Tamlaght Lower Church
Vestry Meetings – 1885 to 1940

This page recalls the vestry meetings at Tamlaght O’Crilly Lower Church of Ireland – near Innisrush – between 1885 and 1940.

Vestry Meetings at Tamlaght O’Crilly Lower – i.e. Innisrush

A short recap for those unfamiliar with how it works in the Church of Ireland.  The vestry is an elected body in an Episcopal parish made up of the rector and a group of elected parishioners. These people look after the affairs of the church. The annual vestry meeting meeting had to be held by the 30th of April each year. The meeting would be convened and presided over by the minister of the church.

Tamlaght Lower church – Innisrush – would meet each April, at Innisrush School House. The incumbent rector would preside over the meeting. He would initially refer to the financial accounts of the year just passed, and mention the well-being or otherwise, of said accounts.

The vestry meeting would then elect officers for the forthcoming year, namely two church wardens – the Rector’s Churchwarden, and the Peoples’ Churchwarden; the meeting would then go on to elect the twelve members of the select vestry; and finally a Treasurer and a Secretary. Including the rector, all-told, 15 people oversaw the affairs of the church each year.

Unless there was some extraordinary item to be discussed, these annual meetings would typically last less than half an hour.

In perusing old newspapers, I’ve managed to find records of Tamlaght Lower vestry meetings from 1885 up to 1940. A few years are missing (notably during war time). These annual records give a fascinating insight with regard to the people involved, and the typical church affairs of a bygone era. Also included, are some miscellaneous media items related to the church (special services, bazarres, Sunday School fetes, etc).

Hopefully the information below will shed a little more light on past local individuals, and be especially useful for those who are researching their family tree.  Many of the individuals referred to in this page, will be in the church graveyard. If and when more church records become available, I will add them to this page. Okay, let’s begin.

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The Rev. Samuel Scott Frackleton, incumbent, presided over the annual Easter vestry meeting, held in Innisrush Church. The members elected the following:
Parochial Nominators – Mr. Thomas Smyth, Sprucebank; Mr. Thompson Mulholland, Eden; and Mr. W. G. Courtenay, Glenburn.
Synodsmen – Mr. Thomas Campbell of Lisrodden and Mr. James Ballentine of lnnisrush.
Churchwardens – Mr. Hamilton of Portglenone and Mr. James Ballentine of Innisrush.
Treasurer & Secretary – Mr. W. G. Courtenay of Glenburn.
The statement of accounts was submitted – Offertory account: £5 13s and half a d; £4 to the Protestant Orphans, £3 to the Missions; and £1 and 1 shilling to the Irish Church.

 No information is available for 1886 and 1887. We do know that the inside
of the church was completely renovated during the 1887 calendar year.


The Rev. Samuel S. Frackelton presided over the annual Easter Vestry meeting in 1888.  Election Results: Parochial Nominators – Mr. Andrew W. Orr of Dublin; Mr. Thomas S. Ash, J.P., of Bellaghy; and Mr. Thompson Mulholland
Synodsmen – Mr. Arthur J. Orr of Dublin; and William George Courtenay of Glenburn.  Churchwardens – Mr. William York of Eden and Mr. Hugh Hamilton of Portglenone.  Treasurer – Mr. W. G. Courtenay. Secretary – Mr. Thomas Campbell, Innisrush.  Select Vestry – Thompson Mulholland, Beresford Mulholland, James York, William York, William George Downey, and James T. York (Eden), W. G. Courtenay, James Ballentine, David Orr, Thomas Smith, W. J. Brown, Andrew Smith (Innisrush).

The chairman drew the attention of the vestry to the much improved condition and circumstances of the parish. He said that the glebe house and lands were significantly improved by the Representative Church Body, and were in the finest state of efficiency and condition. The interior of the church at Innisrush had been entirely renovated during 1887.

No information is available for 1889 to 1892.


Wednesday 2 August 1893 – Innisrush Sunday School Fete. Wednesday week was the occasion of the annual fete of the above school. From about 3 p.m. the young people of the district began to assemble in the beautiful grounds belonging to the Rev. S. S. Frackelton, rector of the parish, which be kindly placed at their disposal.

In fact we cannot here refrain from saying, Mr. Frackelton enjoys an enviable popularity in the district, and this it all the result of his geniality, generosity, and true gentlemanliness. Not only did be oblige the young people with his grounds for the day’s rendezvous, but gave them an excellent tea in the rectory. Mrs. Frackelton very becomingly presided at the tables.

After tea the young people formed into “rings,” “hindmost of three.” Some patronised the swings very much which were suspended from some tall sycamore trees; while others seemed to enjoy football. Towards the evening there were several competitions for prizes, given by the Rev. Mr. Frackelton in racing.

Prizes were distributed amongst thirty-two out of the following number of scholars on the list for examination in Bible knowledge. The examiner was the Rev, J. Olphert, Woville, who expressed himself highly satisfied with the teaching that the young people had received.

Class five took full marks.

Class I – Bella McCaw, Agnes Moore, Nathaniel Cattorwood, John Getty, Mary Wallace, Mary Jane Greer, James Keenan, Ellen Wallace, Helen Campbell.

Class 2 – Edwin Campbell, Maude Campbell, Lizzie Getty, Lizzie Greer, Charlotte McCaw, John Black, David Stewart, Andrew Stewart.

Class 3 – Bessie Keenan, Lizzie French, Ellen French, Annie Getty, Maria Cattorwood, Maggie Cattorwood, Jane Stewart, Sarah Stewart, Charlotte Boyd.

Class 4 – Sarah Hastings, Ellen Stewart, Martha French, Susan Doole, Ann Jane Doole, David Doole, Margaret Bella Keenan, Benjamin French, Bessie Kyle.

Class 5 – David Gibson, Charlotte Gibson, Henry Adam Glasgow, Jane Hastings.








No information is available for 1894.
The Easter vestry was held in the Parochial Hall Monday evening, with the Reverend Frackelton A.M., in the chair. The congregration was congratulated on the prosperous condition of the parish. It was proposed and passed unanimously that “the best thanks of the vestry be accorded to Miss A. Young of Farm Lodge in Ballymena for an East end window of Muranese glass; to Mr A. H. Hume (who is a cousin of the Reverend Frackelton) for a window; to Mrs Robert Magee, Hill View House, Woodvale Road, for a similar window; to Misses Helen, Edith, and Carrie Courtenay for a similar window, and for contribution towards the harmonium; to Mr. W. G. Courtenay for a a church door; to Mrs Frackelton of Glenone Rectory, for an altar cover; to Mr R. H. H. Baird, J.P. and William Baird “Evening Telegraph,” for prayer book, Communion Service, and binding in the best morocco the Church Bible; to Mr R. Alexander, Killowen and Portglenone House, for a donation; to Mr George Whiteside, Ballynahinch, for a glacier window in porch; to Mr H. G. Patterson, Brandrum House, Monaghan, for communion linen, surplice, hood, and stole for the use of the church.”
The Annual General Vestry was held on the evening of Monday 6th April 1896 in the Parochial Hall, Innisrush. Presiding over events was the incumbent rector, the Reverend S. S. Frackelton. The Treasurer reported to the meeting that the church accounts showed a balance in hand with treasurer of 16 pounds ten shillings and three and a half pennies.

ADDITIONAL NOTES  Early September, 1896 – The annual fete of the teachers and scholars of the Sunday school in connection with Tamlaght O’Crilly Lower (Innisrush) Parish Church was held a few days ago. The young people assembled at the rectory, where they were heartily welcomed by the worthy rector. Rev. S. S. Frackelton, M.A., and his good wife, and were entertained to tea and its accompaniments.

On Monday 19th of April 1897 the Easter vestry of Tamlaght Lower was held in the Parochial Hall, Innisrush. The Reverend S. S. Frackelton presided over the meeting. The minutes of previous meeting were read, officers elected, and the treasurer’s accounts submitted. After paying all the expenses incurred for the year, the church accounts were 18 pounds, 9 shillings and 6d to the good.

Mr Thomas Smyth, Thomas Campbell and W. J. Browne were appointed as Parochial Nominators.

Mr. Thomas Campbell proposed (seconded by Mr Thomas Smyth) “That the best thanks of the vestry be tendered to Mrs. Frackelton for the gift of two bracket-lamps for the east-end wall of Innisrush church; and also that the best thanks be tendered to the Misses Courternay for the gift of a muralese coloured-glass window in the porch; and to Miss Carrie Courtenay for her constant and efficient services in the choir.”

Tamlaght Lower’s Easter vestry was held in the Parochial Hall, in Innisrush, with the Reverend S. S. Frackelton, A.M., T.C.D., presiding. The treasurer, Mr Browne, submitted the statement of accounts which indicated an income of 52 pounds 19 shillings and half a penny. Expenditure amounted to 39 pounds 2 shillings and 11d, thus leaving a balance of 13 pounds 16 shillings and one and a half pence.

Those at the meeting agreed that a vestry was a long-since much needed addition to the church building – and resolved to build one. The vestry also agreed to re-insure the church property for the forthcoming year; and to contribute in order secure a grant (awarded to the poorer parishes) to augment capital.

Mr Thomas Campbell proposed, seconded by Mr Thomas Hastings, that the best thanks of the vestry be accorded to W. J. Browne for his efficient services as the church’s Treasurer, as well as his assistance in Sunday school and all the other occasions when his help was required.

Mr. James Scott proposed, seconded by Mr Brown, that the best thanks of the vestry be offered to Miss Carrie Courtenay for her faithful attention to choir practice, as well as her efforts in collecting money for the charitable societies, and her regular contributions to Sunday services.

ADDITIONAL NOTES  On Thursday 6th October 1898, the annual harvest thanksgiving service was held in Tamlaght Lower. The church in Innisrush was very tastefully decorated for the occasion. The Reverend Frackelton, incumbent, along with the Reverend T. Fisher, the rector of Termooney, read the evening prayer, as well as the appropriate psalms.

The lessons were read by the Revs. A. H. Maturin (rector of Maghera), and Gerald K. Moriarty, (rector of Kilcronaghan). The Reverend Moriarty delivered the sermon, and made an appeal on behalf of Missions, to which the evening’s offerings were devoted. The musical part of the service was beautiful, with Miss C. Courtenay, of Glenburn, presiding at the harmonium.

On Monday 3rd April 1899, the Easter Vestry for Tamlaght Lower was held in the schoolhouse in Innisrush. The Reverend Frackelton presided. He congratulated the vestry on the prosperous state of the parish. Everyone was happy that a much needed vestry had finally been built. The church had sent 20 pounds forward, thus enabling them to secure the Babington grant of £25.

Their accounts this year were in the black. Indeed the accounts were the best in 18 years (since 1881)! After all the church’s outgoings, a balance of 9 pounds 9 shillings and 10d remained in the parochial treasurer’s hands for the incoming year.

After the election of officers for the forthcoming year, the Rev. S. S. Frackelton proposed (seconded by Mr. John Smyth, of Sprucebank, and passed), that the best thanks of the general vestry should be given to Mr. W. G. Courtenay, of Glenburn, and his sisters for building a vestry for the church. Everyone gathered also agreed that the best thanks should also be given to Mrs. Frackelton for the gift of brass branch candlesticks for the pulpit, and also for her very kind proposal to supply a stove for the vestry, and pay for the painting of all woodwork and walls therein.

It was also resolved “that we tender our renewed thanks to Rev. S. S. Frackelton for his satisfactory conduct of Divine service, his attention to parochial duties, and the increased prosperity of the parish and its finances.”

The vestry meeting also went on to pass a vote of thanks on behalf of the parish to the Lord Bishop for his visit to Tamlaght Lower, and expressed the hope that he would return again at convenient intervals.

The vestry also thanked Miss Carrie Courtenay and the church choir for their attention to choir practice. There was a special vote of thanks to Miss Carrie for her assistance in looking after the various charities linked to the church.

The vestry also acknowledged their gratitude to Mr. A. H. Hume, 26, Castlereagh Street, Belfast, (who is the Reverend Frackelton’s cousin) for supplying the window of muranese glass to the vestry and other gifts.  

The Easter vestry was held in the Parochial Schoolhouse, Innisrush, on Monday evening, the incumbent, Rev. S. S. Frackelton, in the chair. Messes. W. G. Courtenay, J.P., John Smyth, and Thomas Smyth, were appointed parochial nominators. The accounts showed a balance in hand of £1 l0s 10d. Votes of thanks were tendered to the choir, Miss Carrie Courtenay, and Mrs. Frackelton; and a vote of sympathy to Mrs. Campbell, schoolmistress, in her bereavement by the death of Mr. Thomas Campbell, school teacher.
No information available for 1901.
Tamlaght Lower church held it’s annual Easter Vestry in Innisrush schoolhouse. The Reverend S. S. Frackelton presided over proceedings.

W. G. Courtenay, J. P., proposed a vote of best thanks (seconded by Thomas Smyth) for the generosity of Mrs Frackelton, of Glenone Glebe, for purchasing a new stove and the related pipes for the church, as well as the installation, all at her own cost. The old stove was badly worn out and in need of being replaced.

The Reverend Frackelton proposed (seconded by W. G. Browne) a vote of best thanks be extended to W. G. Courtenay for his advice and assistance in procuring the new stove. It was this help that the rector said resulted in the church saving “a considerable outlay of money”.

Thanks was also given to Miss Booth (of Portglenone), and the choir, for their attention to the music of the church and their exceptional attendance record. Further thanks were also extended to the Reverend Frackelton for his unremitting attention to the interests of the church.

The Treasurer said that the credit to the
church’s assessment account was 15 pounds zero shillings, 6d and 4 pounds, 11 shillings, 7d. The balance that the treasurer had in hand to spend on parochial needs was 1 pound, 5 shillings and 4d. The vestry expressed their thanks at the outgoing treasurer W. J. Browne for 14 years of satisfactory accounts, and expressed their regret that Mr Browne was unable to continue as treasurer.

W. G. Courtenay and W. J. Smyth were elected as churchwardens. Mr Thomas Smyth was elected as the new treasurer; and W. G. Courtenay as Secretary.


No information is available for 1903.
The Easter vestry of this parish was held in the schoolhouse, Innisrush, on Monday evening – the Rev. S. S. Frackelton, A.M., T.C.D., in the chair. The accounts were submitted. The credit account showed £38 17s 6d, and the debit £22 9s 9d. Current expenses were £7 10s, and balance hand of treasurer for 1904 £8 17s 9d. The credit, diocesan account was £ll 19s. It was arranged to repair and point the tower, and point the walls of the church.
On Monday evening, the 24th April 1905, the annual Easter vestry was held in the Parochial Schoolhouse in Innisrush. It was presided over by the Reverend Samuel Scott Frackelton. After 24 years of presiding over such annual meetings, this was to Samuel Frackelton’s last in Innisrush. He was 74 years old, and his health was failing. In 1906, a curate (Rev. MacQuaide)was called in to assist in the duties of the parish.

Once the election of the select vestry and officers had taken place, the Treasurer (Mr. Thomas Smythe of Sprucebank), submitted the statement of accounts for the year just ended. This indicated a balance of some 14 pounds 8 shillings 1d. 7 pounds and 10 shillings was voted out of this for music, communion wine, sextoness, and church clerk, leaving a balance in hand for parochial expenses of 6 pounds 18 shillings and 1d.

The treasurer reported that out of the proceeds of the harvest festival 2 pounds was sent to the G.P.S., 2 pounds was sent to C.M.S.; 3 pounds was sent to the Irish Society; and 4 pounds and one shilling was sent to Protestant orphans, from a private parish collection.

The treasurer also noted that at the Diocesan Office the parochial account had a credit of 10 pounds 14 shillings and 3d – and that the parochial endowment capital was 518 pounds 1 shilling and 8d – and that the Glebe Purchase Fund was 204 pounds 12 shillings and 2d. This resulted in a total of 722 pounds 13 shillings 10d.

The general vestry reportedly were very happy with the state of the accounts and the general prosperity of the congregation. They were also happy with the teachers of the two parochial schools, at Eden and Innisrush, as well as the good attendance of the pupils at both schools.

The sums expended on schools repairs and requisites during the past year was 30 pounds. There was promised for the Auxiliary Fund 60 pounds.
Votes of thanks were passed to the land proprietors for their assessment help, Miss Nesbitt’s annuity of 11 pounds 5 shillings and 9d; Dr. W. A. Orr, 5 pounds 5 shillings; Mr. W. Newton 5 pounds; and the proprietors of Bellaghy estate, 4 pounds.

At the Easter vestry held at Innisrush Schoolhouse on Monday, the Rev. Samuel  Frackelton, incumbent, presided. Examination of the parochial accounts submitted by the treasurer showed that there remained in treasurer’s hand for parochial purposes some 4 pounds 6 shillings and 5d, and in the parochial diocesan account 9 pounds 7 shillings and 3d credit. Votes of thanks were given to the proprietary gentry – viz., Mr. Beaumont Nesbitt, Dr. W. A. Orr, Mr. W. Newton (county Derry), and the proprietors of the Bellaghy estate. Schools were repaired at Eden and Innisrush by the parishioners to the amount of about 50 pounds during the year 1905.
The Easter vestry was held at the Glebe for the election of the select vestry, to receive accounts from the treasurer, and to consult about parochial interests. All the most influential farmers attended. The incumbent announced that the diocesan accounts had 7 pounds 9 shillings and 10d to their credit; in treasurer’s hands, 9 pounds 5 shillings and 9d for parochial purposes. The auxiliary contribution amounted to 60 pounds. The meeting was unanimous in agreeing to repair the outside of the church now, and next year to paint the inside and have the walls distempered.
The annual vestry meeting of this parish was held in their schoolrooms, Innisrush. The Rev. W. R. MacQuaide, M.A.. presided, and opened the meeting with prayer. The accounts were submitted, and were considered most satisfactory. The following appointments were made: Churchwardens, Mr. W. G. Courtenay, J.P. (clergyman’s), Mr. Thomas Hastings (people’s). Select vestry, Messrs. W. J. Brown, R. Elgin, T. Gibson, A. D. Glasgow, J. Kunan, J. Morrison. J. Mulholland, sen., K. Mulholland, James Scott, John Scott, J. Smyth, and Thomas Smyth. Mr. A. D. Glasgow was appointed secretary, and Mr. Thomas Smyth treasurer.
The Easter vestry meeting of this parish was held in the schoolrooms, Innisrush, on the 12th April. The Rev. R. W. MacQuaide, MA, presided, and opened the meeting with a prayer. There was a good attendance of the general vestry. A statement of accounts for the year was submitted, and showed a substantial balance to the credit of the the parish. The following officers were appointed for the coming year – Churchwardens: W. G. Courtenay (clergy’s); Mr. T. Hastings (people’s). Parochial nominators Messrs: T. Smythe, J. Smythe and J. Morrison. Synodsmen: Messrs – W. J. Courtenay, J.P.; J. Smythe, J. Smythe, and William James Brown. Secretary, Mr A. D. Glasgow; Treasurer, Mr Thomas Smythe. Select Vestry – Messrs. T. Smythe, J. Smythe, William James Brown, James Scott, John Scott, J. Morrison, T. Gibson, James Mulholland senior, K. Mulholland, R. Elgin, James Keenan, and A. D. Glasgow.
On 28th March, Rev. T. Kelly, curate, presided at the Easter vestry, and reviewed the work of the past year. There was, according to the Northern Constitution, an “unusually large” attendance.  The Reverend Kelly said that the day schools were in a satisfactory condition, while the Sunday school attendance had increased considerably. The men’s Bible Class, which was held weekly during the winter was well attended, and he hoped would be productive of much good. A branch of the Catch-my-pal movement was established in Innisrush in January, and had been a great blessing to many. The Sunday congregations were well maintained, but there was still room for improvement. He regretted that the number of regular communicants was comparatively small, and appealed to those present to show their example to others by attending more regularly to this means of grace. The treasurer (Mr. T. Smyth) presented the financial statement, which was satisfactory. The following appointments were made:—Mr. W. G. Courtenay, J.P., Rector’s churchwarden; Mr. John Smyth, People’s churchwarden. Select vestry – Messrs.  W. T. Brown, T. Campbell, W. Cunningham, A. D. Glasgow. T. Hastings, J. Morrison, K. Mulholland, W. Mulholland, R. J. Mulholland, T. Smyth, James Scott, John Scott. Sidesmen – Messrs. R. Elgin. T. Gibson, P. Hastings, and J. Keenan. A vote of thanks was passed to Mrs. Frackelton for her goodness to the parish during the past year. At subsequent meeting of the select vestry Mr. T. Smyth was re-elected treasurer, and Mr. Glasgow, secretary.
The annual vestry meeting was held on April 17th at Innisrush Schoolhouse, with the Rev. Thomas Kelly, B.A., presiding. There was a good attendance of members, and the business of the parish was gone through in a satisfactory manner. The chairman gave an account of the religious work done in the parish during the year, showing that there was a decided improvement in this. He stated that there were thirty-two candidates for confirmation, which was very creditable considering the size of the parish. The accounts of the parish were examined and showed that there was a substantial balance in the treasury. The election of officers for ensuing year resulted as follows: Clergy’s churchwarden, Mr. W. G. Courtenay; People’s churchwarden. Mr. John Smyth; treasurer, Mr. Thomas Smyth; secretary, Mr. Mr. A. D. Glasgow; Select vestry, Thomas Smyth, James Scott, James Brown, John Morrison, Thomas Hastings, John Scott, W. B. Cunningham, James Greer, K. Mulholland and R. Mulholland.

ADDITIONAL NEWS On Monday 7th August 1911, a special meeting of the vestry of the parish of Tamlaght O’Crilly (Lower) was held. The following resolution was passed in silence “That we, the members of the select vestry of the parish of Tamlaght O’Crilly (Lower), beg to convey to Mrs. and Miss Frackelton our sincere sympathy in their recent bereavement in the death of our much-esteemed, and revered rector and their beloved husband and father, and pray that God may comfort and sustain them in their sad loss and heavy trial.”

November 1911 – The Board of Nomination for the parish of Tamlaght O’Crilly Lower (Innisrush), has selected as rector of the parish in succession to the late Rev. S. S. Frackelton, M.A., the Rev. John Donnelly, M.A., curate of Taughboyne, St. Johnston, Derry.

Mr. Donnelly is the second son of the late Mr. John Donnelly, Ballintoy, and a graduate of Trinity College. Dublin. He has also held miracles in Portaferry and Belfast. Mr. Donnelly is an enthusiastic temperance worker.


The annual general vestry meeting was held in the schoolrooms, Innisrush, on Thursday evening. The Rev. John Donnelly, M.A., presided, and in the course of his opening remarks the chairman commented favourably on the work done in the parish, especially in connection with the Sunday school. He thanked the teachers of the Sunday school and the members of the choir for the wholehearted way in which they bad carried out their duties during the past year, and hoped the same zeal would urge them on to still greater efforts in the coming year. The church accounts showed a very creditable balance in the hands of the treasurer, and on the whole the parish is in a very thriving condition. The election of officers for the ensuing year was then proceeded with, the following being the result. Parochial nominators, Messrs. W. G. Courtenay. J.P , Thomas Smyth and John Smyth; supplementary nominators, Messrs. John Morrison and James Brown ; synodsmen, Messsrs. R. W. Cunningham and John Smyth; churchwardens (clergy), Mr. J. Smyth (people’s), Mr. W. G. Courtenay, J.P.; secretary, Mr. A. D. Glasgow; treasurer, Mr. Thomas Smyth; select vestry, Messrs. A. D. Glasgow, Ken. Mulholland, James Brown, J. Mulholland, James Scott, Robert Elgin, John Scott, W. J. Mulholland, R. W. Cunningham. J. R. Mulholland, John Morrison and Thomas Hastings; sidesmen, Messrs. Ken. Mulholland, J. Brown and John Scott.
The Easter vestry was held in the Schoolrooms, Innisrush. The rector, Rev. John Donnelly, M.A., who presided, complimented the parish on the flourishing state of it’s finances and also drew attention to the remarkably good result of the recent Sunday school examination, and thanking the sweet vestry, Sunday school teachers, and members of the choir, for their valuable assistance during the year. The assessment and parochial accounts were submitted, and showed a substantial balance in the treasurer’s hands. The election of officers for the ensuing year resulted as follows – Churchwardens – Clergy’s Warden, Mr. W. G. Courtenay J.P.; People’s Warden, Mr. W. J. Brown; Select Vestry, Messrs. John Smyth, K. Mulholland, Thomas Gibson, Richard Mulholland, Thomas Smyth, Thomas Hastings, James Scott, John Morrison, W. J. Mulholland, John Scott, Robert Elgin, and A. D. Glasgow; treasurer, Mr. Thomas Smyth: secretary, Mr. A. D. Glasgow
The annual general Vestry of the parish was held in the schoolroom, Innisrush, on the evening of Easter Monday. The Rector (Rev. John Donnelly) said they had every reason to congratulate themselves on the condition of the affairs the parish at the close of another year. The finances were in a most healthy state. The ordinary collections were much better than last year, and the special collections also showed a marked advance. It was also satisfactory to be able to report that the contributions of the people to both the Orphan Society and the Church Missionary Society were ahead of last year, whilst the assessment subscriptions more than met the charge against that fund. He felt that the number of regular worshippers could be substantially increased, and would appeal to the members of the Vestry to set a good example, and further to urge their brethren and neighbours to be present in the sanctuary at least once on each Lord’s Day. The meeting proceeded to elect to the various vacant offices, and the officers of the past year were elected in globe. The Select Vestry met the close of the annual meeting, and elected Mr. A. D. Glasgow and Mr. Thomas Smyth as secretary and treasurer respectively.
No records are available for an annual vestry meeting in 1915.
ADDITIONAL NOTES In February 1915, the Reverend John Donnelly, having received a commission in the 16th Battalion Royal Irish Rifles, resigned the incumbency of Tamlaght O’Crilly Lower, diocese of Derry.By late 1915, an estate-related issue had been cleared up in a court case in Dublin. Mr Elliot Motherwell (of Foxfield in County Cavan) had left, in his will, an annual sum to be paid to Tamlaght O’Crilly. The courts had to clarify whether this meant Upper, or if both Upper and Lower churches were to benefit equally. The judges decided the latter.


No information was available for 1916.
No records were available of an annual vestry meeting being held in 1917.

ADDITIONAL NOTES August 1917 – The Reverend John Donnelly has been once more instituted into the parish of Tamlaght O’Crilly Lower. He had resigned the parish shortly after the outbreak of war, and accepted a commission in the Royal Irish Rifles. He has been, for a considerable time, on active service in France. 

No records were available of an annual vestry meeting being held in 1918.
Reverend John Donnelly, M.A., presided. The following elections were made:—Rector’s Churchwarden, Mr. W. G. Courtenay, J.P.; People’s Churchwarden: Mr. W. J. Brown. Select vestry – Messrs. W. Morris. J. Smyth. T. Hastings, J. Rogers, T. Smyth, A. D. Glasgow, K. Mulholland. James Scott, John Scott, Joseph Mulholland. J. Morrison and R. Elgin.
No records were available of an annual vestry meeting being held in 1920.

ADDITIONAL NOTES  Friday 6th February 1920.
Presentation to Reverend John and Mrs Donnelly.

On Friday evening last a pleasant surprise was sprung upon the Rev. J. and Mrs. Donnelly, when a small deputation of the select vestry attended at the Rectory and presented them with a cheque each, the amount of which was over £80. The deputation consisted of Messrs. John Smyth, Thomas Hastings, James Scott, Thomas Smyth, and William J. Brown.

Mr. John Smyth explained the purpose of their visit, and spoke of the hearty readiness with which the congregation and local friends entered into the project. It was plain from the reception which the collectors met with, that the people were only waiting for a lead. They all felt that something tangible should done to mark their appreciation of the manly part the Rector had played in serving as combatant officer in the great war. They rejoiced over his safe return, and they congratulated him having brought back another patriot, or patriotess, in the person of his wife, whom they had already warmly welcomed to the district, and who was fast becoming as popular as her husband.

The presentation of the cheques was made by Mr. Thomas Smyth, who, with the other members of the deputation, emphasised the keenness of all the subscribers to participate, and thus show the sincerity of their good wishes for the future happiness and welfare of Mr. and Mrs. Donnelly.

In voicing his thanks, Mr. Donnelly said it did not require the presentation just made to assure him of the many large hearts with which he was surrounded and amongst whom it was his privilege to live and labour. That act of generosity was not a revelation. From the first day he began to go out and in amongst them he realised that they were warm-hearted people, and since that time they had been ever ready and willing uphold his hands in every good work. He felt he enjoyed their implicit trust and affection – he would use that word – and he hoped that neither Mrs. Donnelly nor himself would ever do anything which would lead to an estrangement or loss their esteem. In the name of his wife, and on his own behalf, he thanked from the bottom of his heart the subscribers for their very handsome present, and he prayed that their future days together might be like their past days – happy, pleasant, and helpful.

The members of the deputation were afterwards entertained to supper by Mrs, Donnelly. It may be remarked that few, if any, families have the war record of the reverend gentleman’s family. There were only three brothers of them, and not one held back when the call was made. The eldest, who was wireless officer with the R.F.C. was killed in the big spring set-back at Cambrai. The youngest, who has risen to the rank major, and who won the M.C. and received mention despatches, is still serving with the Rhine Army, whilst the subject of the presentation was demobilised only March, 1919.

No information is available for 1921.
The annual general meeting of the vestry members of Tamlaght O’Crilly (Lower) Parish Church was held in the schoolroom, Innisrush. The rector, namely the Reverend John Donnelly. M.A., presided. The financial report was highly satisfactory, both the churchwardens’ account and the assessment account showing increased credit balances. The various offices were filled for the ensuing year. At the close, the first meeting of the Select Vestry was held, when Messrs. A. Glasgow and Thomas Smythe, J.P., were elected secretary and treasurer respectively.
The Easter vestry was held in Innisrush school on Tuesday, April 3rd – the Rev. William G. S. Conner, M.A., presiding. The following appointments were made: Churchwardens —Clergyman’s, Mr. William Morris; People’s, Mr. David Kane. Select vestry Messrs. Thomas Hastings, James Rogers, Thomas Smyth, J.P., Adam D. Glasgow, Robert Elgin, James Browne, James Greer, Kenneth Mulholland, Robert M’Cullagh, Samuel Henry, Thompson Mulholland and William Scott. Parochial Treasurer – Mr. Thomas Smyth, J.P.; Parochial Secretary – Mr. Adam Glasgow.

ADDITIONAL NOTES   In the summer of 1923, the church decided to regulate the right of burials in their churchyard. They posted the following in several newspapers.
TO ALL WHOM IT MAY CONCERN. TAKE NOTICE, that the Minister, Churchwardens and Select Vestry of the Parish Innisrush, Co. Derry, having decided to regulate the right of burial in this Graveyard and other matters relating thereto, and for this purpose have decided to Map and Register all Burial Plots, any person claiming to have any Burial Rights are hereby required to be at the Churchyard on Friday and Saturday, 7th and 8th September, 1923, and to claim their burying places, between 12 and 4 o’clock p.m.
AND FURTHER TAKE NOTICE, that on and after the said 8th September, 1923, all unregistered and unclaimed ground shall be absolutely at the disposal of the Minister and Churchwardens for the time being to deal with as they think right according to the Constitutions of the Church of Ireland, the said Graveyard being vested in the Representative Church Body under the Irish Church Act, 1869. A Registration Fee will be charged on the above dates.
Full information can be obtained on application to the undersigned Minister. Dated this 23rd day of July, 1923. WM. G. S. CONNER, Clk., The Rectory.
J. William Morris, Churchwarden, Tyanee, Co. Derry.
David Kane, Churchwarden, Glenburn, Portglenone, Co. Derry. All of Innisrush, Portglenone, in the County of Derry.


Reverend W. G. S. Conner, M.A., presided. Appointments:—Parochial nominators — T. Smyth, J.P., William Morris, James Rogers. Supplemental— R. Elgin. T. Hastings. Diocesan synodsmen — K. Mulholland, B. McCullough. Parson’s churchwarden — Thomas Hastings. People’s churchwarden —John Scott. Glebe wardens—T. Smyth, J. Rogers. Supplemental — T. Hastings, R. Elgin. Treasurer – T. Smyth, J.P.; Secretary – Rev. W. G. S. Conner, M.A.
Select vestry – Robert McCullough, D. Kane, T. Mulholland, J. Rogers, J. Greer. R. Elgin, A. D. Glasgow, T. Smyth, J.P., William York, John Morrison, T. Gibson, William Scott.
The Easter Vestry of Tamlaght O’Crilly Lower was held on Tuesday evening, 14th April —Rev. W. G. S. Conner presiding. During the past year £700 has been raised for improvements to the Parish Church. The following appointments were made for the coming year:— Churchwardens — Rector’s, Mr. John Smyth; Peoples, Mr. Kennedy Mulholland. Select Vestry—Messrs. Thomas Smyth, J.P.; William Morris, James Rodgers, Thomas Hastings, John Scott, A. Glasgow, John Morrison, Robert McCullagh, James Greer, David Kane, J.P.; R. Elgin, and Thompson Mulholland. Sidesmen—Messrs. Thomas Hastings and John Scott.
The Rev. William G. S. Connor presided. Appointments: Select Vestry -Thomas Smyth, J.P., John Smyth, Thomas Gibson. William Morris, James Rogers, Joseph R. McCullough, Kennedy Mulholland, James Greer, and Andrew Mulholland. Churchwardens – Mr. John Morrison (Rector’s Warden) and Mr. Thomas Hastings (People’s Warden). Sidesmen – Messrs. John Smyth and K. Mulholland. Treasurer – Thomas Smyth, J.P. Secretary – Rev. William G. S. Conner, M.A.
At the Easter vestry meeting held in the Innisrush Schoolroom, Tuesday evening, Rev. William G. S. Conner, M.A., rector, presiding, it was decided to erect stables for the convenience of parishioners attending Divine worship in Innisrush Church, and to use for that purpose sum of money recently bequeathed to the parish by the late Mr. Henry York. The following appointments were made: —Parochial nominators, Messrs. John Smyth, John Morrison, and Thomas Smyth, J.P.; supplemental nominators, Messrs – Thomas Hastings; Derry diocesan synodsmen, Messrs. Kennedy Mulholland and James Rogers, Kennedy Mulholland, and Robert J. McCullough; glebe wardens (rector’s), Thomas Smyth, J.P.; (people’s) James Rogers; supplemental glebe wardens (rector’s), John Morrison; (people’s warden) Thomas Hastings; churchwardens (rector’s), Kennedy Mulholland; (people’s), Thomas Hastings; sidesmen, Messrs. John Smyth, John Morrison, and T. Hastings; select vestry, Messrs. Thomas Smyth, J.P.; John Smyth, William York, John Morrison, Thomas Gibson, James Rogers, R. T. McCullough, Joseph M‘Caw, Andrew Mulholland, Thompson Mulholland, Gerald Finlay, and James Greer; treasurer, Mr. Thomas Smyth, J.P.; secretary, Rev. George Seymour Conner, M.A.
At the Easter Vestry meeting in connection with the above Parish, Rev. W. G. S. Conner, M.A., rector, presiding, the following appointments were made: Rector’s Churchwarden, Mr. Thompson Mulholland; Peoples’ Churchwarden, Mr. John Smyth; Select Vestry Messrs. Thomas Smyth, J.P., William Morris, John Morrison, Thomas Hastings, Joseph M’Caw, David Kane, J.P., Thomas Gibson, Robert J. McCullough, James Rogers, Andrew Mulholland, Robert Elgin, and James Greer; Sidesmen – Messrs. John Smyth, John Morrison and Thomas Hastings; Treasurer of Select Vestry, Mr. Thomas Smyth. J.P.; Secretary Select Vestry, Rev. William George Seymour Conner, M.A.
The Easter vestry was held in Innisrush school. The following were elected. Select Vestry—Messrs. J. Smyth, T. Mulholland, T. Smyth, J.P.; D. Kane, J.P.; K. Bradley, J. Morrison, T. Hastings, A. Glasgow, R. J. McCullough, A. Mulholland, J. Greer, and R. Elgin. Sidesmen—Messrs. W. Morris, 11 orke, and J. Smyth. Churchwardens – Rector’s – Mr. J. Smyth; peoples – Mr J. Rogers. Treasurer, Mr. T. Smyth, J.P. Secretary, Rev. W. G. S. Conner, M.A.

The Rev. William G. S. Conner, M.A., rector, presided, and the following appointments were made – Parochial nominators, Messrs. John Smyth, John Morrison, and Thomas Smyth, J.P.; supplemental, Messrs. R. J. M’Cullough, James Rogers, and Thomas Hastings; diocesan synodsmen, Messrs. R. J. M’Cullough and Joseph S. Smyth; glebe wardens, Messrs. Thomas Smyth, J.P., and John Morrison; supplemental, Messrs. James Rogers and R. J. McCullough; churchwardens: Rector’s, Mr. R. J. McCullough; Peoples, Mr William Rogers; select vestry, Messrs. Joseph S. Smyth, James Rogers, Thomas Smyth, J.P.; John Smyth, John Morrison, Thompson Mulholland, David Kane, J.P., Kennedy Bradley, William Morris, Andrew Mulholland, James Greer, and Robert Elgin; parochial treasurer, Mr. Thomas Smyth. J.P.; secretary to select vestry, Rev. W. G. S. Conner, M.A.; sidesmen, Messrs. John Morrison, John Smyth, Joseph S. Smyth, and James Rogers.

Rev. G. Kingston, M.A., presided at the annual Easter Vestry. The following appointments were made:— Rector’s churchwarden, Mr. James Laverty: people’s churchwarden, Mr. Joseph Smyth. Select Vestry—Messrs. Thomas Smyth. J.P.; John Smyth, John Morrison, R. J. M’Cullough, Jos. Smyth, James Greer, A. D. Glasgow, David Kane, J.P.; William Morris, William Rogers, Thompson Mulholland and Thomas Hastings. Treasurer, Thos. Smyth, J.P.; Secretary, Wm. Rogers.
The Rev. G. Kingston, M.A.,presided. Appointments —Rector’s churchwarden, Mr. James Laverty; People’s, Mr. Thompson Mulholland. Select vestry—Messrs. A. Glasgow, J. Greer, Thomas Hastings, David Kane. J.P.; William Morris, Bertie McCullough, William Rogers, G. Kyle, J. S. Smyth, J. Smyth, John Smyth, Thomas Smyth, J.P. Treasurer, Mr. Thomas Smyth, J.P.; and Secretary, Mr. William Rogers.
The annual vestry meeting in connection with Tamlaght O’Crilly Lower Parish was held in the Innisrush Church. Rev. G. Kingston. M.A., presided, and the reports given were satisfactory. Appointments – Parochial nominators, Messrs. John Smyth. William Morris, Thomas Smyth, J.P.; Supplemental – Messrs. J. Rogers. T. Hastings. R. J. McCullough. Synodsmen. J. S. Smyth, R. J. McCullough; Glebe wardens, rector’s Thomas Smyth, J.P. and supplemental William Morris. Peoples’ Warden James Rogers and supplemental. R. J. McCullough. Churchwardens – Rector’s James Rogers; People’s Thomas Smyth. J.P.; Select Vestry: Messrs. David Kane, J.P. Morris, James Greer, William Rogers, R. J. McCullough, R. Elgin, J. S. Smyth, J. M. Smyth, J. McCaw, George Kyle, Thomas Mulholland, Thomas Hastings. Treasurer, Mr. Thomas Smyth and Secretary, Mr. William Rogers.
 No information is available for 1934.
Rev. J. H. Nesbitt presided. Appointments – Rector’s Churchwarden, Mr. T. Smyth, J.P.; Mr. People’s Churchwarden, Mr James Greer. Select Vestry—Messrs. R. Elgin, D. Kane, J.P.; G. Kyle, W. Morris, J. McCaw, B. McCullough, T. Mulholland, W. Rogers, J. Rogers, J. Smyth, J. Kissick, J. S. Smyth. William Rogers, Hon. Secretary and Mr. T. Smyth, J.P., Hon. Treasurer.
The Rev. J. H. Nesbitt, curate-in-charge, presided. Appointments — Parochial nominators. Messrs, Joseph Smyth, William Morris and Thomas Smyth, J.P.; supplemental, Messrs. James Rogers, James Kissack and Robert John M’Cullough; diocesan synodsmen, Messrs. James Rogers and Robert McCullough: churchwardens—lncumbent’s, Thomas Smyth. J.P.; people’s, Mr. James Greer. Select vestry, Messrs. Robert Elgin, James Rogers, David Kane. J.P., Joseph M’Caw (hon. treasurer), Thompson Mulholland, Joseph Smyth, Adam Glasgow, George Kyle, William Morris. R. J. M’Cullough, William Rogers (hon. secretary) and James Kissack.
The Rev. J. H. Nesbitt presided. Appointments – Churchwardens Rector’s, Thomas Smyth, J.P.; People’s, James Greer. Select vestry—R. Elgin. A. Glasgow. R. Henry, D. Kane. J.P.; J. Kissack, J. M’Caw, T. Mulholland, R. J. McCullough, W, Morris, J. Rogers, W. Rogers and J. Smyth. Hon secretary—William Rogers. Hon. treasurer —J. McCaw.
The Reverend J. H. Nesbitt. B.A. (incumbent), presided at the Easter Vestry meeting in connection with Tamlaght O’Crilly Lower (Innisrush Church), when the following appointments were made – Churchwarden (incumbent’s) Mr Thomas Smyth, J.P.; People’s,  Mr James Greer. Select Vestry. Messrs. David Kane. J.P.; James Kissick, Joseph McCaw, Robert Elgin, Robert Henry, William Morris, James Rogers, William Rogers, Adam Glasgow, Thompson Mulholland, Robert J. McCullough and Joseph Smyth. Hon. Treasurer, Mr Joseph McCaw and Hon Secretary, Mr. William Rogers.
The Rev. J. H. Nesbitt, presided. Appointments—Rector’s churchwarden. Mr. Thomas Smyth, J.P.; People’s churchwarden, Mr. James Greer. Select vestry—Messrs. David Kane. J.P.; R. Elgin, W. Morris, J. Rogers, R Henry, J. Kissick, J. S. Smyth, T. J. Millar, R. J. McCullough. J. McCaw, W. Rogers, Parochial nominators— Messrs. Thomas Smyth, J.P.; J. S. Smyth, W. Morris. Supplemental Messrs. J. Rogers, J. Kissick. R. J. M’Cullough. Hon. Secretary. Mr. William Rogers. Hon. Treasurer, Mr. Joseph M’Caw.
In Tamlaght Lower parish, i.e. Innisrush Church, the annual Easter Vestry was held on Thursday 4th April 1940. The incument rector, the Reverend J. H. Nesbitt presided over proceedings. The following appointments were made:- Churchwardens – Incumbent’s Mr. Thomas Smyth, J.P. as Rector’s Warden; and John Greer as Peoples’ Warden. The Select Vestry:- Messrs. David Kane J.P.; J. Smyth. J. Kissick, T. Mulholland. J. McCaw, William Morris, J. Rogers, William Rogers. R. Elgin. R. Henry, J. Millar, R. J. M Cullough. Elected as Hon. Treasurer – Mr. J. Kissick; and as Hon. Secretary – Mr. William Rogers.
At the meeting of the General Vestrv of the Parish of Tamlaght O’Crillv Lower (Innisrush Church), Wednesday evening (April 16th), the Rev. W. E. Davey. M.A., presiding, the following appointments were made: — Rector’s churchwarden. Mr. R J McCullough; People’s churchwarden, Mr. J. Kyle. Hon. Treasurer. Mr. Kissick. Hon. Secretary, Mr. W. J. Rogers. Select Vestry – Mrs. J. Miller, Miss A. Smyth, Messrs. K. Bradley, jun; D. Greenwood. W. J. Greer, R. Henry, J. Kissick, W. Morris, J. Mulholland, T. Mulholland, W. J. Rogers and J. Scott.