Innisrush signs the Ulster Covenant

In September 1912, some 299 locals from in, and around the Innisrush area, signed the Ulster Covenant (or the 'Declaration' if you were a female), in Innisrush Orange Hall.  Adam D. Glasgow was the agent in charge of organising the signatures. There were also other local signings at Eden Orange Hall, Tamlaght O'Crilly Orange Hall, Killymuck and Tivaconavy.

Innisrush Signs the Ulster Covenant

[caption id="attachment_12442" align="aligncenter" width="582"]tamlaght ulster covenant Ulster Covenant and Declaration signed at Innisrush Orange Hall in September 1912.[/caption]I am not particularly interested in the politics, but instead keen to see this record of who was living in the area at the time.  The unique documents provide a fascinating historical record, of a moment in time.One signature among the 299 was illegible.  As well as signing the covenant/declaration, each person then listed their general address.  Many signatories were from Innisrush village, while others wrote down the townland they were from, such as nearby places like Tyanee, Moneystaghan, Ballynease, Ballymacpeake or Glenone.

Ulster Covenant Signatories & Location

Bella Adams, Tyanee John J. Adams, Tyanee Robert A. Adams, Tyanee Portglenone Samuel Adams, Tyanee James Aiken, Tyanee Jennie Aiken, Tyanee Bella Akin, Tyanee Bella Andrews, Tyanee James Armstrong Jr., Innisrush Joseph Armstrong, Innisrush Liza J. Armstrong, Innisrush Robert Armstrong, Innisrush James Armstrong Sen., Innisrush John Ballentine, Innisrush Archie Barclay, Tyanee Elizza Barkley, Tyanee Mary Barkley, Tyanee Robert Berryman, Tyanee Henry A. Black, Tyanee Portglenone Jane Black, Innisrush John Black, Glenone Mary Black, Glenone Nannie Black, Innisrush Samuel Black, Innisrush Sarah Black, Innisrush William K. Black, Tyanee Mary Boyd, Innisrush Kennedy Bradley, Moneyslaggan Nan Bradley, Moneystaghan Ann Jane Brady, Ballynease Hilton Elisibet Jane Brown, Tyanee James Brown, Glenone Lizzie Brown, Tyanee Richard Brown, Tyanee Barbara Browne, Glenone Maggie Browne, Glenone Isabella Burnside, Tyanee Joseph Burnside, Tyanee Annie Cahoon, Ballynease Hilton Maggie Cahoon, Ballynease Hilton Minnie Cahoon, Ballynease Hilton Joseph Campbell, Innisrush Maggie Campbell, Innisrush John Carleton, Tyanee Mary Jane Carleton, Tyanee Patrick Carleton, Tyanee Portglenone Eliza Chatherwood, Innisrush Annie Clements, Innisrush Henry Clements, Tyanee John Clements, Glenone Maria Clements, Glenone Mary Clements, Tyanee Sharlott Clements, Glenone William J. Clements, Innisrush William Cochrane, Innisrush Jane Coleman, Innisrush George Colquhoun, Ballynease Hilton Robert Corliton, Tyanee W. G. Courtenay, Glenone Marget Crossing, Innisrush Robert Dempsey, Moneystaghan Samuel Dinsmore, Killymuck Upperlands John Donnelly, Glenone Rectory Portglenone John Doole Tyanee Letishia Doole, Tyanee Letishia Doole, Tyanee Maggie Doole, Tyanee William Doolen, Tyanee Henry Dunlop, Moneysallin Minnie Dysart, Garvaghy Agnes Elgin, Tyanee David Elgin, Tyanee Robert Elgin Junior, Tyanee Robert Elgin Senior, Tyanee Garthrude Faulkner, Glenone Hessie Faulkner, Glenone Robert J. Faulkner, Glenone Jane Finlay, Innisrush Cathrine French, Glenone Harriet Caroline French, Tyanee Lizzie Jane French, Tyanee Annie Gamble, Innisrush Edith Gamble, Glenone Elizabeth J. Gamble, Innisrush Ena Gamble, Innisrush Hugh,Gamble,Innisrush Hugh Gamble, Innisrush Jane Gamble, Innisrush Jennie Gamble, Innisrush John Gamble, Innisrush John Gamble, Glenone Lizzie Gamble, Innisrush Lizzie Gamble, Glenone Mary Gamble, Tyanee Mary Gamble, Innisrush Sarah Gamble, Innisrush William Gamble, Glenone William James Gamble, Tyanee James Getty, Tyanee Lizzie Getty, Tyanee Maggie A. Getty, Tyanee Eliza Jane Gibson, Glenone Francis K. Gibson, Ballymacpeake Lower Margaret Gibson, Tyanee Thomas Gibson, Glenone William Gibson, Tyanee A. D. Glasgow, Innisrush Adam Glasgow, Innisrush Eliza Glasgow, Innisrush Henry Glasgow, Innisrush Mary Godfery, Ballynease Robert Godfrey, Ballynease Hilton Thomas Godfrey, Ballynease Hilton Elizabeth Grear, Tyanee  (presumably 'Greer') Nancy Grear, Tyanee (presumably 'Greer') Annie Greenwood, Innisrush Dara Greenwood, Innisrush Lizzie Greenwood, Innisrush Samuel Greenwood, Innisrush Portglenone Samuel Greenwood, Innisrush Portglenone Alexander Greer, Tyanee Campbell Greer, Tyanee Charlotte Greer, Glenone Eliza Greer, Innisrush Joseph Greer, Innisrush Mary Greer, Tyanee Samuel Greer, Tyanee Sara Greer, Tyanee Jane Haledy, Tyanee Annie Halliday, Tyanee Barclay Halliday, Tyanee Margaret Harken, Tyanee Margaret Hastings, Innisrush Thomas Hastings, Innisrush Agnes Henry, Tyanee James K. Henry, Tyanee Patrick Henry, Tyanee Sarah Henry, Tyanee John Holmes, Tyanee Maggie Holmes, Tyanee Samuel Holmes, Tyanee Agnes Keenan, Innisrush Allice A. Keenan,Innisrush Catherine Keenan, Tyanee Ellen Keenan, Tyanee James Keenan, Tyanee John G. Keenan, Tyanee Lizzie Keenan, Tyanee Maggie Keenan, Tyanee Mary Keenan, Tyanee Mary Keenan, Tyanee Mary Keenan, Glenone Nancy Keenan, Tyanee Nellie Keenan, Innisrush Robert Keenan, Tyanee William Keenan, Tyanee Willie Keenan, Innisrush Annie F. Kyle, Tyanee Charlott Kyle, Tyanee Charlotte Kyle, Innisrush Eliza Jane Kyle, Tyanee Maggie Jane Kyle, Tyanee Nancy Kyle, Tyanee Peggy Kyle, Tyanee Samuel S. Kyle, Tyanee Thomas J. Kyle, Tyanee Thomas T. Kyle, Tyanee Thomas T. Kyle, Tyanee Andy Lynn, Tyanee Mary MacAw, Tyanee John Marshall, Tyanee Jane McAughey, Tyanee John McCaughey, Ballymacpeake Mary McCaughey, Tyanee Charles McCaw, Glenone Eliza McCaw, Glenone James McCaw, Glenone Joe McCaw, Tyanee Samuel H. McCaw, Tyanee Ann McConnell, Innisrush Charles McConnell, Innisrush Thomas McConnell, Innisrush George McCullough, Ballynease Hilton Jane McCullough, Ballynease Hilton R. J. McCullough, Ballynease Ellen McDonald, Tyanee Robert McDonald, Tyanee Margaret J. McFlatrick, Innisrush Maggie McGall, Moneystaghan Mary Anne McGall, Tyanee Rose McGall, Moneystaghan Thomas McGall, Tyanee Thomas McGall, Moneystaghanellis William McGall, Moneystaghanellis Helen Jane McIntyre, Glenone Jessie McIntyre, Glenone Maggie McIntyre, Glenone Peggey J. McKeown, Innisrush William McKeown, Innisrush Mary McLarnon, Tyanee Thomas McLarnon, Tyanee Mary McLarnon Jnr, Tyanee Robert McTier, Ballynease McPeake Jemima Michael, Tyanee Thomas Michael, Tyanee Andrew Millar, Glenone Bella Millar, Tyanee Ellen Millar, Glenone Hugh Millar, Glenone Robert Millar, Glenone Sam Millar, Glenone Agnes Moore, Innisrush Andy Moore, Innisrush Eliza Moore, Innisrush Henry Moore, Innisrush James Moore, Innisrush Jeannie Moore, Innisrush Joseph Moore, Innisrush Portglenone Maggie Moore, Innisrush Robert Moore, Innisrush William Moore, Moneystaghanellis Agnes Mulholland, Glenone William James Mulholland, Eden Robert Mulholland, Eden John Overend, Innisrush Mary Overend, Innisrush Annie Patton, Tyanee John Patton, Tyanee Mrs John Patton, Tyanee Samuel Patton, Tyanee John Patton Jr, Tyanee Portglenone Maggie H. Paul, Glenone George Pickeram, Ballynease Strean James Porter, Eden Mary Presten, Tyanee Stuart Presten, Tyanee Esther Preston, Tyanee James Preston, Tyanee Martha Preston, Tyanee Lizzie K. Reynolds, Tyanee Mary A. Reynolds, Tyanee Mrs Matthew Reynolds, Tyanee Agnes Robinson, Innisrush Ellen Robinson, Glenone Samuel Robinson, Glenone Thomas Robinson, Glenone William Robinson, Innisrush Sara Jane Rogers, Ballynease Alexander Ross, Tyanee Portglenone Annie Jane Rowe, Innisrush James Rowe, Innisrush Annie Scott, Tyanee Annie Ellen Scott, Tyanee Elizabeth Scott, Tyanee Elizabeth J. Scott, Tyanee James Scott, Tyanee John Scott, Tyanee Margaret Jane Scott, Tyanee Mary Jane Scott, Tyanee William Scott, Tyanee William J. Scott, Tyanee John Sloan, Tyanee Peggy Ann Sloan, Tyanee Robert Slown, Tyanee (presumably 'Sloan') Emily B. Smyth, Spruce Bank James A. Smyth, Innisrush Margaret A. Smyth, Innisrush Edward Steele, Ballynease Strean Elizabeth Steele, Ballynease Strain Eliza Stewart, Moneystaghan Henry Stewart, Moneystaghanellis Mary Jane Stewart, Tyanee George Surgenor, Ballynease Strean Henrietta Surgenor, Ballynease Strain Alex Wallace, Innisrush Portglenone Ann Wallace, Ballynease Hilton Charlott Wallace, Innisrush Jeanie S. Wallace, Tyanee Mary Ellen Wallace, Tyanee Minnie Wallace, Tyanee Mrs William Wallace, Tyanee Rachel Wallace, Tyanee Robert Wallace, Ballynease Hilton William Wallace, Tyanee Annie Warwick, Innisrush Annie Maria Warwick, Innisrush Mary Warwick, Innisrush Robert Warwick, Innisrush George White, Innisrush Hugh White, Innisrush Robert White, Innisrush Sarah White, Innisrush Sarah White, Innisrush Thompson White, Innisrush Robert J. White Junior, Innisrush Elizabeth Wilson, Tyanee Mary Wilson, Tyanee Robert Wilson, Tyanee

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