The Coleraine chapter of my life began in 1990.  It lasted over 18 years, before I left in 2008 for pastures new.  Work back then involved travelling, each day, at all hours of the day and night, the 26 miles to Ballymena (and 26 back).

The beautiful North Coast is only a couple of miles above Coleraine. Indeed, my very first memory is from nearby Portstewart. 

I was always captivated by this part of the world.  On a good summer day there is no better drive to be had, than an afternoon spent around the coastal road. I used to socialise each weekend up in Portrush and Portstewart.

So many memories – several imprinted forever.  Only yesterday, it seemed that life was all ahead of us. Where does the time go to. Uncle Stanley would always warn about how fast a lifetime goes. “It went fast after I turned 20.  It seemed to fly all the harder after I turned 40” he would tell me.

Here’s an early 1900s view of Coleraine at sunset – accompanied by an old poem of the time.

river bann coleraine

Coleraine, Waterside, looking across the Bann Bridge to Western skies


Sunset in the western sky,
Evening shadows fall.
And the shadows of closing day
Creep over all.

Sunset in the western sky,
Weary ones seek rest;
The bird on wing since morning light
Flies home to its nest.

Sunset in the western sky,
And call to me,
Spirits bright on yonder shore,
Call across life’s sea.

Sunset in the western sky.
To Zion’s hill I rise,
Far above the golden west —
Even to Paradise.

John ‘Bannwater’
Coleraine, 1928