Henry Stewart family, Ballymacombs, Portglenone, buried Tamlaght Lower

A few nights ago, 27th December 2019, I received an email with a lovely old photograph attached.  It was taken some 100 or so years ago.  The email was from a regular visitor to this website, who hails from Ontario in Canada.

Henry Stewart

His great grandfather was Henry Stewart and came from Ballymacombs, near Portglenone. Other names from the area, linked to his family tree, are Armstrong and Wallace.   

Henry Stewart’s family are buried in Innisrush – i.e. Tamlaght O’Crilly Lower. The headstone says:

In loving Memory of
Henry Stewart
died 18th May 1904, aged 58 years
His Brother James,
died 1st March 1931, aged 72 years
And his Wife Sarah Ann,
died 19th Nov. 1944, aged 80 years
Their Son James W.
died 20th Jan. 1958, aged 76 years
Their Son Robert A. Stewart,
died 13th Jan 1975, aged 79 years

Henry Stewart was 58 years old when he died on the 18th May 1904. He had been ill with pneumonia for ten days prior to his passing. His son, James William Stewart, was present when he died at home in Ballymacombs.

It’s unclear when the photograph of the Stewarts was taken – possibly the 1920s? An evening was spent cleaning it up in photoshop.

Henry Stewart
Early 1900s photo of Stewart family, Ballymacombs, near Portglenone

Henry Stewart died in 1904.  His wife, Sarah Ann Stewart (front row, second from left) was 80 years old when she passed away in November 1944. 

Their two boys, James and Robert are in the photograph.

James Stewart (front row, far left) was 76 years old when he died in January 1958.

Robert Stewart (back row, middle) was 79 years old when he died in January 1975.

Many thanks to our regular from Ontario, for this wonderful old photograph!



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4 thoughts on “Henry Stewart family, Ballymacombs, Portglenone, buried Tamlaght Lower

  1. Love this…..my family, direct line

    My grandmother Ellen STEWART standing in the back row married Tommy NEELY from Moyagney. He was a carpenter, his elder brother George NEELY inherited the farm at Moyagnay.. NEELYS still live there.

    Stewart’s were related to Armstrong, Wallace, Campbell and married into Mayberrys.

    Gordon Matilda (Tilly) STEWART sitting beside her mother married Gourley.

    The other men in the picture all immigrated to Canada, as eldest son James inherited the last family farm in Moyagney.

  2. May,
    I am confused, and you may be able to help?
    Ellen Stewart was named Ellen Sarah on her birth registration 16 Feb 1889, to Henry Stewart and Sarah Anne Armstrong.
    Tommy Neely was named Thomas John on his birth registration 11 Sep 1884, to parents William James Neely and Margaret Ann Armstrong.
    But the marriage registration, which everyone attributes, is John Thomas Neely and Ellen Jane Stewart.
    It seems Ellen Sarah became Ellen Jane, or do we have disassemble the records?
    Kind regards,
    Barry Mulholland

  3. Yes Barry, I remember that well, the discussion about the name.

    I think it’s when it came to old age pension time, that granny discovered her proper name.

    Perhaps it was due to her father giving the wrong name at registration of birth, but I was a child and can remember that being spoken about by granny and my aunts.

    I think it happened quite often, the fathers didn’t deliver the right given name, even forgot it by the time they walked miles to wherever the registry office was.

    So Barry, it looks like Grannys dad got it wrong, and said wrong middle name, never discovered because she was always called Ellen on a daily basis.

    Kind regards


  4. James Stewart my great uncle ,his brother Robert(Bob) lived at the end of their days in Mayogney farm,neither of these men married,and their mother lived there with them.
    James in his youth bred irish red setter dogs and trained them for I believe an estate possibly at Bellaghy,,( my mother said he wouldn’t let them near the pups,I believe he was a harsh trainer ,he said it would spoil them for the hunting) He had a pony and trap and in his end days he would go into Kilrea to collect his old age pension,he would pass my granny Ellen(his sisters house and when I heard the clip clop of the pony’s hooves I would run out,he would say jump in and I did ONCE because the longer you sat in the trap the further you had to walk back,he didn’t put you back where he got you 😂
    He would collect his pension,then go in for a wee refreshment and the pony knew the way home( I never remember hearing or seeing him passing to go home so he must have stayed until closing time, his brother Bob also collected his pension in Kilrea but he walked ,he never was in the trap ,don’t think they got along to well,James was a grumpy old man,Bob was a gentler soul
    James had an illegitimate daughter to a lady in Bellaghy ,neither he nor the mother of his daughter married ,,ever,,,,there was the problem of different religions so a no to that,,,it’s sad to think that they loved each other but could not be together

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