Innisrush School Pre War Photograph

Innisrush School, 1933

Innisrush School, circa 1933.

Here’s a wonderful old photograph, from 1933, of the students at Innisrush Public Elementary School.

For the purposes of google and the search engines, the names are:

Back Row: Tom Kyle, Willie Finlay, Sam Adams, Ella Stewart, Jim Armstrong, Henry Meharg, James Moore.

3rd Row – Robina Kyle, Doff Boston, James Kyle, Minnie McDonald, Jane Moore, Ena Henry, Sam Keenan, Sinclair Kyle, Georgie Stewart.

2nd Row – Hazel Boston, Agnes Montgomery, Annie Bradley, John Kirkwood, Billy Bradley, Joe Moore, Lily Moore, May Keenan, Evelyn Mulholland.

Front row – Fred Kyle, Sam Armstrong, Thompson Mulholland, Edwin Glasgow, John Bradley, Etta Kyle, Alex Kirkwood, Sarah Kirkwood.

Thompson Mulholland was a neighbour from Lower Eden.  Billy Bradley also lived nearby and worked for the Mulhollands across the decades. Annie and John Bradley are also in this old photograph.  I’d see the Kyles in Pat’s Bar (late 1970s, early 80s).  Fred Kyle taught me how to play pool.  We’d play long pool matches in Portglenone. 

It’s fascinating seeing people that I only ever knew as older people, here pictured in their youth.   



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