Belfast, 1965, Bells, Armstrongs, Alexanders, Mulhollands

A photograph from the mid 1960s (most likely 1965).  Possibly taken at the Bell’s home in Belfast.

Standing at the back: Richard Mulholland, Roderick Alexander, Derek Bell, Stanley Mulholland.    

Sitting: Anna Smyth, Eleanor Mulholland, Sybil Bell (nee Armstrong), Cissy Armstrong (Sybil’s mother), Emily Alexander and Harry Alexander.  The baby is possibly William Mulholland.

Strabane Richard Mulholland Eden
At the Bells home, Belfast, 1965

Derek and Sybil were husband and wife; Emily and Harry were a couple; as were Richard and Eleanor.

Sybil Bell adds: “The baby on my knee is Michael our son and it was taken at Harry and Emily’s house in Bangor. Emily Alexander and Anna Smyth were sisters, and their father was Thomas Smyth, who was a brother of my grandmother (my mother’s mother). They had another sister Janie and she was married to a man called Laverty who had been a bank manager in Portglenone. The fourth sister was Elizabeth, unmarried, and had a Bed & Breakfast in Chelsea in London, and I am pretty sure your Mum and Dad spent part of their honeymoon there.”


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