my heart be held captive by you.

No more shall your smile give a joy to my breast;

Which the lover may feel though it can't be expressed.

To my friends which I leave on Erin's green isle;

I wish peace and plenty upon them may smile.

And wherever I wander by sea or by shore;

I'll still drop a tear when I think of Craigmore.


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