Spring by Joyce Montgomery of Ballymena

From time to time, one comes across a little gem when searching old newspapers. Here is a beautiful poem from the last century, called Spring, by Ballymena lady, Joyce Montgomery. Enjoy!



With a ray of golden sunshine.
With the song of a bird on the wing.
With the gently-blowing
Comes tne first breath of Spring.

One day in the heart of the country
Far away from the noisy throng.
I realised that Spring was here
When I heard the thrush’s song.

The sky was blue above me
And the sun shone warm and bright
To me the winter was like a dream
That had passed away with the night

In a field pretty lambs were sporting.
And while I watched them play
I lifted heart in thanks to God
For the beauty of the day.

Away the old-fashioned garden.
Beneath the leaf-less tree.
Tiny snowdrops lifted their pure white heads.
And a message they gave to me.

They silently spoke of humility.
Of purity, truth and grace.
And showed me how to bring a smile
To some sad and careworn face

I admired the silvery catkins.
Whose beauty to me was displayed
From a gently-waving willow tree
On the banks of the River Braid.

While the crows were flying homeward
Across the evening sky.
I looked towards the blue hills of Antrim
And Heaven seemed very nigh.

I thought of the everlasting hills
Far beyond earth’s dusty road.
And I thought of the peace which awaits the soul
That has winged its way home to God.

With a ray of golden sunshine.
With the song a bird the wing.
With the gently-blowing breezes
Comes the first sweet breath of Spring.


"I have spread my dreams beneath your feet. Tread softly because you tread on my dreams."

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