Ballymacpeake farmers

Ballymacpeake Farmers, Eden, Portglenone

Not far from the village of Portglenone, on the County Londonderry side, is Ballymacpeake

Here is an undated photograph – probably late 1960s or 1970s – of Tommy Mulholland of Hill House Eden, Portglenone, along with a neighbour – James York, attending a farming-related demonstration. 

Perhaps this is linked to the Farmers Union and/or a meal company presentation.

Portglenone farmers, from the Eden, Ballymacpeake area
Portglenone farmers, from the Eden, Ballymacpeake area

Below is the original photo. I have added the names we have so far.

Maghera farmers

If you have any details on the other people in this image, what year it might have been, or what the demonstration was related to, please get in touch.

Other Keywords – Tamlaght O’Crilly, Tamlaght, Eden, Innisrush, Portglenone, Mulholland, Ireland, photos.


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13 thoughts on “Ballymacpeake farmers

  1. Hi there – What a delight to come across this Irish Rover series. My father Henry McPeake was born and raised in Holly Hill, Bellaghy. He emigrated to New Zealand when he was 22 in 1923. His Parents were Neal McPeake who I believe was an only child and Bridget Mullholland. Bridget only had one unmarried sister Mary. Both her sister and mother lived with her. Her Mother also Bridget Mullholland died somewhere between July & September 1907 aged 90. She had lived at House 9 Ballymacpeake Upper, Rocktown. As you have listed a very interesting segment on the Mullholland Family, maybe some of your viewers may have something else that they could share in relation to my side of the family. Keep up your good work – I always look forward to your next episode.

    1. Hello Tricia. It is a delight to get your comment from New Zealand. Thank you for the very kind words. I am very happy to hear that you are enjoying the website.

      I have sent you an email. Hope you received it ok.

      1. I have researched the history of my family and this links to the Mullholland family that the above poster refers. I have extremely different information. Neal McPeake was not an only child, Bridget and Neal had 8 children, not one, one died as an infant and Henry, was named after this child.

        Other details are correct which leads me to believe they are the same people the above poster refers.

        I am in contact with relatives of this family who live in Ireland currently

        Great work Trudger! What a fantastic job you are doing here.

        1. Hi Linda. It’s interesting to hear of the divergence of data. It sounds like you and Tricia could help fill in each others gaps in the family tree (assuming it’s the same Neal and Bridget family).

          Thanks for the kind words, Linda. Tis a labour of love. I wish I had started the website 20 years earlier, instead of wasting priceless time. I yearn to have turned on the machine, and recorded my grandparents stories, way back in the 1970s. Their experiences of growing up in the early 1900s are lost forever. But hey, when we are young, the last thing we think about is the family tree, and preserving family stories.

          1. What a delight to read Linda Bastows comments. I had just about given up and Linda is correct there were 8 in the family. Perhaps you may allow her to contact me direct and we can fill in the gaps. Trudger – your blood is worth bottling.

            1. Awesome! Success! Great to hear that this is the same Bridget and Neal family.

              OK, I will email Linda and pass on your details, Tricia. This connection has made my day.

  2. Hi William. My father, Sammy Yorke is not in this photo. Although you’re right about Uncle James York.

    1. Hi Jennifer.

      Thanks for helping with the photo. It was either my uncle or aunt, some years ago, that had told me the above names. I will delete your dad’s name from photo when I get a chance.

      I do vaguely recognise some of those faces. I wish I had asked my father or grandfather years ago.

      Best regards.

      1. I only found your website today William. I’m in awe of all the information you’ve put together.

  3. Jennifer, thanks for such a wonderful compliment. That has made my day.

    It’s been a labour of love, these past few years. I had scanned, in the early 2000s (before I left N. Ireland), all the old family photos. I am big into photoshop and cleaning up the old pics, audio and videos.

    It’s been so many years. I still remember your beautiful singing in Innisrush.

    1. Aww thanks William. Imagine you remembering!! I loved singing in Innisrush although it was quite nerve wracking at times!! Singing has always been a big part of my life and I’m still in a choir called the Sperrin Choir which is based in the Mid Ulster area. Of course because of the COVID-19 pandemic we haven’t met since March and singing and performing at concerts is still a long way off. We’ve done a few virtual performances on our Facebook page and YouTube channel but it’s not the same….
      I’m still in Eden Accordion Band too but again we haven’t been able to do much this year. Although Eden Lodge held its own wee Twelfth in one of Harry Armstrong’s fields which turned out a great day. The Band paraded from the Hall up his lane to the field and then everyone had a picnic. We played for a while and as well as us there were two Lambeg drummers and a piper from Tamlaght.
      I didn’t realise that you weren’t living in N. Ireland.
      Stay safe and well

  4. Lovely to get your comment, and hear what is happening, Jennifer.

    I did see a reference on facebook to the Sperrin Choir. You have a wonderful voice, so I am delighted to hear it is still being heard. Yes, virtual get togethers are ok, but not the same as the real thing.

    The pandemic has changed all our lives. Where I am, in the beautiful mountains of Panama, the national airport has been closed since the very start, about 4 or 5 months ago. There is also a curfew too – currently, I am only allowed out of the house for only four hours each week – i.e. two hours on a Tuesday between 4pm and 6pm, and same on a Thursday, 4pm to 6pm. You are allowed to go food shopping or to the chemist.

    Delighted to hear that you had a mini local twelth picnic, in a field of Harry Armstrong. Good that people are making the best of things. It can help local communities. We all can stick together more and source things more locally. That is what is happening with me – local produce is coming to the fore now.

    Please pass on my very best regards to everyone there. I left N Ireland in 2008. Seems like yesterday. Time is moving so fast.

    Stay safe. All my very best.

  5. Hi, my mum was Martha McErlean from Ballymacpeake and I showed her this photo. She recognised the man in the centre with the round neck jumper as Francie Birt and believes the man second from the right is Manus Marron. Hopes this helps. I really enjoyed your website, some great information and photos as my Dad was Daniel McGoldrick from Eden. Thanks, Bernie

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