This delightful country church sits a short distance outside Cullybackey. In modern times, the Craigs Parish Church is grouped with Dunaghy & Killagan.

Cullybackey Church Records

History notes that the first service was held at 2pm, in the school house, on Sunday 14th December 1837.  The Reverend George Kirkpatrick, the curate of Ahoghill, was in charge of proceedings.   Kirkpatrick’s book remembers that it was a wet and stormy day and that 55 adults and 20 children were in attendance.   Initially services were only conducted once per month.  Subsequently services would be held on a weekly basis.

Craigs Parish Church, Cullybackey

Old Drawing of Craigs Parish Church, Cullybackey

The construction of Craigs Parish Church started in early 1840.  The design was by the famous Charles Lanyon.  Some time later in his career, Lanyon was given a knighthood.  The cost of the project was 760 pounds 12 shillings and 12d.

The church, built of black stone with ashlar trim, initially only consisted of a nave and a small chancel, and included a vestry and a porch.

Bishop Mant consecrated the completed project on Wednesday 14th July 1841.

The Ballymena Observer in July 1949 noted that:

the year 1840 saw the ancient parish of Ahoghill, with its seventy-three townlands, divided into three fully-fledged parishes or parochial units consisting of Ahoghill with 31 townlands, Craigs with 22 and Portglenone with 20. Such then was the manner in which this parish was evolved.

While Craigs is a modern parochial creation, it has nevertheless a very definite claim to antiquity, because the townland of Craigs contains an ancient burying place, formerly the ancient Church of Clemly or Aughnakeely. It marked the southern extremity of the territory known as the Route or Dalriada. This parish church may therefore be considered the modern representative of the ancient ecclesiastical foundation of Aughnakeely. Its patron saint was Cathub, whose festival occurs on April 6th.

Aughnakeely may well be described as the cradle of Craigs, because it was in the old Craigs school house there that the first recorded service was held…

The first rector of the Craigs Parish Church was the Reverend George Kirkpatrick. He was the son of Alexander Kirkpatrick and had been born in Dublin in 1798. The Kirkpatricks were originally from Scotland. Early on in his time at the Craigs, Kirkpatrick built Hazelbank.

George Kirkpatrick was 91 years old by the time of his death in 1889.  By that point, some 650 people worshipped at the Craigs church.

The old man had already stepped down many years earlier – in 1868 – and was succeeded by his son, the Reverend Alexander Thomas Kirkpatrick.

The article goes on to reference the beauty of the area, “a neighbourhood of many mansions”, despite the heavy local industry.

The Cullybackey district has somehow succeeded in admirably combining, in a manner that is unfortunately all too rare, a rural and an industrial community. Industrial activity has not to any appreciable degree marred the scenic beauty of the place. On the contrary. It testifies to its enterprise and progressiveness. Hillmount has been a centre of the bleaching industry for over one and a half centuries, and it is, I know, not assuming too much to say that that spirit of energy, application and constancy that is so conducive to human happiness and success in life, still permeates the picturesque locality of the neat and tidy village by the Maine.

The Stranger’s Plot

The words on the bronze plate, attached to the simple wooden cross, tell their own story.

This is the ‘Stranger’s Plot’, the resting place of more than 239 poor persons buried by the Parish between 1840 and 1940. Some were victims of the Irish famine of 1846, some were unknown. This cross was erected, this plot set apart, and the paths laid in this churchyard to mark the Festival of Britain, 1951.

One old media article recalls that the plot was “little more than a rubbish dump” in the middle of the church graveyard, where withered flowers and broken jars were thrown.

Indeed, before the cross was erected in 1951, many parishioners were unaware of the paupers history in this area of the graveyard.

But early on in his time as the preacher at Craigs, the Reverend Jack George decided that it was long overdue to erect a memorial.

In July 1962, the Reverend said:  “I thought it was only right that these unfortunate people should be remembered. Mrs May Peacock, a member of the select vestry, ran a concert and raised the bulk of the money needed.”   Indeed, Mrs Peacock performed the unveiling ceremony in 1951.

Craigs Parish Church, Headstone Surnames

I encountered some 212 gravestones and also the ‘Stranger’s Plot’ containing an unknown number of graves (at least 239 people).  There were several other headstones that were much too weathered and thus could not be read.

The surnames in the graveyard include:

Backus, Baird, Barr, Beggs, Blackley, Boal, Boyd, Bradshaw, Buck, Buick, Calderwood, Campbell, Carleton, Carlisle, Carson, Cochrane, Colvin, Crawford, Crowe, Douglas, Duff, Dunlop, English, Evans, Faul, Frazer, George, Getty, Gilmour, Glenholmes, Gordon, Gore, Greer, Gregg, Grimshaw, Hamilton, Harrison, Harvey, Haughton, Hayes Herbison, Hillis, Johnston, Keenan, Kerr, Kirkpatrick, Knowles, Lamont, Lavender, Law, Leetch, Leitch, Lewis, Logan, Lough, Mairs, Malone, Mann, Manson, Marshall, Martin, McAteer, McCartney, McClean, McCloy, McCollam, McCord, McCracken, McCrory, McDowell, McGowan, McIlroy, McKendry, McKeown, McLean, McLoughlin, McMaster, McNeill, McQuillan, McSpadden, McWhirter, Millar, Montgomery, Moore, Morrison, Mullan, Neeson, Nicholl, O’Neill, Orr, Patrick, Peacock, Picken, Rea, Reid, Reilly, Richmond, Russell, Sands, Scott, Scullion, Sharp, Shaw, Simpson, Smyth, Steele, Stewart, Surgenor, Swann, Taylor, Thompson, Tomb, Townsend, Walsh, Waterman, Watson, Watterson, Williams, Wilson, Wiseman, Woods, Wylie.

Craigs Headstones, Most Frequently Occurring Family Surnames

13 Millar, 11 Kirkpatrick, 7 Johnston, 5 Campbell, 5 Getty, 5 Mairs, 4 Baird, 3 Evans, 3 Greer, 3 McGowan.

Not So Common Surnames

Backus, Buck, Colvin, English, Picken, Glenholmes, Gore, Haughton, Leetch, Leitch, Lough, McCollam, McQuillan, McSpadden, McWhirter.

Oldest Graves

Via headstones, the earliest grave I could find in the graveyard was that of Robert Lavender, of Broughdone, who died on the 22nd December 1841, aged 80 years. Rachel Orr died on 23rd January 1842, aged 4 years; William Beggs passed away in January 1847; Bridget Evans was 72 years old, when she died 5th February 1847; William Orr made it to 82, before passing away on 1st January 1848; whereas little Elizabeth Beggs was only 4, when she died on 23rd March 1848.

Craigs Parish Church Headstones

Erected in memory of Margaret Backus, Killyless, who fell asleep in Jesus, 30th Oct. 1918. Also her husband William Backus, who died 4th January 1942. Also Jane Backus, died 12th November 1959. And James Backus, died 28th April 1965.
Michael Baird R.U.C. died 31st October 1972, aged 21 years. From sisters Annie and Maria. David Baird died 1st May 1976, aged 62 years. From mother and Stephen
Stephen Baird born 7th March 1982 died 21st April 1982.

Annie Baird died 30th August 1988. John Baird died 31st August 1987

Erected to the memory of William M. Beggs, late of Lisnafillan who died 24th Novr. 1874 aged 79 years. Also his children William, died 11th Jan.1847, aged 16 years. Elizabeth, 23rd March 1848, 4. Matilda, 5th Nov. 1850, 21. Sophia M., 16th April 1851, 4. Rose, 27th May 1851, 26. John, 15th April 1853, 21. Jane, 1st Jan. 1855, 29. Francis, 28th May 1855, 27. Helen, 7th Oct. 1856, 21. Margaret, 17th April 1857, 19.
Erected in memory of Ann Blackley of Loan, who departed this life 21st June 1871 aged 86 years. Also William Blackley

Erected in memory of Margaret Boal of Craigs, who died the 21st of April 1847; aged 65 years. Also her husband Charles Boal, who died the 4th of July 1860 aged 76 years. Also their son Wm. Boal who departed this life 7th March 1891 aged 73 years.
Erected by Robert Boyd of Craigs in memory of his son Thomas Lyle Boyd who departed this life 31st Jany. 1876 aged 22 years. Also two of his children Lyle and Robert who died in infancy. Them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with him.
Erected in memory of Mary Anne Boyd of Loan, who departed this life 4th October 1862; aged 70 years. Also of Robert Boyd her husband, who departed this life 19th May 1867; aged 82 years.
Bradshaw in loving memory of Sarah Rose (Ena) nee O’Neill died 3rd February 1985 Also her husband Joseph died 21st July 1993
Erected in memory of John Buck of Moylarg who died 30th July 1852 aged 68 years Also his beloved wife Martha Buck who died the 10th April 1875 aged 88 years. Also their grandaughter Martha Buick who died the 22nd May 1879 aged 19 years.
Erected by William Buick, in memory of his father Robert Buick, of Moylarg, who died 23rd April, 1876, aged 62 years. Also his mother Martha Buick, who died 14th Sept., 1908, aged 87 years. Also his sister Maltilda Buick, died 23rd February, 1882, aged 24 years. And his brother John Buick died 24th June, 1930, aged 83 years.

Erected by W.J. Campbell, of Harryville in memory of his son Robert Campbell. who died 1st July 1884, aged 4 months. And his daughter Matilda, born 3rd July 1880, died 26th Oct 1896, Nellie Campbell, born 20th Jan 1889, died 28th July 1898, John Campbell, born 4th Jan. 1874, died 17th Nov. 1903, “Forever with the Lord”
Erected by Elizabeth Campbell Ballymena. in memory of her husband Wm. John Campbell, who died 23rd Novr 1878, aged 46 years. Also their son George, medical student. who died 5th Decr 1890, aged 19 years. Their sons William & John, died in infancy.
In memory of John Campbell 1817- His wife Mary, 1815-1895. And their daughter Ellen, 1855-1857. Also their son-in-law William John Mullan, 1834- 1872. And his infant daughters Margaret and Eliza. John Campbell, died 25th April 1899, aged 79 years.
Erected in loving memory of Hugh Campbell, died 1st Nov. 1916, aged 83 years. His wife, Sarah Stewart, died 9th Nov. 1914, aged 80 years. Also their children Margaret, died 1st April 1871, aged 2 years. Eliza Jane, died 25th Sept. 1906, aged 49 years. William, died 12th Decr 1924, aged 52 years.  Their graves are severed far and wide, by mountain, stream and sea.

In loving memory of a dear husband and father James, died 16th January 1960. Also my mother Mary Ann Carson, died, 7th January 1955. Peace perfect peace.

In loving memory of our mother Maria who died 13th February 1976.
Erected by Andrew Carson, Craigs, in memory of his father, James Carson, who died 10th June 1921, Also his mother, Jane Courley, who died 27th October 1871, And his sister, Anne, who died in infancy. And his sister Ellen Carson, died 18th March 1949, aged 84 years. Also his sister Margaret Carson, died 9th Nov 1953, aged 94 years. And Andrew W. Carson, died 1st June 1956, aged 89 years at rest.
Erected by Henry Carson of Craigs, in memory of his wife Jane Carson, who departed this life 11th June 1862, aged 76 years.

Erected by Thomas Colvin in memory of his beloved wife Elizabeth Colvin who died 7th March 1940 aged 74 years. Above-named Thomas Colvin died 18th May 1940, aged 73 years. “Not dead but sleeping”
Erected by T. H. Crawford. Craigs. in memory of his father James Crawford who died 12th June 1907, aged 63 years. Also his brother Alexander Crawford, who died 3rd March 1894, aged 2 years Also his mother Sarah Crawford, who died 27th May 1933, aged 86 years. Also their grand children James & Annie Anderson, who died in infancy.
Erected by Henry Crowe, Hillmount, in loving memory of his sons William Crowe who died 26th September 1892 aged 24 years. Henry M. Crowe died 23rd June 1895. aged 18 years. Samuel R. Crowe died 19th July 1897. aged 17 years. James Crowe died at New York U.S.A. 8th October 1901. aged 31 years Also the above named Henry Crowe, who died 29th December 1907, aged 69 years. Also his wife Martha Crowe died 6th Feby 1937. aged 83 years.

Erected by Catherine Dempsey, in memory of her father Samuel Campbell died 30th Sep. 1902, aged 81 years. Also her mother Mary Jane Campbell, died 6th June 1908 aged 70 years. The above named Catherine Dempsey, died 28th October, 1923, aged 58 years. Also her husband William died 16th April 1937 aged 73 years Their son Campbell died 4th January 1970 aged 68 years And their daughter Catherine died 5th August 1987 aged 82 years.
Erected in memory of John Douglas of Craigs, who departed this life 21st Feby 1856 aged 68 years. Also his wife Jane who departed this life 6th July 1873 aged 81 years.

In loving memory of a dear husband and father James born 8th Oct. 1903, died 5th Oct, 1996
Erected by John English in memory of his son William, who died 7th June 1877, aged 7 years. Also his son John, who died 11th Novr 1880 aged 21 years. Also his dear wife Ann, died 12th November 1909. Also John English husband of Ann English, who died 17th January 1915, aged 77 years. Also his son Alexander died 3rd June 1938, dearly loved husband of Agnes English. Also his daughter Mary Ann, died 3rd May, 1942. Also Agnes English, wife of Alexander English, and a dearly loved mother who died 27th June 1974.
In memoriam George Evans who died 25th Novr 1867 aged 54 years Also in memory of Thomas Evans his son who died 2nd July 1909, aged 64 years. Interred at Darwen cemetery, Lancashire. “They rest from their labours” In memory of Arthur Campbell who died 6th Jany 1869 aged 75 years Also his wife Margaret who died 21st July 1867 aged 74 years.
In memory of Samuel Evans who died 12th Augst 1851 aged 78 years Also his wife Bridget Evans who died 5th Feby 1847 aged 72 years.
In loving memory of a dear husband and devoted father George Francis, died 22nd July 1984. The day thou gavest Lord is ended.
Erected in memory of James Faul of Tullygrawley who departed this life the 12th November 1856 aged 64 years. Also his wife Jane Faul who departed this life 10th June 1857 aged 54 years.
In memoriam John William Frazer of Hillmount, Cullybackey, died 27th March 1910, aged 61 years. Also his wife Margaret Maud, died 18th Jan. 1924, aged 84 years. Kenneth James Frazer, died 27th Oct. 1914, aged 35 years. “I give unto them eternal life.” 

(words on section facing the church) Ann Alice Frazer, died 15th Oct. 1954, aged 76 years. Also Sidney John Frazer, died 13th Aug. 1968, aged 88 years.

John Ernest George rector of this parish from 11th January 1947 until his death on 14th May 1963 aged 51 years.


Rector of Craigs (Cullybackey) and of Killagan and Donaghy, died in the Waveney Hospital, Ballymena, after a short illness. He was 51.

A son of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest George of Barrack Street, Armagh, he was educated at the Royal School there and later at Trinity College, Dublin.

He served as a curate in St. Paul’s, St. Peter’s and St. Luke’s parishes, Belfast, and was curate in charge of St. John the Baptist in Upper Falls parish, Dunmurry. He became rector of Craigs in 1947.

In loving memory of Mary Douglas Getty died 4th June 1950, aged 71 years. Also her sons – James Loughridge, died 8th March 1911, aged 10 months. Redmond, died in infancy. And her husband Matthew Getty of Broughdone, Dunnygarron, and Ballybollen House, Ahoghill born 20th September 1878 – died 9th November 1954.
Erected in memory of James Getty, of Ballymena, who departed this life 24th Decr 1875 aged 67 years Also his beloved wife Ann Getty, who departed this life 6th Feb 1859 aged 35 years, Also his grandson James Getty Craig, who departed this life 28th Dec. 1875 aged 15 months
Erected in memory of John Getty of Broughshane, who departed this life 17th Jany 1854 aged 92 years. Also of Nancy Getty his wife who depd this life 19th July 1867 aged 103 years.
In memory of a loving husband and father John passed away 4th November 1983 aged 80 years.
In loving memory of Bessie Getty died 3rd June 1981 aged 70 years loved and remembered F. Getty
In loving remembrance to all who sleep here of the Gilmour family Ballygarley till we meet again

Erected in memory of Alexander Gordon of Monkstown, who departed this life 26th May 1855; aged 73 years Also his wife Mary who depd. this life 26th February 1868 aged 63 years.
Erected in memory of Robert Gordon late of Dunnygarron, who depd. this life 5th July 1864, aged 25 years. Also Nellie Gordon, wife of Samuel Alexander, who died 10th March 1895, aged 24 years. In loving memory of Mary M. wife of Alexander Gordon died in Belfast 26 Jan 1929.  In loving memory of Alexander Gordon died in Belfast 10 Sept 1910
1877 Erected by Tomas Gore, Hillmount. In memory of his infant son born 2nd Septr 1857, died 6th Octr 1857 Also of his daughter Agnes who died 1st March 1862, aged 3 years and 9 months. And of his son William who died 24th Feby 1880 aged 12 years. Also the above named Thomas Gore, who died 15th Jany 1891, aged 63 years. Also his wife Ellen Gore, who died 25th May 1903, aged 71 years. And their daughter Mary, who died 21st April 1933. Also their daughter Agnes who died 10th August 1955 And Margaret Maggie who died 8th Sept 1956. Also Annie, who died 13th Feb. 1968, aged 88 years. Also Robert McIlroy Gore, died 5th April 1959, aged 92 years.
1877 erected by Thomas Gore Hillmount in memory of his father James Gore, who died 26th August 1860 aged 54 years. Also of his sister Mary Gore who died 8th Novr 1860 aged 14 years. And of his mother Agnes Gore who died 8th April 1877, aged 70 years. Also his sister Catherine Gore, who died 28th September 1897, aged 63 years. And his daughter Elma Gore, died 1st April 1907, aged 75 years.
Greer Bell F. H. F. H. M.

The burying ground of William Greer
Erected by Mary E. Gregg, in memory of her sister Sarah Ann Gregg, died 4th Aug. 1926. Mary E. Maxwell, died 12th June 1947. Also her husband Alexr. Maxwell, died 5th March 1949.
Erected by Daniel Gregg of Killylers, in memory of John Gregg his beloved father, who departed this life 5th April 1864: aged 65 years. The above-named Daniel Gregg died 6th September 1891, aged 50 years. And his wife Mary Jane Gregg, who died 23rd May 1912, aged 73 years. And their son Alexander Gregg, who died 10th May 1937.
In loving memory of Madeline Maud Grimshaw daughter of J. W. Frazer of Hillmount, and widow of Major U. H. Grimshaw, Connaught Rangers, died Jan 15th 1962 aged 78 years.
In memory of William Hamilton gardener at Dunminning died 23rd August 1880 aged 87 years.

In memory of R. H. C. Harvey died 22nd July 1978

Catherine Isabel wife of Thomas Wilfred Haughton born 23rd November 1864 died 30th December 1943. Thomas Wilfred Haughton of Hillmount born 21st October 1855 died 29th January 1936.  Mafe Haughton C.B.E. MA beloved wife of John Wilfred Haughton born 8-5-1899 died 12-11-1978. John Wilfred Haughton, C.B.E. eldest son of Thomas Wilfred Haughton born 22nd January 1886 died 17th April 1961
Precious memories of a dearly loved husband and father David called home 17th October 1990 aged 54 years. Loves last gift, remembrance. Samuel Kirkpatrick died 25th Dec. 1948 aged 62 years. Elizabeth Ann Baird died 20th Jan. 1951 aged 77 years. Jeannie Kirkpatrick died 27th March 1976 aged 76 years. [flower holder] Davy
In loving memory of a darling husband and father Tommy, died 30th March 1980, aged 60 years. Till we meet again
Erected in memory of her husband Robert Hillis of Hillmount who depd this life 16th May 1871 aged 32 years
Erected by Hugh Johnston, Canada, in memory of his mother, Margaret Ann Johnston, who died 25th January 1925, aged 75 years. Also his sisters, Martha M. Hunter, died 1st June 1914, aged 31 years. Agnes Allard, died 28th May 1924, aged 39 years. Also his father Robert Johnston, died 11th November, 1927 aged 77 years. Also his brother Stewart Johnston, died 2nd March 1928, aged 33 years.
Erected by Samuel Johnston of Ballyclare in memory of his father John Johnston, who departed this life 10th April 1867; aged 87 years. Also his mother and father.
Erected by Hugh Johnston of Craigs in memory of his wife Ann Jane who died 8th March 1895 aged 63 years. Also his daughter Matilda Mottram died 7th June 1894 aged 31 years the above-named Hugh Johnston died 31st May 1907, aged 85 years.
In loving memory of Alexander Johnston died 25th October 1949. Also his wife Annie Matilda died 5th August, 1924. Their daughter Jane M. Johnston died 8th May 1988 Worthy of remembrance
In loving memory of William Johnston died 21st July 1979.
To the memory of John Stanley Johnston, of Hazelbank Craigs. who died March 13th 1931.

Erected by William Keenan, Cullybackey. In memory of his beloved wife Barbara Keenan, who died 20th May 1901, aged 60 years. Also their children Lizzie Keenan, who died 27th July 1882, aged 16 years. Maggie Keenan, who died 22nd February 1884 aged 12 years. Rebecca Keenan who died 18th September 1904 aged 25 years. Isabella Keenan, who died 8th August 1910, aged 39 years. Also the above named William Keenan, who died 13th April 1916, aged 73 years. Hamilton B’mena
In memory of Henry Kerr, Craigs, died 19th March 1878, aged 55 years. His youngest son, Robert, medical student Q.C.B. and member of student volunteer misionary union. born 16th Oct. 1870: died 9th May, 1897, “With Christ, which is far better.” Also his wife Esther born 18th June 1826, died 29th March 1900, His son Thomas, born 26th May 1863; died 11th Novr. 1905; Also his son James Kerr, who died 19th September 1935. And Lousia wife of James Kerr died 19th July 1965 Also Samuel B. Kerr died 16th June 1977.
In loving memory of a dear husband and devoted father Robert Brown Kerr died 4th February 1978 Always remembered [flower holder] Kerr
(on a flower vase) Jeannie. In loving memory of John Kirkpatrick
Erected by Martha Kirkpatrick in memory of her beloved family
Erected by the family in loving memory of Wilson Kirkpatrick, died 5th April 1943, aged 78 years, And his wife Martha, died 12th March 1953, aged 85 years. Also their daughter-in-law Mary died 24th December 1958, aged 61 years. Also their son Wilson died 11th July 1976, aged 80 years at rest
In loving memory of the Reverend Alexander Thomas Kirkpatrick, M.A. T.C.D. curate and rector of this parish 1853 – 1901. entered into rest April 19th 1909, aged 79. “the righteous shal be had in everlasting remembrance.” And his wife Alicia King, who died August 27th 1953, aged 93 years Also their daughter Catherine Elizabeth, who died 12th September 1942, aged 62 years.


The death took place yesterday, at his residence, Waterloo, Larne, of the Reverend Alexander Thomas Kirkpatrick. M.A.. who for nearly half a century had been Rector of Craigs, County Antrim, retiring from that position about eight years ago. The deceased gentleman, who a graduate of Trinity College, Dublin, was nearly 80 years of age, had been in failing health for some months past. He was a direct descendant of the famous Kirkpatrick, ot Closeburn Castle, of which family the Empress Eugenie France was a member. His family have been long and closely connected with the Church of Ireland in the diocese.

To the memory of a dear child Thomas Alexander third son of the Revd. A.T. Kirkpatrick born June 11th 1883. died January 6th 1889.
In memory of George King Kirkpatrick eldest son of the Revd A.T. Kirkpatrick rector of Craigs born 11th Dec. 1875 died 5th Dec. 1876.
“The fear of the Lord prolonged days.” prov.X.27. in loving memory of the Rev. George Kirkpatrick formerly rector of Craigs who died 8th July 1889, aged 91 years. his ministrations in the parish having continued for 58 years. “servant of God: well done rest from thy loved employ the battle fought the victory won enter thy masters joy.”
This mortal must put on immortality. In affectionate remembrance of Catherine Elizabeth, the beloved wife of the Rev. George Kirkpatrick she fell asleep in Jesus, on 29th December 1874, aged 81 years. “loved ones are gone before, whose pilgrim days are done. I soon shall greet them on that shore where partings are unknown.”


At Hazelbank, Craig’s, County Antrim, on the 29th ult., of bronchitis, after a short illness, Catherine Elisabeth, wife of the Rev. George Kirkpatrick, aged 81 years.

To the memory of Catherine Helen Kirkpatrick, of Hazelbank Craigs. who died June 5th 1928.
In loving memory of a dear husband and devoted father John, died result of an accident 9th Jan. 1972. Till we meet again
Peace perfect peace. In loving memory of Geraldine, dearly loved wife of G. S. Kirkpatrick, of Hazelbank Craigs, who fell asleep 16th May 1905, Also of George Stephen Kirkpatrick, who died 12th Jan. 1909, aged 76 years. And of their infant daughter Mary Browne. “He giveth his beloved sleep.”
Erected by Wm James Knowles, Ballymena, in memory of his daughter Elizabeth C.C. Knowles, who died 25 May 1894, aged 33 years. And his children William + Mary, who died in childhood. Also of his wife Margaret Spotswood Knowles who died 27 Feby 1920, aged 86 years. Also the above-named Wm James Knowles, M.R.I.A. who died at Ballycastle on the 5th day of July, 1927. in his 96th year.

Robert Lavender, Broughdone, who died 13th March 1872, aged 88 years, Also his wife, Elizabeth, who died 9th August 1882, aged 90 years.

Erected by Mary Jane Leetch Drumrankin in memory of her beloved husband Henry Leetch who died 25th October 1895 aged 95 years. Also the above named Mary Jane Leetch, who died 15th January 1899, aged 88 years. And Mary Jane daughter of Henry Leetch Jun. who died in infancy, Also Sarah wife of Henry Leetch Jun. who died 26th September 1939 aged 72 years. And Henry Leetch Jun. who died 28th March 1946 aged 85 years. Also Henry son of Henry Leetch Jun. who died 12th December 1962 aged 58 years. Also Joseph son of Henry Leetch Jun. who died on 22nd April 1972 aged 72 years.
In loving memory of Agnes Leitch, died 20th June, 1917. Also her husband Joseph Leitch, died 27th Nov. 1918. “gone but not forgotten.” erected by their children. Walshe & co. B’mena
In loving memory of my dear wife Mary Violet McNeill Lewis, died 3rd May 1955. Thomas H. Lewis, died 9th Dec. 1964.
In loving memory of our parents Alexander T. K. Millar died 10th Nov. 1953. Our mother Mary Millar, died 27th Jan. 1965. Also our aunt Jeannie, died 29th May 1955, interred in Antrim cemetery. Also their son-in-law William (Willie) Logan, a dear husband, devoted father and grandfather died 8th October 1992

(on a flower holder) In loving memory of Dad

(on a flower holder) Millar

Erected by Kennedy Lough. Hillmount, in memory of his dearly beloved wife, Catherine Lough, who died 3rd July 1916, aged 52 years. “Blessed are the dead which died in the Lord.”
The burying ground of the Mairs family Killycowan Road Glarryford [flower holder 1:] In loving memory of Granny [flower holder 2:] In memory of Granda
In loving memory of James Mairs 1850 – 1894 And his wife Katherine 1853 – 1923 Also their family interred at home and abroad Erected by Thomas Mairs Ballyclare
Erected by Jane Mairs in loving remembrance of her beloved husband Alexander Mairs, who departe this life 17th October 1907, aged 60 years Also the above named Jane Mairs, who departed this life 24th October 1932, aged 83 years. F. H. Mairs.
Erected in loving memory of Robert Mairs, Craigs, born 22nd August 1835, died 3rd March 1907. Also his daughter Martha, born 28th Dec. 1885, died 8th Nov. 1908. And his daughter Mary Elizabeth born 15th April 1890, died 28th Nov 1920. Also his wife Jane Mairs, born 12th Nov. 1846, died 17th Dec. 1930.
Erected in memory of Thomas Mairs of Craigs who departed this life 4th December 1881 aged 57 years.
Erected in memory of James Malone Drumrankin, who departed this life 10th Ma (illegible)
In memory of Alexander Mann. Craigs, And his wife Mary Jane Mann
Erected in loving memory of our dear father John Manson, Craigs. who died 21st July 1926. Also our dear mother Sarah Manson, who died 5th April 1932. And our sister Jeanie Manson who died 19th April 1911. Also our brother William Manson, who died 14th November 1942. And our sisters Margaret Gordon Manson who died 12th September 1948. And Elizabeth Manson, who died 30th August 1949. Sarah Manson, who died 7th June 1966.
In loving memory of Martha, wife of David Marshall, Cullybackey who died 28th June 1922, aged 77 years. Also the above-named David Marshall, who died 24th June 1928, aged 84 years. Also their daughter Rosa C. Marshall, who died 15th June 1946, aged 59 years. Also their son James Marshall, who died 16th Feb. 1950, aged 80 years. Also their daughter Elizabeth Marshall, who died 17th Oct. 1953, aged 82 years, And their son Samuel Marshall who died 8th Dec. 1969, aged 89 years. Marshall
Florence Thirza Martin NFE Yacomeni died 4th July 1977 aged 86 years.
In loving memory of James McAteer died 21st December 1908. Also his wife Mary Anne died 24th November 1924, Their son William died 7th February 1951. erected by Margaret McAteer

In loving memory
In loving memory of my dear wife Jeanie McCloy died 14th August 1935 And her husband Thomas died 31st January 1977.
In loving remembrance of all our dear ones who lie here.
In memory of Hugh McCollam, died 26th November 1949 aged 74 years Also his wife Jane McCollam, died 1st January 1955 aged 76 years.

(left section reads) Jane McCollam, died 19th January 1937, aged 80 years.  Erected by Sarah McCollam, Craigs in loving memory of her father Daniel McCollam, who died 17th December 1911 aged 90 years.

Also his beloved wife Sarah McCollam, who died 19th August 1921, aged 91 years. Also the above-named Sarah McCollam who died 5th November 1926 aged 61 years. [plinth at this side reads] “for ye are dead, and your life is hid with Christ in God. when Christ who is our life shall appear, then shall ye also appear with him in glory.” Gol.3.3.4.
In loving memory of a devoted husband and father Lexie died 15th October 1988 aged 50 [flower holder] McCord
Erected to the memory of William McCracken, late of Bellaghy, who died 16th Oct. 1912, aged 76 years. Also his grand-daughter, Annabel McKelvey, who died in infancy 12th Feby 1911.
McCrory, Ballyclose. Also his wife Annie, died 6th January. [on surround to immediate right hand side] John, died 15th March 1965.

(on left surround section) Also his son Robert died 13th September 1985. Also his son Matthew died 4th December 1986. [on surround right hand side] Also their son John died 13th April 1977.


Erected by James McDowell, Dunminning. In memory of his wife, Sarah McDowell, who died 15th August 1919, aged 79 years Also their son Thomas McDowell, who died 17th August 1911, aged 23 years. James McDowell, he himself being laid to rest here 22nd March 1923, aged 84 years.
In loving memory of Sarah McGowan, died 24th March 1939 John McGowan died 7th August 1939.
Walter Ernest McGowan born 1st April 1904 died 14th December 1984 His wife Elizabeth Maud McGowan born 1st Feb. 1908 died 26th March 1987 Loved and remembered
A.D. 1883 erected by James McGowan, of Craigs in memory of his mother Margaret, who died 28th July 1866, aged 82 years. Also of his wife Jane McGowan, who died 6th Feby 1888, aged 74 years. And the above named James McGowan who died 2nd March 1907 aged 86 years.

Erected by Joseph McIlroy. In memory of his dear wife Mary Ann McIlroy, born 31st Oct. 1844. died 10th Jan. 1898. Also their children Bella. born 5th March 1876. died 21st July 1876. Annie. 15th May 1877 … 18th Nov 1878. William. 11th July 1878 … 22nd Oct 1878. Joseph. 2nd July 1879 … 31st March 1880. Annie, born 19th July 1885, died 27th Nov. 1900. Also the above named Joseph McIlroy, died 10th June 1912. And their daughter Mary, born 14th March 1873, died 21st March 1919.
In memory of John McIlroy, Dunoine, who died 30th Jany. 1915, aged 84 years. Also his wife, Margaret McIlroy, who died 24th December 1921 aged 92 years. “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.” Matt.5.8. 

(on left part) Robert Lavender, Broughdone, who died 22nd Decr 1841, aged 80 years, Also his grand-daughter Martha, who died 29th April 1852, aged 17 years.


In loving memory of a dear wife and devoted mother Elizabeth died 12th November 1975. blessed are the dead which die in the Lord.  F. H. McKendry
Memento mori Erected by Joseph McKeown of Craigs in memory of his father Joseph McKeown who departed this life May the 28th 1865. aged 79 yrs. Also his brother John McKeown who depd this life July the 21st 1861 aged 16 years.

In loving memory of a dear husband and father Robert died 1st January 1987.
In affectionate remembrance of Robert McLoughlin. Craigs, died 5th February, 1926, aged 70 years. His infant grandchild, M. L. McLoughlin, died 23rd March, 1905. His wife, Mary McLaughlin, died 1st January 1927, aged 71 years. Also their son William, died 23rd July 1950. And Sarah Agnes wife of William, died 12th March 1962. Peace perfect peace
In loving memory of James McMaster, died 5th May 1940 aged 66 Also his son Henry, called home 6th March 1947. And his son James, died 19th Dec. 1954. Also his wife Elizabeth. died 16th March 1963 aged 89. His daughter Jeannie died 7th October 1991. At rest
Erected by the family in loving memory of their brother Herbert, who died 24th Jany. 1973. Also Jane Eleanor, who died 7th Octr. 1977.
McNeill of Dunminning in loving memory of William McNeill, ( – ) His wife Margaret, (1832 – 1915) Their son William, ( – 1941) And his wife Margaret (1867 – )
Sacred to the memory of Mary McNeill, wife of Edmund McNeill, D.L., of Craigdunn, who died December 10th. 1909, aged 80 years. Also Torqvil Hugh ,McNeill, youngest child of the above-named who died March 5th. 1871, aged 5 years. Also the above-said Edmund McNeill, D.L, of Craigdunn, who died September 28th. 1915, aged 94 years.
In loving memory of a dear daughter Margaret Letitia born 27th May 1952 died 23rd November 1960 (result of a road accident)
Martha McQuillan 1912 – 1957
In loving memory from his daughter Denise
Jocelyn McSpadden 1892 – 1962 Josephine McSpadden 1897 – 1981 “at rest”
In loving memory of Rose, wife of Robert McWhirter, Hillmount. who died 20th November 1932, aged 85 years. Also the above named Robert McWhirter, who died 5th May 1937, aged 84 years. [flower holder] Wiseman
In loving memory of George H. Millar, died 10th Nov. 1960. Also his wife Margaret, died 13th July 1967. Their daughter Benina died 25th August 1987. Peace perfect peace

Erected in memory of Alexander Millar of Craigs who died 9th September 1894.
In memory of Alexander Millar, died 16th April 1880 aged 65 years. His beloved wife Agnes Millar, died 14th Decr 1901, aged 82 years. Also their daughters Elizabeth, Nancy and Martha. “Behold I come quickly.” 

Erected by Esther Millar. In memory of her husband Robert Millar, Hillmount who died 27th January 1887 aged 49 years Also their children Martha Millar died 11th Feby 1886 aged 17 years. John Millar, died 15th December 1886, aged 8 years; Lizzie Millar died 11th June 1888, aged 15 years. James Millar, died 26th Octr 1889 aged 15 years. Robert Millar, died 22nd March 1891 aged 20 years. William Millar died 23rd Nov 1892 aged 27 years. Mary Anderson died 15th July 1896 aged 32 years. “No pain, no grief, no anxious fears, can reach these peaceful sleepers here.”
Erected by Samuel Millar, Laymore. in loving memory of his wife Elizabeth, died 10th Sepr. 1889 aged 67 years. Also their children Martha, died 26th July 1863, aged 18 years. Jane, died 19th May 1864, aged 7 years. George Kissick, died 22nd March 1866, aged 11 months. Samuel, died 19th Octr 1892, aged 39 years. The above named Samuel Millar, died 31st Jany 1900, aged 76 years. James Kissick, died 17th July 1908, aged 47 years. Lizzie Kissick died 12th July 1913, aged 66 years. Asleep in Jesus, William John, died 18th October 1915, aged 68 years.  (on the gravestone, with a finger pointing towards heaven, an entity is seen holding a scroll which says: “she touched the hem of his garment Mat. IX.20)
In loving memory of Alexander Millar, died 18th August 1938. Also his daughter Agnes Hettie, died 29th June 1946. Also his loving wife Mary Jane McKee, died 25th July 1956. And his daughter Marion Elizabeth, died 21st Jan. 1962. His father Alexander Millar died 1867. His mother Elizabeth Millar died 1920. His brother John, died 1949. His cousin Elizabeth died 1909 In loving memory
In loving memory of a dear wife and devoted mother Margaret died 13th December 1972 Also our dear father Hamilton died 6th July 1976 Safe in the arms of Jesus Millar
Erected by Matthew Millar of Broughshane in memory of his father Peter Millar who departed this life on 13th day of January 1879 aged 71 years. Also his mother Margaret Millar who departed this life on the 27th day of January 1880 aged 81 years.
Erected by William Millar in memory of his son Henery Millar who died 17th April 1878 aged 1 year Also William Millar died 9th April 1881 aged 81 Also Mary Millar who ded 24th April 1882 aged 71 years Also the above named William Millar, died 4th June 1919, aged 86 Also his wife Margaret died 14th April 1925, aged 89.
In loving memory of John Millar Hillend Craigs. And his wife Jane, Also their children, Robert . R. Robert. Aggie Charlotte. Rosetta.
This marks the family burying ground of Thomas Millar 1875
In loving memory of our dear parents
In loving memory of all who sleep here Galgorm Parks Cullybackey till we meet again F. A. Montgomery
Sacred to the memory of Thomas Moore late of Cullybackey, died 15th April 1854, aged 75 years. Also, of his son Campbell Moore who died 9th Jany. 1856; aged 36 years. Robert Moore, died 12th June 1865; aged 51 years. Margaret Moore, wife of the above Thomas Moore, dieed 17th Feby. 1866; aged 84 years.
Erected by William Moore, Ballymena. In memory of his beloved wife Annie Jane, who died 17th Jan 1876, aged 45 years. Also of their son Thomas who died 15th Dec. 1900 aged 37 years. Also the above named William Moore, who died at his residence Ballymoney Street Ballymena on 27th March 1905, aged 88 years. ‘Until the day break, and the shadows flee away.’
In loving memory of Muriel Jemima born 25-3-1918 died 31-12-1988 Lancelot Joseph born 11-5-1913 died 31-1-1978 interred in Roselawn
In loving memory of my dear husband Henry D. Mullan died result of and accident 13th (illegible)
In loving memory of a dear wife and devoted mother Emily, died 7th February 1981, aged 66 years. loved and remembered
Erected by Esther Nicholl of Cullybackey in memory of her beloved husband Thomas Nicholl who departed this life 3rd June, 1873, aged 28 years. Also his wife Esther Nicholl died 9th January 1883 aged 39 years. Her daughter Agnes, died 21st October 1884 aged 18 years. time flies.
Erected in memory of George Nicholl of Cullybackey, who departed this life 7th May 1863; aged 64 ys Also his wife Mary Nicholl, who died 17th May 1879; aged 75 yrs.
Erected by John Nicholl, Crevilly Valley, in memory of his beloved wife, Mary Jane, who departed this life 26th February 1911, aged 74. Also their two children who died in infancy. Also the above named John Nicholl, who died 23rd April 1921 aged 86 years.
Erected by the O’Neills in loving memory of Mary Car
1892 Erected in memory of Henry O’Neill who depd this life 7th Feby 1870 aged 63 years. Also his wife Martha who depd this life 10th October 1887 aged … 4 years
Erected in loving memory of our father Henry O’ Neill, Dunminning. who died 7th August 1883 aged 63 years. And of our mother Nancy O’ Neill, who died 8th July 1892, aged 73 years. “blessed are the dead which die in the Lord.”
In loving memory of a dear husband and father Alexander Orr, (Cardunaghy.) died 19th December 1867. Also his beloved wife Agnes Jane, died 3rd March 1974. At rest. In loving memory of Grandfather.
Erected in memory of William Orr of Craigs who departed this life 9th Feby 1871 aged 76 years. Also his father Wm who died 1st Jany 1848 aged 82 years. Also his daughter Rachel Orr who depd this life 23rd January 1842 aged 4 years. His wife Matty Barbour died 17th Sept 1878
V. Orr 1968 J. Orr 11th August 1978
In memory of John Patrick, of Dunminning born 28th June, 1802, died 23rd March, 1879. And of Grace his wife who died 1st June, 1891 aged 87 years. Also of their daughters Isabella who died 31st December 1898 aged 61 years. And Margaret, who died 3rd April 1904, aged 65 years. Also of Florence Patrick, died 7th March 1935 And of her husband John Patrick born 1871 died 1937. Florence Amy Moore, wife of J. Roger Moore, born 4th April 1900 died 8th Sept 1948.

(inscription on the side towards the church) In memoriam Malcolm William Patrick, of Duneoin, born August 15 1882 died September 17 1946. And Elizabeth Frankland, his wife born February 27 1887 died June 18 1961 Ora et labora

In memory of John Patrick of Gledheather born 28th March 1844, died 29th June 1894. And Augusta Mary, his wife died 11th July 1923.
In loving memory of a dear husband and father Joseph, who died 21st September 1986 Also his daughter Jane who died 25th February 1987.
In loving memory of Robert Picken, Craigs. who died 29th June 1898. aged 64 years. And of his wife Mary Jane Picken, who died 25th June 1878. aged 36 years. And of their children Agnes Picken died in infancy Thomas Picken, who died 3rd Sept. 1891. aged 25 years. Robert Picken, who died 10th Jany, 1904, aged 30 years. And Elizabeth Picken, who died 16th May 1949. aged 82 years.
Erected by Jeanie Rea, Cullybackey, in memory of her husband Bob Rea, born 25th April 1878, died 3rd October 1909. Also the above named Jeanie Rea B.E.M. born 11th November 1882, died 17th September 1969. Also their son John Alexander Rea born 9th July 1907 died 17th October 1982 Also their daughter Eilieen Rea born 5th January 1906 died 14th January 1984 Rea
Mary Rea born 20th May 1849 died 30th June 1933
In loving memory of Daniel 1918 – 1989 (and on a flower holder) In loving memory

Erected in memory of James Richmond, of Craigs who died 18th July 1888, aged 72 years.

In loving memory of our dear son Harry died 4th May 1970. His father Robert died 16th April 1980 loved and remembered
In loving memory of our dear parents Matthew died 11th Nov. 1975 aged 75 Ivy died 1st Dec. 1983 aged 64 [front headstone] In loving memory
Robert Harold died 24th April 1987
Erected by his wife in memory of her beloved husband, Robert (illegible) who died 12th January (illegiible) aged 70 years. Also his son (illegible) Shaw, who died on the 12th of Sept 1886, aged 25 years. Eliza Shaw, died 14th Jan. 1904, aged 81 years. Also his son Robert Shaw who died 23rd May 1935 aged 76 years.
1853 This stone marks the burying ground of Randall Shaw of Loan, who departed this life 23rd April 1862 aged 88 years. Also his son William Shaw, who departed this life 11th Novr 1877 aged 70 yrs. Likewise his son John Shaw who depd this life 10th October 1879, aged 62 years. Also his wife Jane Shaw, who depd this life 13th June 1880 aged 90 years.
Erected by James Shaw, of Loan in memory of his sister Sarah, who died 28th Novr 1888, aged 75 years. His sister Mary Shaw. who died 22nd March 1896, aged 60 years. Also the above, who died 18th June 1905, aged 80 years.
In loving memory of a dear wife and devoted mother Mary (Minnie) died 24th October 1975. Also her daughter Violet Hill died 14th April 1969. Also her sister Sarah Reid, died 28th February 1969. Also her husband Robert died 4th August 1979, aged 83 years. Till we meet again
1486961 Gunner J. Mc I. Foster Royal Artillery 10th January 1944 aged 36 Ubique quotas et gloria ducunt. God be with you
Erected by Robert Stead
In memory of his Father John Stead
Died 23rd June 1879 aged 89 years
also his mother Jane Stead
Died 29th August 1887 aged 86 years
Also his wife Margaret Stead
Died 10th March 1902 aged 72 years
Their sons Hugh and Samuel
Died in childhood
Also the above named Robert Stead
Died 19th Feb 1919 aged 86 years
Also their son John Stead
Died 29th Oct 1929 aged 73 years
And also his wife Sarah Stead
Died 15th Feb 1923 aged 49 years
Also Margaret Stead, Wife of Robert Stead
Died 21 Sept 1957 aged 34 years
And Robert Stead, Died 30th November 1964 aged 59 years

Many thanks to Amanda Steede for the above grave transcription.

Amanda goes on to add that: “Margaret Stead died in childbirth and is buried with her daughter (not mentioned). Robert’s 2nd wife was Jane Stead (my grandmother). She died in 1993. Her name has not been added to the gravestone.”

“The name changed in the next generation. My father’s half-brother’s son of the previously mentioned Margaret Stead, is registered as John Steed, whilst my father and his full brother Robert, are Steede.”

“I’ve found on my military research, Stead’s from Yorkshire in England. However the story is that the three brothers came over from the lowlands of Scotland to become fathers in Northern Ireland. I’ve been told that it is due to the border between Scotland and England having changed, not sure if this is entirely true.”

Erected in memory of Edward Steele, died 17th September 1971 His wife Matilda died 21st October 1986 Their son John W. Steele died 15th September 1932 And their son-in-law William James Lyness died 13th June 1972.
In loving memory of our dear father Henry Stewart, died 25th May 1928, aged 61 years. Also Mary Ann, wife of William Stewart, died 15th Dec. 1924.
In loving memory of Mary Jane Stewart, who died 8th June 1886, aged 50 years. Also Robert Smyth Stewart who died 10th March 1890, aged 24 years. Also William Stewart, who died 22nd Feby 1899, aged 63 years. Also Jane Stewart, who died 5th Jany 1900, aged 32 years. Also John Stewart who died 25th April 1900 aged 27 years. Also Sarah Stewart died 21st March 1907, aged 33 years. ” be ye also ready” Stewart
Stranger's Plot
A wooden cross sits on top of a stone slab. A metal plate on the cross says:  “This is the “Stranger’s Plot” The resting place of more than 239 poor persons buried by the parish between 1840 and 1940 some were victims of the Irish famine in 1846 some were unknown this cross was erected, this plot set apart and the datas laid in the churchyard to mark the festival of Britain 1951.”
Erected by Alexander Gregg, Killyless in loving memory of his wife Rachel, who departed this life, 29th Jan. 1899 aged 62 years. The above named Alexander Gregg died 16th February 1923, aged 88 years Also his son-in-law William Surgenor died 20th March 1937 Also his daughter, Matilda Surgenor died 3rd July 1940 Also his son Alexander G. Surgenor died 2nd July 1973, aged 74 years.

Swann Samuel died 13 Nov 1910
Erected by William Taylor of Craigs in memory of his father James Taylor aged 89 years. And his mother Charlotte Taylor and 68 years. Also his sister Frances Taylor, who died 28th Dec. 1923, aged 73 years. And the above named William Taylor, who died 7th April 1924. aged 64 years. Also his wife Annie Jane Taylor, who died 22nd August 1928
In loving memory of Margaret Taylor wife of John Cochrane, died 31st Jan 1901, aged 48 years. And his sons Thomas Hill, L.CPL. 21st Canadians killed at Ypres, 11th November 1915, aged 24 years. John Harvey, Sergt. 12th R.I.R. killed at St. Quentin, 24th March 1918 aged 33 years. Also the above-named John Cochrane, who died 28th January 1924, aged 78 years. Also their dear daughter, Margaret (Peggy) died 22nd Jan. 1978. “peace perfect peace”
In loving memory of Joseph Davidson Taylor died 10th Sept 1956 aged 17 years.
In loving memory of Edward James born 15-7-1936 died 30-5-1989 (written on a flower holder)
Thompson in loving memory (on a flower holder)
In loving memory of Charles Tomb Craigs died 24th Oct 1887. Also his wife Elizabeth, died 22nd March 1878. Also his daughters Mary died 10th June 1879 Margaret died 9th Sep. 1884, Jane, died 19th July 1892 Also his daughter Esther Tomb, who died 10th January 1936.
A slab reads: In memory of Rev. H.C. Townsend M.C. Rector of Craigs Parish 1904-1940 died April 12th 1940 And of Edith, his wife died 23rd Oct 1951.
In memory of Cecil Walsh died 31st October 1962
In loving memory of Margaret Waterman who died 23rd Oct. 1877, aged 50 years. Also Agnes Waterman, who died 1st March 1887, aged 44 years. And William James Waterman who died 12th Feb. 1892, aged 64 years. Also corporal Ronald Waterman 12th Batt. R.I. Rifles, killed in action at the battle of the Somme, France, 1st July 1916, aged 19 years. Eldest son of Samuel & Elsie Waterman. He heard the call and answered. Samuel N. Waterman, died 13th August 1934, aged 63 years.
Kate Watson died 24th December 1967. In loving memory
In loving memory of my dear husband Robert who departed this life 23rd January, 1933, aged 75 years. And his wife Eliza Jane, died 5th January 1940, aged 83 years. Thomas James died 25th September 1951 Mary Ann died 11th October 1946 Robert died 10th September 1987 Roberta died 3rd August 1975.
In loving memory of Thomas James died 13th August 1922 His wife Susan died 15th March 1900 Their infant son Thomas James died 11th April 1891 And their daughter Sarah Matilda died 8th December 1971.
In loving memory of Diane M. William who died 14th April 1982 aged 95 years. The day thou gavest Lord is ended
Erected by William Wilson, Drumrankin, in memory of his beloved wife, Catherine Wilson, who died 28th Dec, 1918, aged 70 years. Also their daughter-n-law, Lizzie Ann Wilson who died 24th Dec. 1915, aged 40 years. Also the above-named William Wilson, who died 24th Dec. 1923, aged 80 years

In memory of Mary Jane, the beloved wife of Michael Woods, of Ivy Cottage, Craigs; who departed this life 10th April 1878, aged 34 years. Also of their two infant children here interred. “Jesus wept.” – John. XI.C.35.V. Their son Edmund McNeill Woods, surgeon army medical staff. who died at Quette. India. 4th August 1891, aged 26 years Also their daughter Margaret Kay Woods, died 14th July 1892, aged 19 years. Here also lieth the above named Michael Woods, who died on 22nd July 1894, aged 69 years. Also James Hill Woods, eldest son of Michael Woods, who died on 28th April 1908, aged 45 years. In loving memory of Samuel Woods, who passed away 13th Dec. 1922. And Henrietta, his wife who died 27th Sept., 1926.
Erected by Robert Millar, Craigs. in memory of his wife Margaret, died 23rd July 1905, aged 68 years. Also his son Thomas, died 1st May 1902, aged 24 years. Also the above named Robert Millar, died 20th January 1934, aged 92 years. Also his son Robert, died 17th September 1953, aged 31 years. And his daughter Eliza Jane Wylie, died 24th December 1965, aged 99 years. Nina Wylie died 8th May 1988 redeemed “Jesus wept”
The burying ground of the Wylie family Ballywatermoy