Mulholland Birth Registrations, Tamlaght, County Londonderry, Ireland

James Richardson Mulholland & Charlotte Mulholland
of Eden, Portglenone, County Derry, Ireland

At Hill House, Eden, James Richardson Mulholland and his wife Charlotte Mulholland (nee Smyth) had four boys and a girl, between 1896 and 1906.

In the registry entries below, we see the birth registrations for the Mulholland family in Bellaghy.  Only William is missing.

Eden, Portglenone, Londonderry
Birth Certificates Registrations, Mulhollands of Eden, Tamlaght O’Crilly, Ireland

The eldest Thompson Mulholland, my grandfather, was born 18th December 1896.  He died at home, in the arms of his son Stanley, in the early evening of 19 December 1979.  He had just turned 83 the previous day.

John Smyth Mulholland was born on the 5th April 1898.   Despite a fondness for eating the lard drippings from the frying pan, as well as smoking over 20 heavy-duty Woodbine cigarettes every day, John lived til he was 75 years old.  He died on the 11th September 1973, in the very same Waveney hospital in Ballymena, as his brother Willie, who had passed away just 4 days previously. John was unaware (we presume) of his younger brother’s death.

Charlotte Maria Mulholland was born on the 5th December 1899.  She died on the 28th September 1978, aged 77 years.

James Richardson Mulholland (known as Jim) was born on the 21st March 1901, and passed on the 28th September 1978, aged 77 years.

William Mulholland (known as Willie), somewhat of a late arrival, was born in 1906.  He died 7th September 1973, aged 67 years.

John, Jim and Willie never married and are buried, along with their parents, in a grave in Innisrush – i.e. Tamlaght O’Crilly Lower.  Thompson is also buried there, in a grave with his wife. Charlotte is buried in Roselawn Cemetary in Belfast.



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2 thoughts on “Mulholland Birth Registrations, Tamlaght, County Londonderry, Ireland

  1. A great site Will, You have helped me so much in researching my Robert Mulholland son of Henry and Maria.
    I am looking forward to returning next year.

  2. Thanks for the kind words, Vickie!

    I am glad that you had some joy in finding more on Henry and Maria’s son, Robert.

    I was speaking briefly the other night to the daughter of Charlotte Maria Mulholland (mentioned in the page above). She is a cousin of my dad. Wonderful lady. Hope to meet up with her in the next couple of weeks.

    I have fallen behind a little in publishing new material. But I have a lot prepared. Just a matter of getting it pulled together.

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