Market House Portglenone

“At the meeting of the Market Committee it was reported that the new market-house at present being built would be ready for occupation shortly. The Secretary’s report the working of the markets during the past showed that on three occasions farmers attending Portglenone market obtained a higher price for their pork than that quoted elsewhere the same day.”

Ballymena Observer – Friday 12 December 1930

Market House Portglenone
Market House Portglenone. The houses on the left were known as Daly’s Row

Market House Portglenone

“At the Pork Market – Eighty-six carcasses scaled at the pork market on Tuesday, when the price paid was 52 shillings per cwt., same price as last week. Plucks sold at 6d.

At the Grass-Seed Market – The market house was open for weighing each day, and there was a constant trade in grass-seed during the week. Quotations were: Perennial, 8 shillings to 8 shillings 6d per cwt. Mixed, 6 shillings 6d to 7 shillings per cwt. Italian, 8 shillings 6d to 7 shillings per cwt.”

Ballymena Observer – Friday 30 September 1932


“The Market House Committee at their meeting Thursday evening — Mr. Andrew Greer (chairman) presiding – decided a plan for making repairs and alterations to market house.

The improvements to be made will result in better weighing facilities, and provide greater space for loading and unloading pork carcasses, grass-seed, etc.

It was mentioned at the meeting that the arrangements now in force on market days for assisting farmers from the Derry side across with their pigs, whilst the Bann Bridge was being repaired, were working smoothly, and that appreciation was expressed by them at the help given by the committee.”

Ballymena Observer – Friday 15 May 1936



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2 thoughts on “Market House Portglenone

  1. More great interesting information on an area that is very dear to my heart.

    Thank you yet again William!

  2. You are most welcome, May. Thanks for the lovely words.

    I have a lot of draft ideas and articles in various stages of research and production. One that will be close to your heart, I imagine, will be the Portrush to Ardrossan ferry. Earlier this year, I found a very old 1910 era image, cleaned it up, researched the ferry in the image, and have written 90% of an article on that Ireland to Scotland ferry crossing. It was all new to me!

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