Who is Herbie Stewart?

I came across an old photo in mum’s archive.  She had written below it, Herbie Stewart.  

The picture looks like it was taken in the late 1950s, or maybe early 1960s.  But most likely, given similar type photos in her archive, late 50s. 

I am unsure of who Herbie Stewart is – whether he was from Eden, Ballymacpeake, or one of the Stewarts from her side of the family (Quinn).   Or maybe someone she went out with briefly, or who ran around with the Mulhollands at that time.

Perhaps the name ‘Herbie Stewart’ rings a bell for someone.

Herbie Stewart
Herbie Stewart


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  1. James Herbert Stewart “Herbie” – 1921 – 1990
    His wife was also a Stewart by last name – Georgette – or Georgie for short – she was born in Tamlaght.
    Georgie’s grandfather was Robert Stewart who married Maria Mulholland.
    Herbie passed away in Staffordshire, UK leaving (2) sons behind – not sure if they are still alive.

    Georgie’s brother William – aka Willie, married Evelyn Mulholland.
    That would have 2 second cousins having been married together.

    So several links to the Mulholland family.
    I have zero relation to this Stewart family noted.

    1. wow, thank you so much for that info, Andrew!

      So Herbie’s wife was also a Stewart, from Ballymacpeake – a sister of Willie Stewart (Willie married Evelyn Mulholland).

      It’s amazing, fitting all the pieces of the local jigsaw together. We can only speculate how this photo came about.

      Many thanks for this info!

  2. Amazingly, it looks like – James Herbert Stewart 1921-1990 !
    Married Georgina Stewart 1922-2003, daughter of James Stewart and Letitia Riddell

    Matthew Stewart should be the one to confirm, and provide further information.

  3. Too many Stewart’s and Mulholland’s to keep track of!
    Probably tied together more than we will ever know.

  4. Ditto the confusion. I am related to both Stewart and Mulholland lines. And “Herbie” is on my family tree on my Stewart branch. My connection ion is through his wife “Georgie” the other Stewart.

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Who Was Herbie Stewart?