Buried Under His Bed – Aged Coleraine Man’s Hoard

1912 – In the Probate Court, Dublin, before Mr. Justice Madden, in the matter of the goods of Hugh Kennedy, deceased, Mr. Wylie (instructed by Mr. William O’Kane) applied on behalf of Hugh Kennedy for a grant of administration of the late Hugh Kennedy, who died recently near Coleraine.

It appeared from counsel’s statement that the deceased, who was man of about 85 years of age, returned from Australia about eight years ago, apparently a beggar man.

beggar man

After his death his relatives made an examination the premises, and it occurred to some of them to dig up the ground beneath the old man’s bed.

To the surprise of everyone, a sum of three thousand pounds in gold, notes, and deposit receipts, was discovered.

In today’s money (i.e. 2020) that is the equivalent of 240 thousand pounds, kept in a hole under the bed!  

There were 14 first cousins, and they all, with one exception, agreed that the applicant, one of the next-of-kin, should apply for administration. Messrs. Macauley & O’Neill, solicitors for Mrs. Margaret Holmes, widow, asked that grant should be issued to them direct.

The Judge directed an impounded grant to be issued to Hugh Kennedy.

Belfast Telegraph – Tuesday 30th April 1912



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