Poem – To a Lady in Kilrea

This beautiful old poem, To a Lady in Kilrea, was written and submitted to the Ballymena Observer in March 1879.  The author, presumably a he, did not submit their name....merely referring to himself as 'B'poetry kilrea lady

[su_heading size="28"]To a Lady in Kilrea[/su_heading]

Morning brings us many a flower, All delightful to the eye, Trees and shrubs of dewy grandeur In the rays sunshine lie.

Lovely though they are, and cheering, Dearer, far, are you me; All my love is lavished on you Sweetner of each joy I see.

May no thought of parting ever In our bosoms cause dismay; Rich with love and all its pleasures, Life, in peace, we’ll pass away.


Author: 'B' from Kilrea, 17th March, 1879 Source: Ballymena Observer, 22nd March 1879

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