Jim Mulholland – Eden & Greenlough

Jim Mulholland, Eden, Portglenone

Jim Mulholland
James Richardson Mulholland, Eden & Greenlough

James Richardson Mulholland (known as Jim), was born in Eden, Portglenone.

Born in 1901, Jim was the fourth child of James Richardson and Charlotte Mulholland (nee Smyth).

Jim had four other siblings – Thompson (Tommy) born in 1896, John Smyth Mulholland (John) born in 1898, Charlotte, and the youngest, William Mulholland (Willie) born in 1906.

For a time, he owned some land in nearby Dreenan (the townland bordering Eden).

He spent his final years in a caravan near his sister’s house (Charlotte Armstrong), in Greenlough (close to Innisrush), near Portglenone.  My father would occasionally go over and see him.

Jim Mulholland died on the 28th of September 1978, aged 77 years.  He is buried, beside his brothers, in Innisrush.


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