Edward Taylor of Cullybackey

Ken Wells, from Maryland, in the USA, would love to get more information on the Taylor part of his family tree in Cullybackey.  The Taylors are buried in the Craigs churchyard just outside the village.

Ken can explain it best himself.  He says:

My 3XG grandparents were Edward (1770-1847) and Elizabeth Taylor.  Their gravestone, see the photograph below, is at location 11-A.

Edward Taylor headstone at Craigs Cullybackey
Edward Taylor headstone at Craigs graveyard in Cullybackey

The transcribed words on the headstone are:

Erected to the memory of Edward Taylor Late of Craigs who departed this life 18th January 1847 aged 77 years Also Elizabeth his wife who dep. this life 22nd July 1857 aged 95 yrs.

My 2XG grandparents were James (1807-1891) and Charlotte Taylor née Johnson.

Their memorial headstone was erected by their son William in 1923.   See the transcript below.

Erected by William Taylor of Craigs in memory of his father James Taylor aged 89 years. And his mother Charlotte Taylor and 68 years. Also his sister Frances Taylor, who died 28th Dec. 1923, aged 73 years. And the above named William Taylor, who died 7th April 1924. aged 64 years. Also his wife Annie Jane Taylor, who died 22nd August 1928

Their children were: Elizabeth, Jane (married Millar), Frances Ann, Hannah, *Edward (1855-1928) (married Krummel), William (married “Annie Jane”), Harriet (married Gilmore), and Rosetta (married Mcllroy).

Old records show that all attended the church. Father James is listed as a “Vestrymen”, while his son William is recorded as being a “Select Vestrymen”.

Edward (1855-1928) is my 1XG grandfather.

He is listed, at age 16, as attending the English School at Craigs in Cullybackey. Anyone able to throw some light on that old school?

He was the only child from the family above, that emigrated to the United States.  It must have been a very hard decision for him, although he did join cousins from his grandfather Edward, that had emigrated earlier. He arrived in the USA, at the age 20, in 1875, and settled in Buffalo, New York.

He is listed as a farmer in Ireland, and my mom said he was a “blacksmith who lived on a horse farm” when he emigrated to America.

Wondering if anyone lives, or knows someone who lives near the church, where they could take a few photos/video one day of the memorials. Or perhaps you know of the Taylors in the area. Always grateful for any additional information!


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5 thoughts on “Edward Taylor of Cullybackey

  1. I was actually in this graveyard today and saw the headstone. I’m not from the area but take interest in old graveyards. Across the road from the church is an old Parochial School which is maybe the one referred too? Craigdun nursing home is up the road also but that’s all I can tell you at present! I can go back another day and take photos if it helps?

  2. Nice to hear your eyes saw my 3X great grandparents gravestone. Near them should be the memorial to my 2X James and Charlotte Taylor, and son William. If you visit again I would enjoy seeing a picture of that memorial. That of which I do not have. And maybe a picture of the area with where their memorials all lie. Many thanks. The schoolhouse across maybe is what was called the English School where my great grandfather was taught. But not sure.

  3. Hi Ken, I will hopefully get this week again weather permitting! Is there any other graveyards you need photos from?

  4. Hi Tanya. This is crazy, but I just happened to look and someone from Cullybackey Historical Society added pictures of their memorial to Find a Grave in February of this year. Same with Edward and Elizabeth, (different pictures though than on here). Their stone engraving looks to be quite weathered in the middle, (a little hard to read), but the pictures taken appear to be quite clear. So it’s not necessary to take pictures unless you would like to take a couple more. It is such an old but beautiful cemetery. I can’t think of any others to take. If you go by there again, please let me know your thoughts on their memorial. Thanks!

  5. Also, I think I see in the very corner of the memorial picture online, for William/James/Charlotte/Frances/Annie, the memorial for Edward and Elizabeth. If they are next to each other, a picture of both in same frame would be nice. If you still do go there.

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