Eden Band LOL 2028 – 1950s Photo Colourised

Eden Band original
original scan

In one of her albums, my mother kept a large (something like 8 inch by 11 inch) beautiful black and white photograph of Eden band.  The image was taken in the 1950s, in front of Eden Orange Hall. My parents were obviously very proud of the photo. 

eden band kilrea newspaper
Northern Constitution cutting from when published

It was a lovely shot, taken by a photographer called J. Moore, for the Northern Constitution. The photographer/newspaper will have offered copies of the photograph. Dad obviously bought our copy, as did (I imagine) several other folk in the band.

My initial scan of the photo (see right) from the early 2000s was enhanced in the subsequent years, and has appeared here, and on social media since then. 

My parents also saved the photo article when it appeared in the newspaper at the time (see right).  Mum unfortunately didn’t mark a date on the archived cutting.

Eden Orange Hall was on the same road as our bungalow, just a little over a mile away.  Dad was in the band from an early age.  He drummed, although I have no memory of this era. 

My initial memories are from the early 70’s, of him walking behind the band, in the lodge (with me alongside him).

In old newspapers, I discovered that he also compered several social get-togethers in the hall.  Here’s one from Christmas Night in 1950. He was only 21 years old.

Under the auspices of Eden Accordion Band, an enjoyable time was spent at a dance in Eden Orange Hall on Christmas night, when there was a large attendance.

At midnight, supper was served by the lady supporters of the band.

Songs were contributed by Mr. John Hunter.

The winners in a spot dance were Miss Annie Campbell and Mr. Jim Kelso.

The music was supplied by the Victory Dance Band and Mr. Richard Mulholland was the M.C.

Mid-Ulster Mail – Saturday 30 December 1950

Colour Upgrade

Here’s a newly colourised version of that old 1950’s photo.

It isn’t perfect.  But it’s not bad. I wonder about the colour of the caps.

The colourisation algorithm available at MyHeritage is currently the best on the market.  IMHO

Well worth checking out.  I now have my ten free colourisations used up.

A question.  What year might this be?

Eden Band
Eden Band LOL 2028

BACK ROW: Robert J. Armstrong, Victor Getty, Samuel J. Gorman, Miss Margaret E. Riddell, William A. Henry, Archibald David Henry, Richard Mulholland

MIDDLE ROW: William Armstrong, Miss Sarah J. Riddell, Miss Florence Clarke, Miss Emma Clarke, Miss Hannah J. Henry, Robert George Henry

FRONT ROW: Br. Robert J. Armstrong, Br. David Riddell, Charles V. Riddell, Henry Armstrong, Hugh W. Henry, Joseph Dripps, Henry Clarke

SITTING: Miss Minnie Clarke, George Riddell, Samuel M. York, Miss Pearl E. Riddell.




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13 thoughts on “Eden Band LOL 2028 – 1950s Photo Colourised

    1. Hello Lorraine. Yes, late 70s is more our era. My cousins and myself had a go at trying to play accordions in Eden, at that time.

      1. My grandad lived there as a boy, he played the flute, his grandfather John foster died tullnahinion road 1939 he was a farm laborer and a gunner in the the RGA, he married Mary Moore 1899 portglenone.
        John O’Connell

  1. Hey Trudger
    That photograph was taken approximately mid 50’s. I would have been around 9-10 years old. I am known by family members and folks around the Eden area as Maurice but here in Ontario, Canada where I now live I go by Samuel (Sam). The Clarke ladies in the photo are my first cousins. The Riddell sisters were my next door neighbours at home.
    Keep up the good work. I really enjoy your emails.
    Samuel Maurice Yorke.

    1. Samuel, thanks for the kind words. It’s a pleasure to put these articles together.

      Ah so it’s more like mid 1950s.

      So that is you in the photo. I think I am mixing up my Sammy York/es. I had been thinking of Fennie and Alan’s brother.

    1. Many a time Bessie was in our house. I worked with Fennie across many summers, over at Stanley Mulholland’s.

      I saw John twice when back in N. Ireland a couple of years ago.

  2. Hi.
    This photo hung in our house for years. Obviously it was taken long before I joined the Band!!
    In the list of names provided my cousin Emma Clarke’s name has been omitted. She’s in the middle row between Florence Clarke (her sister) and Hannah Jane Henry. Emma married Andy Smyth of Culnady and sadly passed away some time ago.
    I hope all is well with you as it is with us.


    1. Thanks for the details, Jennifer. I have added Emma’s name this very minute.

      A snapshot, like every picture, of a moment in time. An early mid-summer morning. Beautiful, yet with some sadness too.

      Thanks to Samuel, we are now thinking this was taken in the mid 1950s. I would also suspect that it was taken before the band departed for a July 12th demonstration.

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