An interesting follow-up to the last week’s article about an infamous Glarryford collector of other folks’ property.

A reader writes:

Dear Trudger, do you know the identity of the person in the photo (in the Glarryford article that you posted last Sunday)? I have been told that it is a photo of my grandmother Mary McFadden (known as May), who worked for the postmistress. It was her job to help with the children and to deliver telegrams. My gran was born in 1895.


The photo being referred to, is this one, below.

Glarryford, Coleman's Shop, now Post Office

Glarryford, Coleman’s Shop, now Post Office

Here is a photo of the McFaddens. 

McFadden of Craigs near Cullybackey

Left to Right, Back Row: Mary McFadden, John McFadden, Margaret McFadden. Front Row: John McFadden and Letitia McFadden

Above is an old photo of the McFaddens’ who lived on the Dunoine Road, near Glarryford.

From left to right, we have Mary McFadden (who was known locally as May).  She was born in 1895 and died in 1991. This is the same lady that is reputed to be in the photograph in front of Glarryford post office (i.e. what was previously Samuel Coleman’s store).

May’s daughter was certain that it was her mother in that old photo.

In the family photo above, along the back, beside Mary is her brother John McFadden (1893-1972), and sister, Margaret (1896-1979).

At the front, we see Mary’s father John McFadden (1866-1934) and (on his knee) her sister Letitia (known as Hettie, 1899-1993).

Her father John McFadden who was a beetler.

Irene also asks:  “I wonder if you would have any idea, where one could follow up on a family member who was a stonemason. What work would he have done, would he have belonged to a ‘society/union/whatever’. 

My family history is Craigs, Cullybackey, Portglenone.”

Anyone able to offer any assistance?  Many thanks if you are able to help.

When I get the opportunity, I will look through old newspapers, to see if there is much reference to local stonemasons.