Eden Accordion Band

Here’s a photo taken in the 60s, in front of Eden Hall.  The band member names – repeated for search engine purposes – Robert J. Armstrong, Victor Getty, Samuel J. Gorman, Miss Margaret E. Riddell, Wiliam A. Henry, Archibald David Henry, James Richard Mulholland, William Armstrong, Miss Sarah J. Riddell, Miss Florence Clarke, Miss Hannah J. Henry, Robert George Henry, Br. Robert J. Armstrong, Br. David Riddell, Charles V. Riddell, Henry Armstrong, Hugh W. Henry, Joseph Dripps, Henry Clarke, Miss Minnie Clarke, George Riddell, Samuel M. Yorke, Miss Pearl E. Riddell.

Tamlaght - Eden Orange Hall LOL 2028 accordion band
Eden Accordion Band, LOL 2028

Eden Orange Hall

The Hall at Eden was built in 1902.   The hall, which is used by Eden Accordion Band, Eden L.O.L. 2028, as well as Eden Accordion band & Concert Music Society, was extended in the early 1950s.  At the beginning of the 1980’s, the hall got a new roof.  In 2011, it underwent major repairs, which were completed early that summer.

My memories of the band (and hall) begin in the early 70s.  I can recall gas-lights and great music.  In 1974, along with my cousins, some fruitless and short-lived efforts were made to learn the accordion.  My father had been a drummer in the band.  Although by the mid-70s, he walked in the lodge.

Memories of the band each summer, revolve around going to the annual 12th of July parade on the bus, and walking in the lodge alongside dad.  




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3 thoughts on “Eden Accordion Band

  1. Boy does this photo ever bring back many happy memories. I was a drummer in the band for a short time before moving to Australia. Spent a couple of years there before returning home to join the R.U.C. However my brother Henry and sister Jennifer are still members. Henry has just completed 60 years as a member.

  2. Hi Samuel, thanks for the post.

    Wow, doesn’t time fly so fast. Yes, your siblings Henry and Jennifer. I recall both of them, when I walked with the lodge, in the late 70s to late 80s. Henry is a great drummer. Jennifer a wonderful singer. She would sing sometimes in our church, in Innisrush. Goodness, that was way back 30 plus years ago, now that I think about it. Time is motoring.

    My father, Richard, is at the top right of the photo.

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