Aughnacleagh Primary School Photograph from 1961

Aughnacleagh is a townland on the outskirts of Portglenone, in County Antrim. It is in the Barony of Toome Lower.  The Irish name for Aughnacleagh is Achadh na Cleithe.

Here is a wonderful old photo of Miss Close and her students at Aughnacleagh Primary School in 1961.

For the purposes of google and the other search engines, here (repeated) are the names of the students.

Back row: Lyla Moore; Jim Glass; Maurice Irvine; Cyril Glass; Alice Kirkwood; Mary Close; John Law; Jean Glass; Connie Montgomery

Fourth row: Josephine Lamont; Isobel Clark; Desmond McKay; Stanley Bennet; Fergus Caldwell; Walter Wylie; Jackie Scott

Third row: Leslie McMillen (unsure); Richard Kirkwood; Shelia Ross; Ivor Scott; Agnes Clark; James Bennet; Trevor Stewart;
John Thompson; Dermot Bristow; Elizabeth Bennet; Doris McKay

Second row: Joe Close; Billy Marks; Adam Richmond; Leta Scott; Kenneth Glass; Edith Wilson; Jean McKeown; Freda Richmond; Yvonne Glass; Elizabeth Close

Front row: Robert Irvine; Jimmy Close; Derek Glass; Robert Bristow

Please note, if you need a larger version of the photograph above, drop me a line.


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