Charlotte Mulholland, Eden, later Innisrush Portglenone

Charlotte Mulholland, Eden, Portglenone, Ireland

Charlotte Armstrong nee Mulholland
Charlotte Mulholland Hill House, Eden, Portglenone

Charlotte was a daughter of James Richardson and Charlotte Mulholland nee Smyth (from Sprucebank, a townland near Portglenone). 

She had four other siblings: Thompson (Tommy), the oldest, was born in 1896.  And then John Smyth Mulholland (John) in 1898. 

Then in the middle of the five, in 1899, along came Charlotte.  James Richardson Mulholland (Jim) was next, born in 1901.  William Mulholland (Willie) was her youngest sibling, born in 1906.

Her mother died in 1913, at only 45 years of age.  As a 14 year old, and the only female in the house, one imagines Charlotte had a lot of work and responsibility placed on her young shoulders.

She subsequently married Joseph Armstrong and they lived just outside  Innisrush Portglenone, in the townland of Greenlough.  

By all accounts she was a tremendous worker, and very kind to all the neighbours.  She was much loved by family, friends and local people.

Charlotte died in September 1977, aged 78.  She gave so much to others in life, and it was the same in death i.e. she donated her body for medical research.  And when it was returned, over a year later, Charlotte was finally laid to rest in Roselawn Cemetary in Belfast.

An interesting side-note: of the five siblings, four passed on during the month of September (as did both my parents).


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